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Sergeant Duffy

Real Name
Thaddeus Michael Duffy


Military Sergeant 

United States

Place of Birth



Known Relatives

Group Affiliation

United States Army







Military training

Other Info
Michael "Mike" Duffy was a Sergeant in the United States Army during World War II. He was in charge of Camp Lehigh in Virginia and was known as a stern taskmaster.

Following the transformation of Steve Rogers into "Captain America" through Operation: Rebirth, Rogers was assigned to Camp Lehigh. Sgt. Duffy's first assignment for Steve was to guard General Ellsworth. However, Rogers reported for duty too late to stop Ellsworth from being eliminated by a Nazi spy. However, Steve later caught the spy as Captain America. (To learn about the Nazi Party, click on the highlighted name above.)

Sgt. Duffy often chewed out the junior enlisted men and was particularly fond of tormenting Private Steve Rogers and camp mascot James "Bucky" Barnes. Often times, the troops would play pranks on Sgt. Duffy and Rogers and Barnes would be blamed for their tricks. In addition, Duffy often gave Rogers and Barnes punishments for abandoning their posts, such as potato peeling, onion peeling, boot blacking, marching, and guard house duties (unaware that Rogers and Barnes were often absent or late to their posts due to fighting criminals/villains as Captain America and Bucky). In addition, both Mike Duffy and Steve Rogers battled for the affection of FBI agent Betsy Ross--which did help with Duffy's actions towards Rogers. (To learn about the above highlighted character, just click on their names above.)

At one point, Camp Lehigh put on a play to boost soldier morale and Sgt. Duffy was in charge of its organization. However, the play was briefly interrupted due to an attack by the Red Skull. (To learn about the Red Skull, click on the highlighted name above.)

After the U.S. entered World War II following the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Sgt. Duffy and his troops were deployed on various missions both within the United States and overseas such as England, Egypt, India, and China. Even in these situations, Duffy was constantly having to punish Rogers and Barnes for their apparent acts of insubordination for being late and/or AWOL from their positions.

At one point, Sgt. Duffy showed some uncharacteristic remorse when it appeared that Rogers and Barnes were killed during a Japanese ambush on a convoy transporting explosives to Camp Mojave. However, he quickly changed his attitude when the two turned out to be alive.

Later on, when Mock Mikado invaded California, Sgt. Duffy led the counter attack. However, when they arrived, they found that Mikado was already defeated and tied up by Captain America and Bucky.

Many times, while on duty, Sgt. Duffy was saved by Captain America and Bucky. In 1944, Duffy was assigned to oversee the construction of an American base on an island recently liberated from the Japanese. However, when a military base on the Pacific is attacked by Japanese forces, Sgt. Duffy fought them along side Captain America and Bucky. After the battle ended, Duffy noticed the sudden departure of Captain America and Bucky followed by the sudden appearance of Steve Rogers and James Barnes. For a brief moment, Duffy thought about the possibility that his two worst soldiers were really the nations greatest heroes; however, he quickly dismissed the idea as impossible.

Other times include when Duffy and his troops were captured by the Red Skull. Captain America showed up and defeated the Red Skull, but turned the Red Skull over to Duffy to bring him to justice. Another time, Duffy led his troops on a mission into Nazi occupied France. When it appeared that they were trapped by the Nazi forces, Captain America and Bucky attacked and saved Duffy and his troops.

At one point, Duffy had established a girlfriend back home named Flo. However, while on assignment in India, Duffy received a letter from Flo stating that she was upset that Duffy was not a big war hero like Captain America. She considered him to be a coward. Sgt. Duffy blamed this on his constant Rogers and Barnes--believing that whenever there was action he was too busy trying to track down where the pair had went. He vowed to the two that he would show them what he was really made of. With reports of the supposed resurrection of the Prophet of Hate rallying the people of India against the Allied Forces, Sgt. Duffy rushed alone to try to stop the Prophet. However, Mike was soon captured, but was then rescued by Captain America and Bucky. The trio battled with the Prophet and his forces; however, during the fight, Sgt. Duffy was knocked out. After Cap and Bucky defeated the Prophet (and revealed him to be a Japanese spy), Duffy came back around and woke. Captain America convinced Duffy that he played a large role in capturing the phony prophet, which helped redeem Mike in the eyes of his girlfriend back home.

Later on, during duty in New York, Duffy was caught in a bomb explosion. Mike was later discovered alive, but placed in the hospital for his injuries.

After WWII, Sgt. Duffy's whereabouts were unknown. However, later on when Bucky Barnes took up the mantle of Captain America, Steve Rogers came across Michael Duffy's grave stone in the Arlington Cemetery. The cause of death is unknown.

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Sergeant Duffy appears in the film Captain America: The First Avenger. He is the drill sergeant that challenges the Super Soldier recruits to retrieve the flag from the top of the flagpole during their training run.

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  1. Interesting- I thought it was funny that the guy they picked for the role in the movie looked almost as little as Steve Rogers before the super soldier serum =)