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Real Name
Sally Avril


High School Student


Place of Birth
Queens, New York

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation

High School Student, Amateur Photographer


110 lbs.


(As Sally) Black, (as Bluebird) Blonde



Sally was an accomplished gymnast

Other Info

Sally Avril was part of a group of kids in Queens, New York, consisting of Liz Allan, Tiny McKeever, Seymour O'Reilly, Jason Ionello, and Peter Parker who were friends since Elementary School. However, by the time they all arrived at Midtown High School, Peter had drifted apart from the group and the clique was taken over by new student Flash Thompson. (To learn about the characters and/or place highlighted above, just click on their names.)

From that point on, Sally wanted nothing to do with Peter. She constantly shot Parker down when he asked for a date. She even coaxed Liz away from Peter rather than offer sympathy after the death of his uncle. By high school, Sally had become a amazing gymnast. Also, she was always willing to appreciate a practical joke for the excitement it would bring. In fact, Sally was the only member of the group who approved of Jason's prank of stealing Peter Parker's clothes from his gym locker. One day, Jason approached Sally and asked only her to join him in a plan. The Daily Bugle had previously offered one thousand dollars to anyone who could discover Spider-Man's true identity, so Jason and Sally planned to be the ones to earn the reward money. (To learn about the place above, just click on its name.)

One night, Sally and Jason were prowling the city with a pair of binoculars when they came upon a fight between Spider-Man and Batwing. After this encounter Sally and Jason began to follow Spider-Man, eventually witnessing him committing a robbery for Electro (unaware that he had inadvertently been brainwashed). Following Spider-Man to the villains' hideout, Sally snapped a picture just as Electro prepared to unmask the hypnotized Spider-Man. The flash bulb woke Spider-Man from his trance. However, he was still on the verge of being defeated by Electro when Sally staggered the villain with a kick to the head which set him up for defeat by a punch from Spider-Man. To show his gratitude, Spider-Man posed with Sally and Jason standing over the unconscious Electro. Sally (who by then was smitten by the wall-crawler) gave the picture to the Daily Bugle; it appeared on the front page with the headline "School Kids Foil Super-Villain." (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters.)

This success got Sally thinking that she could take pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle but when she arrived at the newspaper offices, she found Peter Parker there and learned that he was already doing what she had planned to do. Peter asked Sally not to tell the other kids.
Therefore, Sally changed her plans and decided to become a super-hero herself. Enlisting the help of Jason's engineer father for weapons and equipment, Sally donned a white, blue, and black costume with a blonde wig and called herself "Bluebird." (She carried around with her Bluebird Eggs that were filled with ether and paint pellets. Also, she had a retractable rope-line which enabled her to scale buildings, and insulated boots that protected her from electricity-based attacks.)

Garbed as the Bluebird, Sally then visited Peter and revealed her new costumed identity to him. She then asked him to be her personal photographer as she believed he was for Spider-Man, thinking that the publicity could help her get into the Avengers, but Peter turned her down. When Peter refused, Sally threatened to blackmail Peter by revealing his photography hobby at school--Peter still refused. Peter then preemptively told the school about his job at the Bugle. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the Avengers.)

Refusing to give up, Sally decided to become Spider-Man's partner. Stepping into a fight with Electro and the Eel, she enthusiastically took one of her "Ether Eggs" and tossed it at Electro, who merely laughed when only smoke arose from the shell, giving the villains the time they needed to escape. (To learn about Eel, just click on his highlighted name above.)

Undeterred by her mistake, and encouraged by her new-found fame (Liz Allan asked for her autograph), Bluebird joined Spider-Man's battle with the Scarlet Beetle--she brought Jason along as her personal photographer. In the battle, Bluebird found herself in constant danger; however, she was luckily bailed out when Spider-Man threw one of her Ether Eggs into the Scarlet Beetle's mouth. Now realizing that Sally felt invulnerable because she was so sure Spider-Man would rescue her, the web-slinger decided to do nothing when the pair fought against the Black Knight's thugs. As a result, Bluebird was quickly beaten into submission. Afterward, Spider-Man lectured her, telling her she should stop trying to be a superhero. (To learn about the highlighted characters above, just click on their names.)

However, this did not stop Sally. In fact, it boosted her determination to take more action photographs of Spider-Man. She convinced her friend Jason to drive her to a spot where Spider-Man was fighting the Black Knight, urging him to drive recklessly. At one point, she convinced Jason to run a red light. Unfortunately, this decision resulted in their car getting hit by an oncoming bus and Sally was killed.

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Kelsey Chow plays the small role of Sally Avril in The Amazing Spider-Man. In the movie, her character is unnamed and is in the credits as "Hot girl." However, during an interview, Chow revealed that she played the character of Sally Avril. In the movie, she is the girl that asks Peter if he'll take a photo of her boyfriend's car.

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  1. She died! I was totally not expecting that! Interesting story line though =)