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Real Name
Dr Curtis Connors

Biologist, former Army surgeon


Place of Birth
Coral Gables, Florida

Known Relatives
Martha (wife, deceased), Billy (son), unidentified sister

Group Affiliation
formerly the Sinister Twelve

Doctorate degree in herpetology

6'8" (as Lizard) 5'11" (as Connors)

550 lbs (as Lizard) 175 lbs. (as Connors)

Red (as Lizard) Blue (as Connors)

None (as Lizard) Brown (as Connors)

As the Lizard he has superhuman strength (enabling him to lift/press 12 tons), speed, agility, and reflexes equaling that of Spider-Man. He possesses great resistance to injury surpassing that of Spider-Man in that his tough scaly skin is more resistant to being lacerated or punctured by concussive force. The Lizard can also regenerate damaged areas of his body, even to the extent that he can regrow his limbs and tail if severed.

In addition to this, the Lizard's tail is superhumanly strong and can whip at up to 70 miles per hour. He can scale walls almost as well as Spider-Man can, and can telepathically control all reptiles within a one mile radius of himself.

As the Lizard, Curt Connors' level of intelligence varies. Most often his Lizard persona has normal human level intelligence, but occasionally it has been relatively mindless. Having the characteristics of a cold-blooded reptile, the Lizard grows physically weaker from prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. The Lizard recently has gained the ability to excrete pheromones that can cause humans to behave violently.

Connors has genius intelligence and is a world renowned herpetologist (reptile scientist)

Other Info
Curt Connors was a gifted surgeon who went to war to help his country. There, he performed surgery on wounded GIs. Unfortunately, his arm was injured in a blast and had to be amputated.

Eventually, later on, Curt became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian regeneration, and he studied reptilian biology extensively. From his home in the Everglades, he finally created a serum taken from the DNA of a reptile (with this serum he had successfully regrown the missing limb of a rabbit). Against his wife's warnings, he experimented with the serum on himself. Afterward, Connors arm did grow back, however, it had one side effect: he was transformed into a giant lizard.

Soon after, Spider-Man learned about Dr. Connors' transformation and traveled to Florida, and helped the doctor by using Connors' notes to invent a serum to cure him. Later, Connors was even able to repay Spider-Man by developing a formula to save Peter's aunt, May Parker (Peter had given her his radioactive blood during a transfusion that almost resulted in Aunt May's death). (To learn about the above characters, just click on their names.)

For a time, Peter worked as a teaching assistant to Dr. Connors. However, the success of Connors apparent cure from the Lizard personae was short-lived. For awhile, a repeating pattern occurred: stress or a chemical reaction turned Connors into the Lizard, Spider-Man would fight him, form some kind of temporary cure to revert the transformation until the next transformation. And the cycle continued.

Over time, it became apparent that a second personality had formed with the Lizard (this personality wanted to take over the world). For awhile, Lizard used an army of lizards to try to achieve his goals, but after some time, he decided to just work alone.

At one point there was a "new" Lizard that eventaully went after Connors. Dr. Connors decided to drink an old serum and become the Lizard to save his son's life, and to stop this "new" Lizard. He was able to kill the "new" Lizard; however, unfortunately, this transformation also brought the Lizard persona back into action. (Later, it was discovered that the "new" Lizard was actually an accident from Connors' latest attempt to cure himself--a new formula was tested on a piece of the Lizard's tail and it eventually grew into a fully-formed creature.) (To learn about the "new" Lizard, click on the highlighted name above.)

At one point, his wife and son separated from Connors (I mean, if your husband or father turned into a giant lizard every once and awhile, that would stress you out too). However, after some time, Curt and his wife were reunited. Also, at one point, his missing arm restored by Hammerhead. But, of course, something bad had to happen to all the happiness he was experiencing: both his wife and son, Martha and Billy, were diagnosed with cancer after years of being exposed to carcinogens from living near an industrial lab of the Monnano Corporation in Florida. Furthermore, Curt's new arm degenerated and became useless. However, Spider-Man assisted Dr. Connors, and they successfully forced the Monnano Corp. to admit their environmental wrongdoings. Unfortunately, Martha succumbed to the cancer, but Billy survived. However, due to his mother's death, Billy has become bitter towards his father. (Click on the highlighted characters above to learn more about him.)

Later, Connors became darker and more mentally-unstable. Curt returned to New York in search of a research grant. But, when the grant was awarded to another scientist, Connors blew up the laboratory, and left his rival badly injured. The Lizard was seen leaving the lab, but Connors convinced Spider-Man of his innocence. However, Curt allowed Spider-Man to lock him inside an abandoned vault in the sewers for everyone's safety. However, later, during a visit by Spider-Man to the vault, Connors admitted he had been lying and said that he had been in control of the Lizard for some time, and was using his transformation as an escape mechanism to do horrible things. After beating up Spider-Man, the Lizard escaped the sewers. Fortunately, after confronting Billy, the Lizard was shaken-up with internal conflict and, as Connors, he allowed himself to be easily arrested for a bank robbery and locked up to protect those he loves.

The Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) recently freed the Lizard from prison, enhanced his powers to include violence-producing pheromone secretion, and brokered a deal for the creature to join the very short lived Sinister Twelve. (To learn more about the characters and team above, just click on their names.)

Most recently, the Lizard has resurfaced to face Spider-Man with the aid of a pint-sized "twin" of himself (it was later revealed that the little "twin" was
his son, Billy--finally transformed by his father into the new Lizard). Tragically, however, Billy was shot by a civilian. His condition remains grave, and Curtis himself has escaped to the relative safety of the sewers.

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Dr. Connors was in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. He is Peter Parker's professor that is missing an arm. I wished that they would have developed The Lizard in one of the movies. Who knows, maybe they will in the future (I hope!).

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  1. I remember when we watched the original Spiderman cartoon that had Dr. Connord/ Lizard in it. Good times.

    His life is sad. All of the villains have sad lives - I feel bad for them.