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Sharon Xavier

Real Name
Sharon Xavier-Marko 


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Jonas Graymalkin (Graymalkin) (collateral ancestor-in-law;  Charles Graymalkin (ancestor-in-law, deceased); Marcia Graymalkin (ancestor-in-law, deceased); Dr. Brian Xavier (husband, deceased); Dr. Kurt Marko (2nd husband, deceased); Professor Charles Xavier (son, deceased); Cassandra Nova (daughter); Cain Marko (Juggernaut) (step-son); David Haller (Legion) (grandson); Lilandra Neramani (ex-daughter-in-law, deceased)

Group Affiliation










Other Info
Sharon Xavier was the wife of wealthy nuclear researcher, Dr. Brian Xavier. The couple had a son named 
Charles together. They also had another child; however, that child was born stillborn (but, that child would later become Cassandra Nova). (To learn about the Xavier children, just click on their highlighted names above.)

One day, Sharon's husband was killed in a tragic accident at a lab. Following her husband's death, Brian's colleague, Dr. Kurt Marko, provided comfort to Sharon. Eventually, Dr. Marko convinced Sharon that her son, Charles, needed a father figure to take care of him. However, it was Marko's son (from a previous marriage), Cain, who always bullied Charles. But, even against Charles' wishes, Sharon agreed with Dr. Marko and the two were married. Thus, Marko become a very wealthy man, due to the vast amounts of money left to Sharon by her late husband. The four lived together in the Xavier Estate. Sharon had believed that it would be best for Charles to have a father figure in his life; however, Marko spent most of his time away from his new wife and step-son. (To learn about the Juggernaut and/or the Xavier Estate, just click on the highlighted names above.)

While Charles was still a boy, his telepathic powers began emerging. As he grew older, he learned to control them. Eventually, with his telepathic powers, Charles discovered that Dr. Marko cared only about his mother's money and was jealous of Dr. Xavier's wealth. As Dr. Marko continued to neglect Sharon, she began drinking and developed alcoholism. In addition, she and Cain were abused by Dr. Marko. Sometimes, Charles would link his mind to his mother's, in a effort to share the abuse with her and alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, due to a broken heart, soon after Sharon died; therefore, leaving Charles to live with his step-father and abusive step-brother.

Later on, after a fight happened between Cain and Dr. Marko, part of Dr. Marko's lab equipment exploded and killed Marko. Thus, Sharon's inheritance and family estate was left to her son Charles. Charles would later become a professor and use the inheritance and Xavier Estate to create the X-Men (a group of young mutants who are taught to use their powers for the benefit of mankind and to fight for a peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans). (Click the highlighted name above to learn about the X-Men.)

There isn't anything there, but her is the link to Sharon Xavier's bio page,,_Sharon.

"Mrs. Xavier" appears in the film, X-Men: First Class. In the movie, a young Mystique impersonates her and tries to convince Charles Xavier that she is his mother; however, Charles eventually figures out that it isn't his real mother. In addition, a portrait of her is in the Xavier mansion during the film.

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  1. Sad life for her... too bad she didn't listen to her son's protests that Marko was worse than not having a dad!

    PS - love the Olympics/ Avengers header =)