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Cecilia Reyes

Real Name
Cecilia Reyes

Trauma Surgeon, former adventurer 


Place of Birth
The Bronx, New York City, New York

Known Relatives
Alejandro and Maria Reyes (deceased); Colonel Miguel Reyes (brother)

Group Affiliation
X-Men; formerly Weapon X 

Doctor of Medicine 


120 lbs.



Cecilia is able to create a psioplasmatic field to defend herself. The process is involuntary, the field appears whenever Cecilia feels threatened. The field extends six inches from any point on her body. She also has the potential to use it offensively. Surrounding her fists with psioplasmic force can increase the bludgeoning power behind her punches; she is able to extend razor pointed spikes from the field, expel the field outward in a hammer-like ram, etc. However, since the field is psionic in nature, Cecilia feels everything the field touches, feeling as much pain as if she received the attack on herself. 

Cecilia is a capable medical doctor and surgeon, making her the only member of the X-Men who is a true doctor of medicine. 

Other Info
Cecilia was born into a poor family in a bad neighborhood. When the young Puerto Rican Cecilia was just six years old, she witnessed her dad gunned down in a drive-by shooting. After that day, Cecilia made a vow that she would dedicate her life to helping people. She soon followed the path of becoming a doctor.

One day, while working at Our Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx, Cecilia was approached by Professor Xavier, who invited her to come to his school, train her powers, and then go on to join the X-Men. However, Cecilia could not accept herself as a mutant. She didn't want to be involved in mutant affairs in any way; she wanted to save lives as a doctor (To learn about Professor X and/or the X-Men, just click on the highlighted names above.)

A few years later, during the time that Operation: Zero Tolerance (where many mutants were being captured, killed, and being turned into Sentinels), Cecilia pretended to be a mutant hater, being careful not to expose herself. However, one day while at work in the hospital Cecilia was attacked by a Prime Sentinel. Luckily her mutant powers saved her from the assault, but now her mutant status was known to all her co-workers and friends. Eventually, thought, the Prime Sentinel found a way to negate Cecilia's force-field; however, she was saved by the timely arrival of Iceman. While battling on against more Sentinels, the joined forces with Charlotte JonesMarrow, and Sabra. After the battle, Cecilia went to an abandoned X-Mansion. Upon arrival, she used what little tools she had to remove a bomb from Cyclops' chest. Eventually, Operation: Zero Tolerance was destroyed, but Cecilia was now left with no direction. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about operation, team, characters, and/or place. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit/form-fitting outfit worn by one on Cyclops' bio page.)

Attempting to save her career, Dr. Reyes returned to work to have a unique last day. Many families shunned her due to her now revealed mutant status; however, Ceclilia ending up treating a wounded Daredevil, learning his secret identity in the process. Later that same day, an injured Pyro was brought into the hospital. However, the Legacy Virus ravaged Pyro tricked Cecilia into loosening his that the police put on him and he escaped. This resulted in Dr. Reyes losing her job. Therefore, after only one day, Cecilia returned to the X-Men for good it seemed. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or virus.)

As part of the X-Men, Cecilia had to deal with feelings of inadequacy. And these fears were shown to light one day when the X-Men were attacked by a dimensional race. Using an old costume once worn by the Wasp, Cecilia helped prove to herself that she was valued by defeating the attackers. (To learn about the Wasp, just click on the highlighted name above. Also, Cecilia Reyes in her "Wasp" uniform is shown in the first picture posted above.)

Later on, Cecilia went out on a date with Beast. By co-incidence the two met Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) and Susan Storm (aka Invisible Woman). However, during their date, they were affected by a machine that manipulated their fear, hate, and doubt. This made Cecilia beat Beast, blaming him for her hated life as a X-Man. It even prompted her to say she hated herself. Once the villain was defeated Cecilia was consoled by Susan, who sympathized with her situation--a situation she's found herself in before. (Click on the characters' highlighted names above to learn more about them.)

After some time, Cecilia left the X-Men and opened up her own small practice in Salem Center. She still helped out the X-Men every now and then. On one occasion, she aided Wolverine in defending some Japanese agents from the mob. During that adventure, Cecilia even stood up to the Silver Samurai, and made him listen to reason rather than to resort to violence. She even sometimes would house-sit at the mansion when the X-Men were away on missions. (To learn about Wolverine and/or the Silver Samurai, just click on their names above. Also, Cecilia Reyes in her more common X-Men uniform is shown as the fifth picture posted above.)

One day, as Dr. Reyes was working, an injured Nightcrawler arrived at her work--he had been shot by Neo (a villainous group of mutants who claimed to have evolved beyond the level of other mutants). Nightcrawler apologized for bringing her back into the life of the X-Men. But, they were attacked by the Neo, Jaeger. As Cecilia tried battling the him, she ended up using her field in offensive ways that she never had before. However, even with that, Jaeger was still too much for her. Then right as Jaeger was about to kill Nightcrawler though, Cecilia lashed out with her powers and spikes extended from her field, impaling Jaeger. Even though she had saved Nightcrawler's life, Cecilia was shocked and heartbroken--as a doctor she pledged to save lives, not take them.  (To learn about the characters and/or race above, just click on their highlighted names.)
Soon after, Cecilia was caught up in the X-Men's battle with the Neo. Eventually, Cecilia became trapped in the Neo's fortress below New York City. She ended up using a highly addictive street drug called "Rave" to make her mutant powers more destructive; thus, ensuring her survival. When the X-Men rescued her, she was brought back to the X-Mansion to try to kick her addiction cold-turkey. With the help of Professor X, and a very long and violent battle with the drug, Cecilia was finally able to kick her addiction to Rave.

Later on, Dr. Reyes was abducted by the Weapon X program and taken to Neverland (a mutant concentration camp). Many of the mutants were experimented on. Many mutants were killed, including Cecilia's fellow X-Man Maggott, but Cecilia somehow escaped after the camp shut down. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the program, place, and/or character.)

After the events of M-Day, Cecilia was appeared to be unaffected and had retained her mutant powers. (To learn about M-Day, click on the highlighted names above. Note: Beware of the revealing and form-fitting outfits worn by some on the M-Day's bio page.)

More recently, although she is still more comfortable healing humans than fighting superhumans, Cecilia found herself as part of the new team composed by Wolverine.

To learn a tiny bit more about Cecilia Reyes, just click on the following link,,_Cecilia.

In the film X2, "Cecilia Reyes" appears a folder on William Stryker's computer files. (Her name is listed on the very top of the second picture posted above.) 

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  1. She has really interesting powers- it's super interesting that she can feel what her force field touches. Also, I like that she worked hard to become a doctor, and I'm glad that she doesn't seem to hate herself as much anymore =)