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Black Tom

Real Name 
Thomas “Tom” Samuel Eamon Cassidy

Terrorist; former criminal, mercenary

Ireland with an international criminal record

Place of Birth
Dublin, Ireland

Known Relatives
Sean Cassidy (Banshee, cousin, deceased), Maeve Rourke Cassidy (cousin by marriage, deceased), Theresa Rourke Cassidy (Siryn, first cousin once removed), Liam Cassidy (ancestor, deceased)

Group Affiliation 
Black Air; formerly Brotherhood Of Mutants, former partner of Juggernaut
Oxford University

6'0"; (plant-like being) Variable

200 lbs.; (plant-like being) Variable


Black; (plant-like being) None

Black Tom Cassidy originally generated blasts of concussive force or heat by using wood as the focus for his power; typically a wooden shillelagh. Following genetic engineering, Cassidy could channel the energy he generated directly through the parts of his body that were grafted to a wood-like substance. Since his transformation into a plant-like being, Cassidy can grow to immense size, thus gaining superhuman strength, and can regenerate damaged or destroyed body parts with great speed. He can also mentally control all plant life within his vicinity, and can distribute his consciousness amongst plants he controls. Cassidy can drain the life force of organic beings.

Black Tom is highly resistant, if not immune, to Banshee and Siryn's sonic screams, and they are similarly protected from his bio-blasts.

Other Info 
Born a mutant, Thomas Cassidy was the heir to his family’s fortune, including the estate of Cassidy Keep. Tom was a charming Oxford-educated ladies’ man. One day, Tom gambled his inheritance on a throw of dice, losing to his younger cousin Sean (aka Banshee). The two cousins also both loved the same woman, Maeve Rourke. She dated both of them for months, seemingly torn between their affections. Maeve ultimately chose Sean over Tom as her escort for the university ball; however, Sean was injured in a car accident en route and asked Tom to accompany Maeve in his stead. Unaware of Sean’s accident, Maeve was initially confused by his absence until Tom told her the truth. Tom realized that Maeve's heart belonged to Sean and gave up his pursuit, eventually even serving as the best man at their wedding. Having lost the love of his life, Tom turned to a life of crime, taking on the codename, "Black Tom."  (To learn about mutants and/or Banshee, click on the highlighted names above.)

At first, Black Tom masked his criminal activities under the guise of being a soldier of fortune, and roamed the world offering his services as a gun for hire while continuing to pursue his criminal activities. However, he was eventually caught and imprisoned. It was here that Tom met and befriended fellow mercenary, Cain Marko. (To learn about the Juggernaut, click on the highlighted name above.) 

Meanwhile, Black Tom's cousin, Sean, became an Interpol agent and was assigned to a top-secret mission that required him to stay out of contact with his family for a considerable time. As he left on his mission, Sean was unaware that Maeve was in her first month of pregnancy, and their daughter, Theresa, was born during his absence. While visiting relatives in Northern Ireland, the mother and child were caught in a terrorist bombing where Maeve was killed. The authorities could find no trace of Theresa and assumed she was also dead. Those who knew about Theresa decided to keep her existence from Sean to spare him further grief; however, Black Tom had been present at the scene of the explosion and secretly saved Theresa. After Sean returned and learned of Maeve’s death, he blamed Tom for not protecting Maeve and lashed out at his cousin with his mutant power, causing Tom to fall and break his leg. Bitter from the attack, Tom decided to keep the truth about Sean’s daughter from him and raised Theresa as his own. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Siryn.)

Later on, when Theresa turned 12 years old, Black Tom sent her away to boarding school to shield her from his criminal activities.

Years later, Black Tom was reunited with Cain Marko (now going by the name "Juggernaut"), Black Tom suggested they form a criminal partnership. One of their earliest employers was the Shi’ar Eric the Red, who asked them to destroy the X-Men--whom Sean had recently joined the group as "Banshee." Tom’s hatred of his cousin combined with the Juggernaut’s longstanding feud with his step-brother, Charles Xavier, made it an easy decision for the two to accept the job. The pair ambushed the X-Men at Cassidy Keep (which Sean had recently inherited), but the two were defeated due to the aid of the Keep’s resident leprechauns. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the race, characters, and/or team.)

After Theresa’s mutant nature manifested during adolescence, Black Tom trained her to aid him in his criminal activities as the costumed "Siryn." However, Theresa’s heart was never in a life of crime. At one point, while briefly in the custody of legal authorities, Black Tom exonerated Theresa and wrote a letter to Sean explaining who she was, after which father and daughter were joyfully reunited. 

Later on, Juggernaut presented Black Tom with the Ruby of Cyttorak as a gift. When this happened, Black Tom gained half the Juggernaut’s power. This brought them into conflict with Spider-Man and the X-Men, but Tom ultimately lost this newfound power and they escaped. (To learn about the item and/or character above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Sometime later, Black Tom came into conflict with mutant strike team X-Force (which included Siryn). When Black Tom set off explosives in a building, X-Force’s leader, Cable, shot Tom, causing him to fall. However, he was saved by Deadpool (whose was employed by arms dealer Tolliver). Black Tom was to a genetic engineering research facility outside Angôuleme, France where the injured portions of Tom’s body were grafted with an experimental wood-like substance. The substance acted like a genetic virus that hindered his entire cellular structure, transforming an increased amount of his body. To help save Tom’s life, Juggernaut sought out Genetech, the company that pioneered the grafting process. Soon after, Juggernaut forced Black Tom's release from the research facility, and the two joined forces again to hunt for Tolliver’s will. (To learn about the above highlighted team, charaters, and/or company, just click on their names above. Also, the fourth picture posted is of Black Tom in his partial plant-like phase.)

After some time, the Juggernaut agreed to turn Black Tom over to the authorities in exchange for Tom receiving treatment to cure his condition. Learning of his cousin’s state, Sean arranged for geneticist Doctor Killebrew to treat him in prison. Soon after though, the Juggernaut freed Tom from prison and captured Killebrew. They learned that samples of Deadpool’s regenerating cells could cure Tom. However, when they (and their soldiers) went after him, they were caught off-guard when Banshee and Siryn showed up to aid Deadpool against them. Fortunately, one of the soldiers managed to return with Deadpool’s left hand, and, after amputating his own, Tom had Killebrew replace it with Deadpool’s. The cure initially worked; however, the new cells began taking over Tom’s entire body, endangering his life once more. Eventually, the virus began spreading, mutating Tom’s entire body into a plant-like state with vast new powers. (To learn about Dr. Killebrew, click on the highlighted name above. Also, the fifth picture posted is of Black Tom in his complete plant-like state.)

The virus that took over Black Tom was engineered from spores of the sentient island creature known as Krakoa. The residual psyche left in the spores compelled Black Tom to capture most of Banshee’s students in Generation X and imprison them underwater in an organic bio-transport at Krakoa’s original location. In the ensuing clash, Tom was sliced apart by the razor-sharp claws of Banshee’s student Penance. However, Black Tom had actually survived. (To learn about the above words, characters, and or team, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit on Penance's bio page.)

Later on, Black Tom returned to Cassidy Keep in his plant-like form. Tom captured the castle’s inhabitants and began draining their life force. Hoping to help his friend, Juggernaut contacted the X-Men for assistance but Tom captured them as well. With the help of their newest member, the pheromone-generating Stacy X, the X-Men freed themselves and the Juggernaut, and together they defeated Black Tom, who apparently drowned. (To learn about Stacy X, click on the highlighted name above.)

Once again, however, Black Tom survived. He was later recruited by Exodus into a new incarnation of the Brotherhood Of Mutants. Planning an assault on the Xavier Institute, the Brotherhood believed they had an ally in the Juggernaut (who was now an X-Man). Tom was convinced that Juggernaut had joined the X-Men so as to betray them. However, when Black Tom brutally slew Juggernaut’s friend, young student Squid-Boy, the Juggernaut lashed out at Tom, revealing his true colors. Seemingly unstoppable though, Black Tom rampaged through the Institute. However, when the X-Man Xorn formed a black hole, it swallowed up the Brotherhood, along with the Juggernaut and Black Tom. They had been transported to the Mojoverse. The Brotherhood sold Juggernaut and Nocturne to Mojo in exchange for their return to Earth.  (Click on the highlighted charaters, team, and/or place above to learn more about them. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits on Nocturne's bio page.)

Back on Earth, Black Tom was one of the many mutants who lost their powers due to the events of M-Day. However, it appeared that only his plant transformation disappeared, and his original powers were retained when he came in a confrontation with Excalibur he blasted Dazzler.  (To learn about M-Day, Excalibur, and/or Dazzler, click on their names aboves. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by some on all the bios above.)

Recently, the organization known as Black Air hired Black Tom to attack the new incarnation Excalibur, of which Juggernaut was now a member. Though he easily defeated the others, Juggernaut confronted his former friend and convinced him to turn himself in for the death of Squid-Boy. Black Tom has shown remorse for the death of the child, and claimed to have had his mind affected by the plant mutation.

To learn more about Black Tom, click on the following link,,_Black_Tom.

In the film X2, "Cassidy (2)" (meaning two characters with Cassidy for a last name) appears on a list, and "Tom Cassidy" appears as one of the folders, on William Stryker's computer files. (His name is listed on the very top of the list on the second picture posted above.)

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