Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gamma Flight

Team Name
Gamma Flight

Base of Operations
Department H (Canada)

Current Members

Former Members 
Smart Alec, Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries, Wild Child, Nemesis, Witchfire, Auric, and Silver

Other Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.) 

Other Info
When James Hudson (aka Guardian) and Department H of the Canadian government decided to create a super-human response team, he drafted several super-humans into a team he called "the Flight." The Flight's first mission pitted them against Egghead (Elihas Starr) and several of his hired super-human henchmen: Solarr, Porcupine, Rhino, Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne), Power Man. (Egghead was planning on launching a nuclear missile into New York City from a location withing Ontario.) The Flight was able to stop him, despite the fact that Wolverine could barely control himself and that Smart Alec snapped under the pressure. In fact, in order to save the Flight, Saint Elmo had to sacrifice his life to absorb the explosion. Due to the failure of his first effort (having inexperienced and ill-trained members), Hudson revised his plans and created a three-tiered system for the Flight: Gamma Flight, Beta Flight, and Alpha Flight. Gamma Flight would be the initial training program; Beta Flight would be the next training program; and Alpha Flight would serve as the active super-human response unit. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or teams, just click on their names above.)

The first Gamma Flight team organized consisted of Smart Alec, Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries and Wild Child. However, soon the government shut down Department H and the Gamma Flight was disbanded. (To learn about the Gamma Flight members, just click on their names above. Also, this Gamma Flight team is shown in the first, third, and fourth pictures posted.)

Later on, when the Alpha Flight disappeared, the Canadian government founded a new sanctioned superhero team to replace them, calling the new team Gamma Flight. This time, the Gamma Flight consisted of Nemesis, Witchfire, Silver, Auric, and returning member, Wildchild. (To learn about the second Gamma Flight team members, just click on their highlighted names above. Also, this version of the Gamma Flight is shown in the fifth and sixth pictures posted.)

With Alpha Flight implicated in various misdeeds that had occurred, Gamma Flight had orders to bring them to the authorities. Therefore, Gamma Flight and Alpha Flight came into conflict many times.

At one point, however, the two teams became joined forces while battling Llan. After Llan was defeated, the Canadian government decided to disband Gamma Flight. Wild Child and Witchfire were absorbed into Alpha Flight's new structure. Auric and Silver disappeared. And Nemesis became the leader of a small cult (and later joined Alpha Flight). 

To learn a tiny bit more about Gamma Flight, click on the following link,

In the film X2, a "Gamma Flight" folder appears on William Stryker's computer screen. (The team name is listed on the very top of the second picture posted above.)


  1. So since Gamma was now disbanded, is the three tier system gone too?

  2. Yeah, as far as I understand, the 3-tier system is basically gone now.