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Real Name

Sorceress, Seductress 


Place of Birth 

Known Relatives
Amora the Enchantress (sister)
Group Affiliation 




5' 5"


320 lbs.




Reddish Blonde 


Lorelei possesses the conventional attributes of an Asgardian woman. Like all Asgardians, she is extremely long-lived, aging at an extremely slow rate upon reaching adulthood, superhumanly strong, immune to all Earth diseases, and resistant to conventional injury. Asgardian flesh and bone is about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to the gods' superhuman strength and weight. Lorelei's Asgardian metabolism gives her superhuman endurance at all physical activities. Lorelei may have the potential for having mystical powers like her sister, but she has chosen not develop it. However, after being resurrected by Seth, her magical powers were greatly enhanced, even beyond those of her sister.


Lorelei's great beauty and seductive manner enable her to persuade virtually any male god or mortal to do whatever she wants. Lorelei has some knowledge of sorcery, mostly pertaining to love charms and potions. 

Other Info 

Lorelei is a native to Asgard, and is the younger sister of the sorceress, Amora the Enchantress. Both sisters use their beauty and wiles to overpower any male that they desire. However, unlike Amora, Lorelei does not have any interest in mastering sorcery, besides learning certain skills to aid her in her goals. (Click the highlighted names above to learn more about Asgard and/or Amora. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfit worn by Amora on her bio page.)

One day, Loki asked if Lorelei would be willing to seduce his longtime enemy--his stepbrother Thor. Lorelei, being already physically attracted to Thor, agreed with little hesitation to Loki's plan. Therefore, she prepared a love potion which, if Thor drank it, would cause the God of Thunder to fall madly in love with the first woman he saw. It was Loki's hope that Thor would fall in love with Lorelei and be distracted from Loki's schemes of gaining power. Once the point was ready, Lorelei left for Midgard (Earth). Once she arrived in New York City, she claimed to be a mortal human named "Melodi." Once there, she confronted Thor's old enemy, the dragon Fafnir, but the dragon used his hypnotic abilities to overpower her. Fafnir then took Lorelei captive and used her as bait to lure Thor into a trap at the construction site where Thor worked in his secret identity as "Sigurd Jarlson." As Jarlson, Thor saved Lorelei from death, and then fought Fafnir in his godly identity. Afterward, Jarlson (Thor) and Melodi (Lorelei) became friends. Melodi was clearly attempting to deepen the relationship into a romance. However, different circumstances prevented her from getting Jarlson to drink the golden mead she had prepared using the love potion. (To learn more about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit of Loki in his woman-form on his bio page. Also, Lorelei as Melodi is shown in the third picture posted above)

At one point, Lorelei was kidnapped by Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves. He used sorcery to cause a stock of wood to take on the appearance of Melodi, and this magically animated false Melodi gave Jarlson the mead to drink. Due to the love potion's spell, Thor fell madly in love with Melodi. However, Malekith then told Thor that the real Melodi was his prisoner. Thus, Thor became enraged and eventually rescued Melodi from the Dark Elves. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the character and/or race.)

Soon afterward, Surtur began his war against Asgard. However, Lorelei did not return to defend Asgard against Surtur's demonic hordes, which infuriated her sister, Amora. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Later, Lorelei returned to Loki and the two developed another plan to take over Asgard. Loki gave Lorelei the Elixir of Lofn (which if Thor inhaled its vapors, it would make him fall so deeply in love with her that he would become slave to whatever Lorelei wanted.) Lorelei did so, and once she had control of Thor, she made him give up the throne to Loki. However, in an act of revenge (due to Lorelei not defending Asgard), Amora the Enchantress cast a spell on Odin's Scepter of Power, knowing that Loki would pick it up, which he indeed did. Due to the spell, when Lorelei next saw Loki, she fell madly in love with him. The Enchantress' plan was that by having Lorelei love the heartless Loki, that Lorelei would eventually be destroyed emotionally. However, Loki responded to Lorelei's new interest in him. But, Thor's friend, Heimdall, realized that Thor was under Lorelei's control, and devised a plan to save him. He had the Enchantress urged Thor to visit Loki when he knew that Loki and Lorelei were in each other's arms. Thus, when Thor saw them together, his rage made him realize he himself was under a spell. He then forced Loki to release him from the spell, and left the two of them together. However, as the Enchantress predicted, Loki grew tired of Lorelei. (To learn more about the two Asgardians highlighted above, just click on their names.)

At one point, Lorelei returned to Asgard; however, upon her return, she was caught in the middle of an invasion on Asgard by Seth. After watching her Amora nobly launch an attack against Seth, and seeing her apparent death, Lorelei fled from Asgard to ensure her survival. Unfortunately, before she could escape, she was in a fight between Seth and Balder where she was inadvertently wounded, and soon after died. After Seth's invasion failed, Amora was distraught to learn that her sister died. Afterward, the Enchantress was approached by the spirit of Skurge, on behalf of Hela, who offered to spare Lorelei from her realm (Hel) if Amora gave her soul in place of her sister's. Deeming the cost too high, Amora allowed Hela to claim Lorelei. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn baout the different characters. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Hela on her bio page.) 

After having her spirit trapped in Hel for some time, Lorelei eventually took control over the Destroyer armor (which Thor had discarded there earlier) and used it to take over the realm. However, Lorelei's reign was short-lived due in part to Lady Sif and Balder reluctantly helping Hela regain her domain. (To learn about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Sif on her bio page. Also, Lorelei as the Destroyer is shown in the fourth picture posted above.)

At one point, Lorelei returned to life by the power of Seth to face the Asgardians that had lost their godly status and their powers. However, Amora killed Lorelei to free her from Seth's control. (To learn about Asgardians, click on the highlighted name above.)

Later, Lorelei returned to life again. However, now she used the alias "Ice Queen" and allied with Pluto, who promised the two would conquer Earth. Therefore, Pluto turned to Lorelei and bound her to the Valkyrie (Samantha Parrington) spirit; thus, creating a new Valkyrie. Now amnesiac and mute, Lorelei was discovered by Nighthawk, of the Defenders, who mistook her for his former teammate Valkyrie (Brunnhilde). However, after Valkyrie (Samantha Parrington) broke free from Pluto's spell, she helped the Defenders battle against Lorelei and Pluto. Then when Zeus arrived to end the battle and punish the two, Lorelei and Pluto fled from the battle. (To learn about the race, character, and/or team above, just click on their names. Also, Lorelei in her Valkyrie form is shown in the fifth picture posted above, and her as the Ice Queen is shown as the last picture.)

Later on, due to her absence during the Ragnarok event that destroyed Asgard, Lorelei appeared to be the only surviving Asgardian. However, her current location is unknown. (To learn about Ragnarok, click on the highlighted event above.)

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Lorelei makes an appearance in the TV show, Marvel's Agents of Shield. She was said to have been one of the prisoners who escaped from Odin's prisons during the movie, Thor: The Dark World.

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