Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: ??????? Poll

It's the X-Men Origins: ??????? Poll! So, since X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out yesterday (Friday), and X-Men Origins: Magneto is supposed to come out in 2011, I would like to see what other type of X-Men Origins movies you Marvel Maniacs would like to see Marvel Entertainment make. X-Men Origins: ??????? (fill in the ??????? with which character?). I have put Marvel characters that are adults in the X-Men movies as options. I am not including the teenagers such as Rogue, Iceman, Pyro, Angel, and Kitty Pryde. I am only including the adults in the X-Men movies because they would actually have more of a history that could be used for an X-Men Origins movie. I know that there are more Marvel characters than who are in the movies, but I am only using the movie characters because Marvel could actually make an Origins movie about them. (Even though Colossus is a student with the teenagers, it seems to me that he is older and I have included him in the "adult" category. If you don't know who Multiple Man is, he is the guy in X-Men: The Last Stand that could make a lot of copies of himself. And Toad was in the first movie, X-Men.) Hopefully that made sense and hopefully I didn't repeat myself too much. for your TOP 2 choices of what X-Men Origins movie you would like to see. (If you want to, you can leave your comments about your vote in the "Comments" section below.)

P.S. X-Men Origins: Wolverine pretty much took care of Wolverine and Sabretooth, and it looks like X-Men Origins: Magneto is going to take care of Magneto and Professor X, so I have not included these four characters in the voting.


  1. I chose Beast and Nightcrawler because they are two of my favorites. I think it would be interesting to see when Beast was a bit younger when he fought with the X-Men originally. (He implies that he used to fight with the X-Men team in the movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, when he puts on his jacket and says something like, "It doesn't fit like it used to.") But, I have to admit, Storm, Mystique, Colossus, and Juggernaut would have to come soon after X-Men Origins: Beast, and X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler.

  2. Storm would be cool because she used to be some Amazon tribe Goddess, and her life is pretty involved.

    Mystique would also be cool because she has done a million things - and she's Nightcrawler's mom, and that story alone would be interesting to learn about.

  3. I wanted Nightcrawler and Mystic, but I figured they would be coupled together if they did make a movie. Those are my top 2 but i chose only nightcrawler for that reason.

  4. I chose Jean Grey and Mystique.

  5. Yeah... the problem is, most of these are covered to my satisfaction already. Nightcrawler got a huge part in X2, Mystique's been in all three, and Colossus was a student at the school, so he's covered too.
    Juggernaut, toad, Lady Deathstrike and Multiple man aren't important enough, as far as their roles in the movies so far, to warrant a movie, and I don't think Beast is either, though his actually might be interesting. Cyclops got covered in the wolverine movie, as did Gambit, as far as a prequal is concerned (I'd love to see gambit in a later movie).
    That just leaves Jean and Storm. Jean was huge in all three already, and I felt like we got enough of her background, especially from X3.
    Storm's character would be cool to explore... but Halle Berry is NOT a main character actress, if you know what I mean. In case you don't, I think she's a terrible actress, and her flaws are only hidden by being shunted off to the side where she belongs. If they made a Storm movie, my fear is they'd feel obligated to use her. Catwoman ring any bells? Eww.
    So of all the people listed here... I would actually pick Beast, but I'm actually hoping he ends up in the Magneto/Prof.X movie. I think that movie will be enough of prequals, so they can go back to the resurrected Prof. X, and regaining powers lost hints we saw at the end of X3. The new generation, Colossus, Jubilee, Rogue, a returned Gambit perhaps, and returning wolverine, of course, would be far better than any other prequals.