Monday, July 16, 2012

Richard Parker

Real Name
Richard Laurence Parker

Spy, CIA Agent


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Mary Parker (wife); Peter Parker (son); Ben Parker (brother); May Parker-Reilly (sister-in-law); Will Fitzpatrick (father-in-law)

Group Affiliation
Formerly CIA and United States Army Special Forces


5' 11"

175 lbs.




CIA and US Army training

Other Info

Much is unknown about Richard Parkers life before he be began his career in the United States Army Special Forces. Eventually, Parker was recruited to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by Nick Fury. (To learn about Nick Fury, click on the highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit worn by one on Nick Fury's bio page.)

It was during his time in the the CIA, that Richard met a woman named
Mary Fitzpatrick. Soon, the two fell in love. The two eventually eloped, and later had a more elaborate service, fooling many. Soon after the two were married, Richard and Mary began working on-field assignments together. They easily used the cover that they were just a married couple while on their missions. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Mary Fitzpatrick-Parker)

At one point, Richard was sent with Mary on a mission to investigate Baroness Adelicia Von Krupp, who had captured a Canadian ally named "Agent Ten." Richard and Mary were able to successfully rescue the agent
from the Baroness and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. During this rescue mission, they found out the agent's real name was Logan (aka Wolverine). (To learn about Baron von Srucker and/or Wolverine, just click on their highlighted names above.)

After that mission, Richard discovered that Mary was pregnant. In fact, it was the agent Logan who was the first person to congratulate the Parkers on their pregnancy. In addition, Logan stated that he had never seen an agent as tough as Richard Parker go that white that fast.

Once their baby boy,
Peter, was born, Richard and Mary continued their careers as secret agents. Due to their frequent missions, Richard and Mary often had to leave Peter in the care of his older brother, Ben Parker, and his wife May. (To learn about Peter, Ben, and/or May Parker, just click on their highlighted names above.)

When Peter was still a young child, Richard and his wife were sent on a mission to infiltrate the Algerian-based spy ring controlled by the Communist agent, Albert Malik (Red Skull). The two posed as traitors to the United States, but in reality were serving as double agents. However, eventually their cover was blown and the Red Skull called in an assassin named Finisher to kill the two. The Finisher sabotaged the Parkers' plane and caused it to crash. Richard and Mary were subsequently declared missing in action/presumed dead, as two burnt bodies were found in the remains. In addition, the Red Skull had Richard and Mary Parker framed for illicit defection and as traitors to the United States. (To learn about the third Red Skull, click on his highlighted name above.)

As their son Peter grew up, Richard's brother Ben and his wife May would show share photographs and happy memories with Peter. However, Uncle Ben and Aunt May did not believe that Richard and Mary had been traitors to their country. In fact, when Peter discovered this, he traveled to Algeria to find out more about his parents. Ultimately, after a run in with the Red Skull and the Finisher in Algeria, Peter was able to find evidence that proved his parents were in fact innocent. Spider-Man then returned to America with the evidence and cleared Richard and Mary Parkers' names.

Years later, Richard and Mary resurfaced. They tell Peter and Aunt May that they had been held captive overseas all this time. However, overtime, Peter realized that both of these Richard and Mary Parkers were fakes. They ended up being Life Model Decoys (LMD) created by the Chameleon and Harry Osborn to trick Spider-Man. This was Harry's effort to avenge his (supposedly) dead father, Norman Osborn. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about LMD and/or the characters.)

There is nothing there, but here is link to the bio of Richard Parker on,,_Richard.

Richard Parker appears in the film The Amazing Spider-Man. Like in the comics, Richard Parker is killed in a plane crash. However, in the movie it is suggested that Richard Parker was assisting Dr. Curt Connors with the research that eventually led Connors to become the Lizard.


  1. So I guess they really did die in the plane crash... which is sad. His story is like Alias meets Marvel- what a combo =)

  2. I never knew why Peter was raised by his Aunt & Uncle. Great story line. Maybe in the movie his Parents WERE SHIELD agents spying on Oscorp (Which allows for an assassin to go after them and explain their disappearance) That will eventually link Spider Man to SHIELD and the Avengers latter on :)

  3. Karissa: I agree. Much like Alias meets Marvel! :-)

    Steve: That would be awesome if Spider-Man could make a cross-over to the Avengers. I think it would be cool if Wolverine did too. However, movie rights would have to be given up for that to happen with either character. So, we'll just have to wait and see.