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Betty Ross

Real Name
Elizabeth Talbot Ross-Banner


Former agent of the Intelligencia, spy and field agent of the Team, author, librarian, crisis hotline volunteer, nun-in-training


Place of Birth
Unrevealed location in California

Known Relatives
Robert Bruce Banner (husband), Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (father, deceased), Karen Lee Ross (mother, deceased), Glenn Talbot (ex-husband), unidentified paternal grandfather, unidentified maternal grandfather, unidentified paternal great grandfather, numerous relatives by marriages

Group Affiliation
Former agent of the Intelligencia and the Team, double agent within Home Base

Entered the novitiate to become a nun


Unrevealed (Red She-Hulk); 5'6" (Betty)

Unrevealed (Red She-Hulk); 110 lbs (Betty)

Yellow (Red She-Hulk); Blue (Betty)

Black with red streaks (Red She-Hulk); Brown (Betty)

Betty has superhuman strength and durability due to the radiation in her system which was thought to cause her demise.

As the Harpy, she had superhuman strength and durability, could fly, extremely sharp talons, and she could fire energy blasts from her hands powerful enough to harm the Hulk.

As Red She-Hulk, she possesses superhuman strength, endurance and durability. She also has a healing factor enabling her to recover from virtually any injury – even when her more vulnerable human form is on the brink of death – as long as she transforms before her body expires.

Since being trained as Mr. Blue, she is highly skilled in espionage, armed and unarmed combat, and marksmanship

Other Info
Betty Ross was born at an unrevealed location in California. She is the only child of high ranking Air Force General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross and his wife Karen. After the death of her mother, Betty was emotionally abandoned by her father and sent to boarding school. (To learn more about Betty's father, click on his name above.)

After finishing school, Betty returned home to find out that her father was the head of the U.S. Defense Department's top secret Gamma Bomb Project at an undisclosed desert base in Nevada. There, Betty met and fell in love with her future husband, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner (aka future Hulk). However, her father did not agree with her and Bruce's relationship. Major Glenn Talbot (General Ross's head security chief) also fell in love with Betty, but Betty remained faithful to Banner. (To learn about the Hulk or Talbot, click on their names above.)

When the Hulk was later confined to the microverse, he began a romantic relationship with their queen Jarella. Betty eventually learned of Bruce's adoration of Jarella and although she still loved him, she returned Talbot's affection and they were soon married. While Betty was on her honeymoon, General Ross was captured by the Soviet scientist Gremlin and sent to a Soviet prison. Talbot took part in a mission to rescue General Ross, only to be captured. After escaping, General Ross and the other Americans involved in the mission mistakenly believed that Talbot had been killed. Informed of this news, Betty suffered a nervous breakdown. In this condition, she was easily captured by MODOK, leader of the organization A.I.M., and turned into the insane creature with incredible power known as the Harpy. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the place, organization, and/or characters. Betty as the Harpy is shown in the fourth picture posted.)

As the Harpy, Betty battled with the Hulk multiple times. However, after some time, her transformation was reversed; Betty returned to her human form and back to her sanity.

Eventually, it was discovered that Talbot was still alive and he was rescued. Shortly after his return home, Betty realized that she still loved Banner, and she divorced Talbot.

Bruce and Betty went through many trials, including a period when Banner disappeared. Upon his return, the Hulk was subjected to a process that split him and Banner into separate beings for a short time. Betty and Bruce took full advantage of this and were married and tried to live normal lives. However, after some time, Banner and the Hulk were once again merged.

Later, Betty learned that her long association with the Hulk had left her dying from over exposure to gamma radiation. Abomination, seeking retribution after a massive defeat at the hands of the Hulk, learned of Betty's present state and used his own gamma-radiated blood for the transfusion, poisoning her, and leading her to her death. (Click on the name above to learn about Abomination.)

However, after sometime, Betty was apparently revived by the Leader. She underwent surgery which considerably altered her appearance and she was even granted superhuman strength, and started going by the codename, Mr. Blue. As Mr. Blue, Betty aided her fugitive husband as his shadowy contact. (To learn about the Leader, click on his name above.)

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It's interesting that Dr. Sterns, in The Incredible Hulk movie, used the code name Mr. Blue because Betty used that codename herself at one time in the comics. Also, something interesting, sometimes Betty is shown with blonde hair instead of brown (shown in the last picture posted).

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  1. Definitely preferred the second movie's Betty... Liv Tylor did a great job.