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Hugo Natchios

Real NameHugo Kostas Natchios

Former Greek Ambassador


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Christina (wife, deceased), Elektra (daughter), Orestez (son), Demetrios Natchios (brother), Alexia (sister-in-law)

Group Affiliation
Athos, Stavros








Unspecified diplomatic skills

Other Info
A young Hugo Natchios was newly appointed as Greek Ambassador. He and his wife, Christina, had a young son named Orestez. However, Hugo was humiliated as his wife would openly display her extra-marital relations. In addition to this humiliation, Hugo also received criticism from the public on his ability to manage the world when he couldn't even manage his own home.

One night, after Christina was pregnant with a second child, a drunken Hugo told Orestez that his mother was an embarrassment and that he wasn't even sure if the second child was his. When Hugo continued stating that Orestez's mother shamed them both, their son replied that it would never happen again. 

Soon after this, Hugo and Christina were vacationing on an island near the Aegean sea. Then just before noon, a helicopter flew over and fired on Hugo and Christina. Hugo was shot once and became incapacitated, while Christina was shot multiple times. Christina barely survived long enough to give birth to her daughter and then died from her wounds. It was later revealed that Orestez had setup the attack; however, he had been unaware that Hugo was going to be there too. He was devastated that he had nearly killed his father. Guilt from the attack drove Hugo's son away from home.

After the attack, Hugo recovered, but wanted nothing to do with the baby. However, when the doctor's came back with test results that proved that the baby girl was his, Hugo accepted the baby and named her Elektra. And even though Hugo never completely forgave Christina for her infidelity, he did appreciate that she gave him Elektra. (To learn more about Elektra, click on the highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the revealing/skin-tight outfits on her bio page.)

Every day, Hugo gave Elektra something new, from a flower picked up by the roadside to a piece of amber that seemed to spark as it caught the sun. Hugo even gave Elektra the nickname "Little Amber." But, Elektra's favorite gift from her father was a pet dog named Agamemnon.

When Elektra was nine-years old, criminals came killed Agamemnon and kidnapped Elektra in the hope of ransoming her back to Hugo. However, Elektra was rescued by Orestez who brought her back to their father. Hugo graciously thanked Orestez and welcomed him back into his household. However, the memories of his past actions were still too painful for Orestez, and he his father once again. The next morning, Hugo flew Elektra to a sensei from Japan's Iga Province, and his daughter began her fist lesson in the martial arts.

Hugo's was close to his daughter; however, she had some troubled times as she grew up. At times, Elektra would have dark visions and hear voices which sometimes led her to self-mutilation. Due to this, Hugo sent Elektra away for therapy until she seemed to have become for stable

When Elektra was nineteen years old, Hugo accompanied his daughter on her initial tour of Columbia University to where see was going to be attending.

A year after his daughter started at Columbia, Hugo and Elektra were both taken hostage by terrorists at Columbia's administration building. Elektra's romance interest, Matt Murdock, donned a mask and came to their rescue (Elektra also helped to take out some of the terrorists too). At one point, one of the terrorists was knocked out a window. Despite Matt Murdock's warning, the disoriented Hugo stood up in front of the window. Unfortunately, when the police below saw Hugo, they mistakenly thought that he was the terrorists and had just thrown a hostage out of the window and he was fatal shot by the police. (To learn about Daredevil, click on the highlighted name above.)

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  1. His death in the movies is very different from the comics. Very interesting... how old was Orestez when he arranged for his mother's death?

  2. Karissa: There isn't much about the life of Orestez Natchios that I could find. But, one account said that when his drunken father told his about his unfaithful mother, Orestez was an adolescent. Then it was soon after this (because his mother was still pregnant) that he arranged for her death. Therefore, it would appear that he was still an adolescent--I would assume late teens.