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Spacker Dave

Real Name



U.S.A. (presumed)

Place of Birth

Known Relatives

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5' 8"

155 lbs.




Spacker Dave formerly had the ability to hang magnets from the jewelry in his face, indicating that they were made up of a ferrous metal other than stainless steel.

Other Info
Dave was a young tenant in the apartment building where Frank Castle (aka Punisher) lived for a time under the alias of "John Smith." (To learn about the Punisher, click on the highlighted name above.)

Dave is very strange looking to some due to his high amount of piercings all over his face. He didn't do much, but hang about on the building's doorstep. However, over time, Dave recognized his neighbor "Smith" as the infamous Punisher.

One day, one of Dave's neighbors named Joan (aka Mouse), found the badly wounded Punisher and brought Spacker Dave for help. Dave informed her about the Punisher and explained that they couldn't call the cops or even take him to a hospital, because he was a wanted man, and because the men who had injured him might come after him there. They would have to keep their cool and not say a word to anyone. Then, when two of the crime lord Ma Gnucci's men--posing as police officers--came looking for the Punisher, Dave took a few deep breaths, told himself to be cool, and opened the door. Gnucci's men forced their way into Dave's room, tied him up, and proceeded to rip out his facial piercings one by one trying to force him to tell them where the Punisher was. They even carved his name into his forehead. However, even with all that excruciating pain, Dave never betrayed the Punisher. But, during this, the Punisher heard Dave's screams and had Joan help him to the door where he then managed to go in and take out the two criminals. Castle then had Joan call one of his "doctor" friends, who patched up Dave's face and gave him some pain medication. (To learn about Joan the Mouse, click on the highlighted name above. Spacker Dave without his piercings and with his name on his head is shown in the fourth picture posted.)

Soon after this, Dave inspired an underground movement called the "Spackers" who had bandaged faces similar to his. (This is shown in the fifth picture posted).

Later, Spacker Dave reappeared, but he was longer wearing any piercings or bandages, and had taken up the hobby of "Super-spotting." (This is where enthusiasts checked off heroes they had spotted on cards.) He even met up with the Punisher again when he was battling Daredevil, Wolverine and Spider-Man. Dave was delighted because he was able to check-off all of the superheroes on his card. Eventually, when the Punisher unleashed the Hulk on the others, Dave was also able to check the Hulk off; however, Spacker Dave was badly injured in the rampage. He was left permanently paralyzed as a quadriplegic. But this did not stop Spacker Dave. He enthusiastically continues with his "Super-spotting" hobby. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different superheroes.)

There is nothing there, but the bio of Spacker Dave is at the following link,

Spacker Dave was portrayed by Ben Foster in the 2004 film The Punisher. Interestingly, the actor also plays Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand. Once again, Marvel has doubled-up on actors/actresses playing different Marvel characters.

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