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Team Name
Cybertek Systems Incorporated

Base of Operations
Cybertek Division Headquarters (Paterson, New Jersey); Cybertek Weapons Development Testing Facility Number Four (near Paterson, New Jersey). Presumably several others. 

Current Members
Former Members
Borrosu, Michael Collins (Director of Computer Software Systems Unit, and later Deathlok), Harlan Ryker (head of Cybertek division), Jim Dworman, Billy Hansen, Fox Hu, Ben Jacobs, Dr. Kimble, Stanley Cross (security agent), Laurie (Ryker's secretary), John Rozum (accounts manager), Ian Wajler (contractor, created Mainframe remote server/override technology), Warwolf (lupine Cybertek Assassination Cyborg) 

Other Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.)

Other Info
At one point, Kang the Conquereor traveled to past to the 20th Century and planted new technology there. Some of his technology ended up being discovered and developed by Cybertek (a cybernetics research firm created by its parent corporation Roxxon Oil as a research facility). Cybertek used this technology in many of their projects. (To learn about the character and/or company highlighted above, just click on their names.)

Later on, Roxxon Oil stole the Earth-7484 Deathlok cyborg from S.H.I.E.L.D. and turned it over to Harlan Ryker for further study. Ryker studied Deathlok at Roxxon’s Brand Corporation subdivision, who designed a robotic Deathlok which was destroyed by the Thing and Quasar while invading Project: PEGASUS. Ryker was ordered to disassemble Deathlok and recreate it.(To learn about the dimension, characters, and/or project, just click on their highlighted names above.)

Later, when the Brand Corporation was closed, Ryker was placed in charge of Cybertek and their cyborg research was moved there. The original Deathlok was r
e-programmed as an agent of the Nth Command--whose purpose was to gain a world energy monopoly by eradicating any effective private or governmental competition." (To learn about Nth Command, click on the highlighted name above.)

Cybertek also developed the Warwolf--a cyborg using a wolf's brain.

Trying to create a super-solider program, Cybertek tried to recruit Deathlok (Luther Manning) for Cybertek's cyborg super-soldier program, but was unsuccessful. However, Ryker was able to recruit police officer John Kelly. Kelly voluntarily had his brain implanted in the Deathlok cyborg, and participated in a number of test runs. (To learn about Siege, click on the highlighted name above.)

One day, Cybertek computer programmer Michael Collins discovered that his work was actually going to be used for a killing machine project codenamed "Deathlok." After learning this, Michael went to his boss and friend, Harlan Ryker, and shared this information with him. Being the one behind the program, Ryker actually betrayed Collins and shot him with a sedative. He then transplanted Collins' brain into the Deathlok cyborg. Later on, while on a Roxxon mission to the South American nation of Estrella, Collins' mind awoke and gained some control of Deathlok, who was quickly recalled to Cybertek. Once at Cybertek, Collins achieved full control and escaped. Ryker then sent Ian Wajler after Deathlok; however, Deathlok defeated him. Soon after, Deathlok returned to New Jersey and assaulted Cybertek, confronting Ryker. (To learn about Deathlok and/or Mainframe, just click on their names.)

Later on, under investigation from S.H.I.E.L.D., Harlan Ryker betrayed Cybertek and fled, attempting to sell Cybertek's property. However, to limit their own culpability, Roxxon Oil ordered Cybertek to be shut-down. Soon, Warwolf invaded Cybertek and destroyed all the records that could incriminate Ryker. Warwolf also killed and attacked others until Deathlok arrived killed it.

Afterward, Cybertek's technology and contracts were sold to various ccorporations, including Magnum Munitions and A.I.M. (To learn about A.I.M., just click on the highlighted name above.)

There is nothing there, but here is the bio link for Cybertek,

Cybertek appears in the TV show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cybertek is a technology company with ties to HYDRA that developed Project Deathlok. (This is shown in the last picture posted above)

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  1. I wonder if all those researchers and scientists who work for Cybertek realize they are working for bad guys. Maybe they don't realize and they're just doing their science... though making a warwolf would be hard to justify unless you were on board with the whole villain thing...