Monday, April 7, 2014

Battle Ultimate 5

We've had Battle Royal 17, 18, 19, and 20! Therefore, another 50 Marvel characters have been highlighted! This means only one thing...BATTLE ULTIMATE 5 SHALL COMMENCE!

Normally, we would take the top 8 winners of the past four Battle Royals (top 2 for each Battle Royal) and put them head-to-head in a giant Battle Ultimate! However...because there was a two-way tie for 2nd place on Battle Royal 17, a three-way tie for 2nd place on Battle Royal 19, and a two-way tie for 2nd place on Battle Royal 20, we will only be having the top 5 characters go head-to-head in the Battle Ultimate 5!

Put the "good" and "evil" notion to the side. It's EVERYONE vs. EVERYONE. No alliances! Just pure power and abilities versus others' powers and abilities! Only ONE can be left standing! Please choose who you think would win among the people's chosen 5 strongest Marvel characters. 

Also, if you have time, please leave the reason why you think the character you chose would win in the "Comment" section below. This way, we can all see your reasoning in choosing your winner. Who will be the victor? Only you can decide!

The people's chosen 5 strongest characters in the past 50 highlighted characters: Sauron, Viper, Silver Samurai, Graviton, and Bor. (If you have forgotten some of these characters' powers/abilities, go ahead and check out their bios right here on the Marvel Madness blog.)


  1. In my opinion, Sauron, Silver Samurai, and Viper stand no chance against Graviton and Bor! Those two are just way too powerful! Therefore, the Battle Ultimate 5 is really a battle between Graviton and Bor!

    Graviton can control gravity. Bor has superhuman strength and endurance. Graviton can shoot gravity bolts and use force fields. Bor can shoot and guide lightning to his targets. However, Bor has superior amount of battle training. The battle would be shots back and forth until one gets distracted. When that happens, Bor I believe could take out Graviton!

    The winner of Battle Ultimate 5 is Bor Burison!

  2. I disagree- if Graviton can control gravity, he can make it so heavy that Bor's denser Asgardian skeleton and muscle structure become too much for even him to control. While he's distracted trying to figure out how to lift his arm, Graviton will cut off his head or something. Or make gravity stronger so that Bor's head crushes itself. Sorry to be graphic, but when dealing with gravity, an Asgardian will be at a distinct disadvantage. Graviton for the win!