Sunday, April 19, 2009


Real Name
Emil Blonsky

Professional Criminal, Former Spy

Citizen of Yugoslavia

Place of Birth
Zagreb, Yugoslavia

Known Relatives
Nadia Dornova Blonsky (wife, divorced)

Group Affiliation
Ally of the Abominations and the Forgotten; Formerly partner of the Rhino, crew of the starship Andromeda, agent of the Galaxy Master, and MODOK.


6' 8"

980 lbs



Blonsky's transformation into the Abomination substantially increased his strength and durability. Like the Hulk, the Abomination can use his superhumanly strong leg muscles to leap great distances, covering miles in a single bound. The Abomination has vast physical strength.

Unlike the Hulk, the Abomination's transformation has proved stable: he cannot change back and forth between his human state and his superhuman state, despite his wishes to the contrary. Though the Abomination has proven able to regenerate lost eyes and recover from other forms of massive cellular damage, his ability to regenerate tissue is much slower than that of the Hulk. One possible explanation for this is that the Hulk's remarkable regenerative abilities increases in efficiency as he becomes enraged, much like his strength. The Abomination is resistant to extremes of temperature, and can hold his breath for extended periods of time; in the case of lack of air or heat, he may enter a coma-like state of suspended animation.

Other Info
Emil Blonsky gained his powers after receiving a dose of gamma radiation similar to that which transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. As a a result he was permanently transformed into a massive green-skinned monster whose physical power was equivalent to, if not greater than, that of the Hulk. He is able to maintain his normal level of self-control and intelligence after his transformation. He is unable to return to human form. (To learn about the Hulk, click on the name above.)

Blonsky blames Banner for his condition and therefore the Abomination and the Hulk have battled multiple times, and Abomination loses pretty much every time (Key word: pretty much). There has been times where the Abomination has actually beaten the Hulk, which makes Abomination one of the elite few who can claim to have been able to be victorious over the Hulk.

In jealousy from losing his wife, Abomination wanted to kill Betty Ross Banner (the Hulk's wife). Betty was recovering from radiation sickness caused by exposure to the gamma radiation within Bruce and the Abomination poisoned her with his own radioactive blood and killed her. (To learn more about Betty Ross Banner, click on her name above. To learn more about how the Hulk reacted to finding out that Abomination killed Betty, or just to learn more about Abomination, click on the following link,

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  1. I clicked on those links - crazy stuff! Abomination was way too power hungry, that's for sure! It would suck to be the Abomination permanently - at least Hulk can be human sometimes.