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Real Name
Michael Collins 

Adventurer, Computer Consultant/software engineer, Video Game Programmer 

Place of Birth

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Known Relatives
Tracy Collins (Wife), Nicholas “Nick” Collins (Son), Patricia "Trisha" Collins (Daughter), Bill Collins (Brother), Arlene (Sister-in-law)

Group Affiliation
Formerly Secret Defenders, Wild Pack, Freelance S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, and former computer programmer with Roxxon Corporation 


Ph.D in prosthetics/neuroscience, masters degree in computer science.

6'1"; (As Deathlok) 7' 2"


200 lbs.; (As Deathlok) 825 lbs.

(Collins) Brown; (As Deathlok) Brown (Right), Yellow (Left)

(Collins) Dark Brown; (As Deathlok) Light Brown

Deathlok is an advanced cyborg utilizing encephalonic read/write technology to link the human brain with a CPU. Deathlok’s brain is supported by organic lungs; which transport oxygen to his brain. The only other parts of the cyborg that are human are part of his skull and a modified human stomach. Deathlok’s sensitive stomach can only process simple nutrient formulas or pastes. His organic systems are supported by nanotech assemblers, which can repair damaged organics. The rest of the body is made up of synthetic parts. His skeleton is composed of unbreakable Adamantium, while his muscles and cartilage are a flexible steel/Adamantium alloy. His unique physical structure allows him to lift 85 tons with a theoretical limit of 150 tons; which is safeguarded by his computer preventing him from reaching his limit. Deathlok can run at speeds of 107 MPH on foot. The Cybernetic left eye is sensitive to a spectrum stretching above and below visible light, while his left cybernetic ear has directional capabilities. Deathlok’s CPU is housed within his torso, and rests next to the controlled fusion generator which powers him. 

Deathlok is an excellent computer programmer. Deathlok's on-board computer system contains the downloaded contents in excess of 17 Cray mainframe computers and can provide him with detailed information on a wide variety of subjects. Through his downloads, Deathlok has gained a broad knowledge of hand-to-hand combat techniques, as well as detailed knowledge in the use of conventional and technologically advanced firearms.

Other Info
Michael Collins had a great life with his loving family and job at Cybertek (a division of the Roxxon Corporation) as a computer programmer. One day, while going over his computer code which he thought was being used to help those in need control artificial limbs; however, Collins discovered that his work was actually going to be used for a killing machine project codenamed "Deathlok." After learning this, Michael went to his boss and friend, Harlan Ryker, and shared this information with him. However, Ryker was actually the one behind the Deathlok project, as well as many other projects for military uses. Therefore, Harlan betrayed Michael and shot him with a sedative. He then transplanted Collins' brain into the Deathlok cyborg. (To learn about the corporation and/or character highlighted above, just click on their names.)

When Michael awoke from the transfer, he was unable to control the functions of the cyborg. Unfortunately, he watched helplessly through his new cybernetic eyes as the machine carried out a test mission--killing some soldiers in the process. However, Collins was able to regain his consciousness during the mission and actually stopped the cyborg programming that would have killed a small child.

Although his brain was intended to serve only as a medium for the robot's programming, Michael was able to assert his will over it and installed a "no-killing parameter" into its programming. The computer within him was fully willing to listen to him, though he must take care to present his orders in a way that helps fulfill the mission and keep people from dying. In addition, the computer is fully capable of understanding distinct concepts, such as bluffing, as when Collins is forced to pretend to take a hostage.

Over time, Michael found that he could control the actions of the cyborg, and he immediately set out to pursue his old friend Ryker. Eventually, Deathlok caught Ryker in the middle of an illegal arm sale to a private army. However, before Collins turned Ryker over to the officials, Ryker told Collins that his human body still existed, and he could be restored if Michael could find the body and the doctor who performed the transfer. Therefore, Deathlok set out on a quest to find his body, and return to his perfect life with his family.

At one point, Collins encountered Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. and was enlisted to help them in preventing a nuclear strike on the United States. (To learn about Nick Fury and/or S.H.I.E.L.D., click on the highlighted names above. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit worn by one on Nick Fury's bio page.)

Much later, Deathlok was seen on a new Battleworld. Deathlok helped other super-powered individuals such as Ant-Man, Wasp, Spider-Man, Venom (Mac Gargan), Hood, Gravity, and Firebird battle the Dragon Man, reveal the Stranger as the one behind them all being there, and ultimately in their escape. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the place and/or characters.) 

More recently, Deathlok was present at the funeral for Gravity when the superhero's body was taken from the grave. Collins enlisted the help of the Fantastic Four, and he piloted the craft that led the team into a conflict with Galactus, Stardust, and Silver Surfer. He was also present when Gravity was resurrected. Afterward, Deathlok returned to Earth with the Fantastic Four and Gravity. (To learn about the team and/or characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Deathlok's current whereabouts are unknown.

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Deathlok appears on the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. In this version his name is Mike Peterson.

He was an ordinary man until he was approached by the Centipede group who granted him superpowers. However, when he compromised the secrecy of the project, they decided to eliminate him, but they were stopped by a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Phil Coulson. Some time later, Peterson decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D. More recently, Peterson was captured by agents of the Centipede and transformed into the cybernetic operative, "Deathlok."


  1. I hope the TV show makes him a good guy in the end too... they seem to be gearing up for it =)

  2. Is Mike Peterson really going to be Deathlock? This may be the Deathlok project that will cause Dr Michael Collins to challenge his boss who will turn him into a machine. We'll have to see. The first name on both characters is probably not a coincidence.