Friday, May 8, 2009

X-Men Origins: ??????? Poll Results

A tie for 1st place...X-Men Origins: Mystique and X-Men Origins: Storm!!! Those would be some interesting movies. Nightcrawler came in a close second place. After that came Colossus and Jean Grey, tied for third. I was kind of expecting Storm, Nightcrawler, and Mystique to get a high percentage of votes. I was plesantly surprised to see that Colossus came in third because even though I didn't put him as one of my top two, I have always liked Colossus's powers. I was a little surprised that Lady Deathstrike didn't get any votes though, considering she came in third on the "What Marvel Villain's Superpower Would You Like to Have?" poll a long time ago. But I guess that could be explained by people thinking she had cool powers, but didn't care too much about her history. Also, they probably thought that there were just better options for a X-Men Origins movie. But, by no surprise, Toad and Multiple Man got absolutely no votes.

Thanks again for all those who voted. And stay tuned, because in a few weeks we will be having our second Battle Royal. Who will be the next victor of the Battle Royal 2 poll!?!?


  1. Obviously no one read my treatise on the poll before voting. This is quite distressing. Do you people really want to see Halle Berri as the star of an X-men movie? She'll ruin the franchise, mark my words!

  2. I'd just like to point out that I have picked the winners for every single poll... because I am amazing. Maybe that's a latent superhero talent I have - knowing the right answers to Cory's polls. ;-)