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Battling Jack

Real Name
Jonathan Murdock

Prize fighter, Wrestler


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Maggie Murdock (Wife), Matt Murdock (Son)

Group Affiliation







Professional Boxer

Other Info
Jonathan "Jack" Murdock was a professional boxer who went by the nickname "Battling Jack." He was also the husband of Maggie Murdock, and father of their son Matt. However, when Matt was still young, Jack's wife was believed to have died (when in reality she left Jack and Matt to become a nun). (To learn about Daredevil, just click on the highlighted name above.)

As Matt grew up, Jack Murdock consistently urged his young son to study and focus on his education. In addition, he told Matt to avoid violence and not to fight other kids in the neighborhood. He also forbade his son from undertaking any kind of physical training. The goal behind all of this was so that his son would become a better man than himself.

One day, Jack had heard that Matt had been fighting other kids in the neighborhood kids. When he heard about this, Battling Jack actually physically hit Matt; however, he quickly regretted what he had done and apologized to Matt for his mistake. After this, Jack still did not want Matt to fight because he wanted Matt to make something of himself and be a better person than he was.

Later on, Matt become blind when a radioactive substance fell from a vehicle. Even after this, Matt kept his promise to his father. Jack watched as Matt used Braille technology and studied diligently through college and eventually becoming a law student at Columbia. By this time, Battling Jack was becoming an aging prize fighter having difficulty getting matches that paid enough money to support himself. At one point, Jack become so desperate for money that he donned a mask and engaged in a wrestling match as the "Red Devil. " However, afterwards, Jack felt that he had undignified himself and vowed never to do so again.

Later on, Jack went to receive some help from the notorious promoter Fixer (Roscoe Sweeny). Sweeney was a disreputable character who many boxers, including Jack Murdock, had steered clear of previously. But, due to his continual lack of finances, Jack decided to sign with the Fixer. After winning multiple bouts, Jack ended up landing a big fight with "Dynamite" Dave. However, much to his shock, the Fixer asked Jack to "take a dive" and to lose the match on purpose. Remembering that he would never dignify himself again, Battling Jack refused and fought the "fight of his career" and won. (To learn about the Fixer, just click on the highlighted name above.)

Unfortunately, shortly after the fight when Jack was walking out of the building, Sweeney had one his henchmen named "Slade" kill Jack.

When the legal system failed to bring the Fixer to justice, Matt became enraged and donned a costume made from Battling Jack's boxing robe and went into action as "Daredevil." Matt tracked down Slade and savaged beat him. He then chased a fleeing Fixer into a subway station and terrified the Fixer so much that he ended up having a heart attack and dying.

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In the film, Daredevil, Jack Murdock's death took place shortly after Matt became blind, instead of when Matt was away at law school.


  1. If Matt never physically trained, how was he able to avenge his father so well?

  2. I'm sure Jack trained a lot to keep himself "fighting fit." So I'm sure Matt had a very good diet and was active as a part of health. Good physical shape + Anger + Adrenaline rush = Knock out punch.

  3. According to some Daredevil bios that I looked into, Matt Murdock "secretly training in his father's gym." Also, at one point (before his father's death), Matt began training with the ninja master Stick. So, when his father was murdered, Matt already had some good fightin' skills!