Saturday, March 14, 2015

Avengers VS Guardians

By now, hopefully most of you have seen both Marvel's The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy! So, my questions is...who would win? The Avengers v.s. The Guardians of the Galaxy!

Clarification: To make the teams even, we have to have 5 v 5! Therefore, I'm going with the Avengers that we see the most vs the Guardians of the Galaxy! And it is based off the movies!

Avengers:                 Guardians:
1. Iron Man               1. Star-Lord
2. Thor                      2. Groot
3. Captain America   3. Gamora
4. Hulk                      4. Drax
5. Black Widow         5. Rocket Raccoon

Hawkeye joined during the Avengers movie, and Nick Fury is not ONE of the Avengers, in my opinion (he calls on them, and assembles them, but is not part of the Avengers team). However, if you want to switch up your team around, be my guest. However, think of the battle being 5 members vs 5 members.

Based off the movies, which team would win? Avengers? Or Guardians?

Please leave a comment below to let us know why you chose your winning team! Let the games begin! 


  1. Based off the list of 5 v 5 members that I listed in the post, here are my thoughts/result:

    I tried to put similar styles of fighting and powers/abilities up against each other. Therefore I think it would break down like this:

    Iron Man vs. Star-Lord (Team Leaders)
    Thor vs. Groot (Strength/Unique Abilities)
    Hulk vs Drax (Strong Guys)
    Captain America vs Gamora (Strong/Great Fighters)
    Black Widow vs Rocket Raccoon (Assassin/Guns)

    As much as I'm not a huge Iron Man fan, I think he would beat Star-Lord. I love Groot, but I love Thor more. I think the Asgardian would defeat Groot. Obviously the Hulk would destroy Drax. I mean...he's the HULK! I love Captain America too, but Gamora has a viscous side, and I think she would out fight Cap. If it was guns vs guns, I think Rocket would win. If it was fighting skills, Black Widow would win.

    Therefore, overall...AVENGERS are the definite winners on this one! They are too strong, and have to cool of abilities that the Guardians just wouldn't be able to handle, in my opinion.

  2. My reasoning was similar... I figured rocket raccoon and Iron Man might be matched gun for gun, and things might get interesting since Star Lord has a space ship, but it really comes down to: "Of yeah, we got a HULK"... I don't think anyone on the Guardians team can make up for THAT mismatch. The Hulk might possibly be able to take out the entire Guardians team solo come to think of it.

  3. Nathan: I like that reasoning! They just can't take down the Hulk! Hulk vs Guardians = HULK SMASH! ;-)