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Donald Menken

Real Name
Donald Menken


Personal Assistant of Norman Osborn at Oscorp



Place of Birth


Known Relatives


Group Affiliation

Order of the Goblin; formerly Cabal of Scrier, Oscorp














Donald Menkin is loyal and, when the occasion calls for it, a ruthless businessman.

Other Info

Donald Menken was hired by 
Norman Osborn to work for Osborn Industries. As Osborn's personal assistant, Menken was unquestionably loyal to him. (To learn about the Green Goblin, click on the highlighted name above.)

Later on, during a meeting between Menken and Osborn, they were interrupted by a research scientist named David Lowell. He wanted to tell Osborn about his Photogenesis Process; however, Osborn told Lowell that his research was nonsense. In addition, Osborn called Lowell's his project to be shut down and for the scientist to be reassigned. Afterward, Menken was sent to oversee the destruction of Lowell's notes and formulas. But, Lowell struggled with Menken while trying to prevent him from going through with his orders. During the struggle, Lowell fell back and doused himself with a beaker full of liquid--ingesting the formula the beaker held (later this would allow Lowell to gain powers and become "Sundown").

After Norman Osborn was nearly killed during a battle with Spider-Man (he was impaled by his own glider), he secretly fled to Europe. While there, Osborn discovered and joined the Cabal of Scrier. Osborn rose through the ranks quickly and eventually usurped the leadership position through violent means. Menken was one of those recruited into the Cabal of Scrier. The team forged new alliances with other organizations such as A.I.M., Hydra, and the Hand. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the character and/or the teams.)

Later on, Donald Menken went to the New York State Penitentiary and picked up David Lowell who had be released after an accident his caused killed a young girl. While in the car, Menken tried to recruit Lowell back to working for Oscorp; however, Lowell refused.

At one point, Norman Osborn had be placed in a psychiatric ward. However, Menken, and other members of the Cabal of Scrier, broke in and freed Osborn. Afterward, they took him to a safe house, where Menken hired Dr. Albert Bendix to restore Osborn's sanity. As Menken was tending to Osborn, he soon became furious when a nurse named Kolina Frederickson began tending to Osborn as well. Soon after, Osborn and Kolina became romantically involved.

After Osborn's inaugural address to his 
Order of the Goblin (a reorganized Cabal of Scrier), Menken joined him back to his private lab. After Menken complimented Osborn on his speech, the conversation quickly turned to Osborn's lack of an heir. However, Donald reassured Norman that he still had plenty of life left in him, but that either way, Norman could count on him. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the Order of the Goblin.)

More recently, after Kolina discovered that Osborn was the Green Goblin, Menken began to panic. However, Norman shot back with a threat, telling Donald that he had plans to deal with her, so to leave him alone. Alarmed by Osborn's temper, Menken began contemplating his need to prove to Osborn that he was worthy of being his heir. Therefore, when Menken accompanied Osborn to Kolina's room, where Norman told Kolina about his past, Menken attempted to push Osborn into eliminating the nurse, saying that she knew too much to live. Soon, Osborn became furious, and grabbed Menken's throat and slammed him on the ground, almost killing him. Responding to all the commotion, the Order of the Goblin members came into the room as Osborn told them to tend to Menken's injuries and take him and Kolina to his Adirondack estate.

The current status of Donald Menken is unknown.

There isn't anything there, but here is the bio link to Donald Menken,,_Donald.

Donald Menken appears in the film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as one of Oscorps' board members.

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  1. Trying to be a bad guy (or at least the heir) without any bad guy powers... never ends well. It doesn't end well on the hero side either, but at least the heroes try to care. Villains... they'll throw you to the ground by the throat ;-)