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Real Name
Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake


Adventurer, formerly teacher, accountant, student



Place of Birth
Port Washington, Long Island, New York

Known Relatives
William Robert Drake (father), Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake (mother), Mary (cousin), Joel (cousin), Anne (aunt)

Group Affiliation
X-Men, formerly Twelve, X-Factor/X-Terminators, Defenders, Champions

College degree, Certified Practicing Accountant accreditation


145 lbs.



Iceman is able to lower his external and internal body temperature without harm to himself, thereby radiating intense cold from his body. Iceman is able to reach -105 degrees Fahrenheit within a few seconds, and is immune to sub-zero temperatures around him.

In addition, Iceman can freeze any moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice, and thereby form simple objects such as slides, ladders, shields, and bats. Iceman can also augment his ice form with extraneous moisture to enhance his strength and durability, and can reshape his body's ice form at will by using any available moisture from his surrounding environment. Similarly, Iceman can rebuild his ice form if any part of it is broken or if it is shattered completely without suffering any permanent damage.

Previously, Iceman was able to transform his body into solid ice and back to human form at will. For a time, however, his body was permanently transformed into solid ice as a result of a secondary mutation. After M-day, Iceman appeared to have lost his powers, returning to human form. However, this was revealed by Emma Frost as a mental block, and Iceman later regained his powers, along with the ability to change from human to ice form.

Iceman also possesses the potential to transport himself quickly over great distances through nearby flows of water by merging his body’s molecules with those of the stream.

Bobby is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Other Info
When Bobby was a teenager, he revealed his powers when he was trying to protect his girlfriend and himself from a couple bullies. He temporarily encased the head bully in ice. The townsfolk believed he was a menace and organized a lynch mob to take him out. Fortunately, the sheriff of the town was able to stop the mob and he arrested Bobby and threw him in jail. Professor Charles Xavier, heard about this and sent Cyclops to persuade Bobby to come to Professor X's school. But, while Cyclops was trying to get Bobby out of jail the mob caught both of them and were about to hang them but Cyclops and Bobby broke free. Professor X used his mental powers to halt the townspeople in their tracks and erase their memories of Bobby's powers. Bobby, grateful for what Professor X did, accepted Xavier's invitation to enroll at his School for Gifted Youngsters and took the codename Iceman. (To learn more about the characters or school above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Remember that there is one picture on the Cyclops bio on that shows Emma Frost and him which has her in revealing and tight-fitting clothes.)

At first, Bobby could only turn into a snow-like form, but soon he was able to increase his degree of cold control, and he was able to turn into an ice-like form. (Bobby in his snow-like form is shown in the third picture posted.)

Later on the X-men team gained some new members. Bobby had a brief romantic relationship with one of the new members, Polaris (a magnetism-manipulating mutant who just so happens to be the daughter of Magneto) until she realized that her heart belonged to the other new member, Havok (a plasma-charged mutant who just so happens to be the brother of Cyclops). Bobby had trouble accepting her decision, which led to increased tension between himself and Havok. Eventually, Iceman quit the X-men for a short time to sort out his feelings. (To learn more about Polaris, Havok, or Magneto, click on their highlighted names. Actually Polaris' pictures on are not really that bad. Finally, a woman character on without having extremely indecent clothing.)

One time the Asgardian trickster god Loki captured Bobby, hoping to use him to gain control over the Frost Giants. Loki enhanced Iceman's powers to such an extent that he was forced to wear a power-dampening belt to cancel out his powers. Later on, Bobby gained enough control over his enhanced powers that he was able to stop using the inhibitor belt. Believing he had achieved his full potential, Iceman never attempted to push himself beyond his perceived limits. (To find definitions and information about the words and characters above, just click on the highlighted words.)

After the House of M incident Iceman was believed to be among the mutants who lost their powers, but this apparent loss of powers was quickly revealed to be a subconscious reaction to the trauma of that reality warp. Since recovering his powers, his ice form has taken on a much more jagged appearance. (To learn more about the House of M, click on the name above. Also, Iceman in his "jagged" appearance is shown in the fifth picture posted.)

To learn more about the life of Iceman, just click on the following link,


  1. Wow - I knew that accountants were cold but this is ridiculous.

    This is easily my favorite post of yours.

  2. I was going to make a joke about his ability being a CPA too, but John beat me to it. :)

  3. Why does every super hero's life have to be so tragic and difficult? I mean really!

    I think Iceman is really cool (ha HA!) and I think he's one of the more awesome characters in the movies too =)