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Real Name 
Roberto da Costa


Adventurer, businessman

Place of Birth
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Known Relatives

Emmanuel da Costa (father, deceased), Nina da Costa (mother) 

Group Affiliation
New Mutants; formerly Hellfire Club, X-Corporation, Mutant Liberation Front, X-Force, Fallen Angels




170 lbs.




Able to absorb solar energy and metabolize it into physical strength, convert it into thrust to enable flight, or rechannel it as heat or infrared radiation. When doing so, DaCosta's features melt away into a black mass of crackling dark energy. In unlighted places, DaCosta suffers a slight drop in his power levels. 

Business skills, proficient in English, Portuguese, and classical Latin

Other Info
Roberto "Bobby" da Costa is the son of Brazilian millionaire Emmanuel da Costa and his American wife Nina, an archaeologist. However, Bobby didn't know he mother much because she was gone on archeologist trips. Bobby was becoming a skilled soccer player. When he was fourteen years old, during a soccer match, an opponent knocked Bobby to the ground, spitting a racial slur at him. Bobby responded with a heated temper, which sparked his mutant powers for the first time--his body and clothing temporarily turned black in the process. Confused and frightened, Bobby sought help, but both the other players and most of the spectators panicked and fled. However, his girlfriend, Juliana, who had been watching the game along with Emmanuel, stood by him in his time of need. (To learn about Bobby's father, click on the highlighted name above.)

Bobby's powers attracted the attention of Donald Pierce (renegade White Bishop of the Hellfire Club). Pierce soon tried to kidnap Bobby but failed, taking Juliana instead. Charles Xavier soon learned of Pierce's plan and intervened--sending some of his New Mutants to help Bobby against Pierce. In the battle, however, Juliana took a bullet meant for Bobby. Consumed with grief and anger, Bobby helped defeat Pierce and accepted Xavier’s invitation to join the New Mutants. As part of the New Mutants team, Bobby took on the code-name, "Sunspot." As a New Mutant, Sunspot learned more about his powers, became best friends with teammate Cannonball, and participated in many adventures with them team. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or teams, just click on their names. Note" Beware of the revealing outfits on the Hellfire Club's bio page. Also, Sunspot in his first outfit is shown in the third picture posted.)

Later on, during a trip to Asgard, Sunspot gained a job as security in a tavern. After lifting Volstagg over his head, he befriended the Warriors Three. Sunspot seriously considered of staying in Asgard, as heroes were honored and worshiped in Asgard and he was hated and feared as a mutant on Earth. However, Sunspot decides to return to Earth. (To learn about the place, character, and/or team, click on the highlighted names above.)

At one point, during a friendly soccer game, Sunspot accidentally gave Cannonball a concussion. Believing himself to be danger to his team, Bobby ran away and left the New Mutants. He made his way to Los Angeles, followed by the Warlock, and encountered the gang called the Fallen Angels. The two stayed with the Fallen Angels for a brief time, until it was revealed they had been gathered by Ariel, who was a member of an alien race studying mutations. Ariel betrayed the Angels to her alien race, who kidnapped the team for study. However, eventually, Sunspot was able to help the Fallen Angels escape, after which he and Warlock returned to the New Mutants. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or team, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one on the Fallen Angels' bio page.)

Sunspot learned that his father had died, and he was contacted by Gideon, and old friend, to take over his father's business and the da Costa family fortune. However, in reality, Gideon was a member of the Externals (a subset of the mutant race who believed themselves immortal) and had killed Bobby's father in search for the next External. Thinking that it was Sunspot, Gideon had Bobby subjected to various experiments that increased his solar absorption capabilities by 3000%. Fortunately, Sunspot was later rescued by the New Mutants--who were now reformed by Cable as X-Force--and joined their ranks as well. In the end, Sunspot had discovered that he had the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands now.(Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters, race, and/or team. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn in the background by one on Cable's bio page. Also, Sunspot in one of his outfits we wore during his time with X-Factor is shown in the fifth picture posted above.)

Unbeknownst to Sunspot, however, one of Gideon’s experiments was to attempt to reproduce Sunspot's powers in another being. This experiment resulted in a being known as "Reignfire." Soon after, Reignfire became the leader of the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF). Then when the X-Force and MLF clashed with each other, many were confused because Reignfire claimed that he was Sunspot. However, through lots of confusion, manipulation, and eventually correction, the X-Force was able to get rid of Reignfire when the real Sunspot drained Reignfire of all of his energy, leaving their enemy powerless. (To learn more about the above highlighted character and/or team, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing/form-fitting outfits worn by some on the MLF's bio page.)

Later on, Bobby was deported from the U.S. because his student visa was no longer valid since he was not a student anymore. Back in Brazil, Sunspot was eventually approached by the Hellfire Club's Black Queen, Selene. Selene put Bobby through a number of illusory situations that to force him to her side. However, Sunspot saw through all of them, so Selene and Blackheart (the new Black King) played their trump card: Juilana Sandoval--Bobby's old girlfriend. The deal was: Bobby would join the Hellfire Club, and Juliana would get a new start in a recently deceased girl's body. Feeling that he owed his life to Juliana, Bobby had no choice but to accept, and left X-Force to become the third Black Rook in the Hellfire Club. (To learn about Selene, just click on the highlighted name above.)

Presumably, many of Sunspot’s allies remain unaware of his involvement with the Hellfire Club, as Bobby also served as head of the Los Angeles branch of the X-Corporation before its dissolution. (To learn about X-Corporation, click on the name above.)

Eventually, Sebastian Shaw made his return to the Hellfire Club as Lord Imperial, but immediately lost the position to Sunspot when an attack by Donald Pierce left Shaw hospitalized. (To learn about Sebastian Shaw, click on his name above.)

After the results of M-Day, nearly all of the mutants in the entire world were stripped of their powers. However, Sunspot was one of the "198" who retained their powers. He kept his position in the Hellfire Club a manipulated a team of Young X-Men into attacking him, believing him to be an enemy. However, when they were defeated, Sunspot was asked by Cyclops to actually become a teacher to these Young X-Men. (To learn about the event, teams, and/or character above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing/form-fitting outfit worn by some one the M-Day and Cyclops' bio pages.)

Recently, Sunspot has rejoined with his former teammates and reformed the New Mutants. (Sunspot in his current New Mutants' outfit is shown in the first picture posted above.)
Eventually, Sebastian Shaw made his return to the Inner Circle as Lord Imperial, but immediately lost the position to DaCosta when an attack by Pierce resulted in his hospitalization.

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To learn more about Sunspot, click on the following link,

In the film X2, "DaCosta, Roberto" appears on a list on William Stryker's computer files. (His name is listed on the very top of the list on the second picture posted above.)

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