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Real Name

Mutant locator


Place of Birth
Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Salem Center, New York

Known Relative
Professor Charles Xavier (creator); Danger ("sister")

Group Affiliation
Formerly X-Men (Cerebro)







Cerebro’s primary function is to detect and catalogue the world’s mutants. The device constantly sweeps the globe by piggybacking pre-existing satellite projections in search of the aberrations in electromagnetic brainwave activity that are most often attributed to mutants. Various environmental factors, such as the degradation of the Earth’s ozone layer, can limit the device’s performance. Cerebro’s computer systems can pinpoint a mutant’s geographical location, roughly measure the mutant’s power level, and even specify the mutant’s identity if sufficient data exists within its systems. Cerebro has an extremely large 500 petabyte storage capacity. While its performance is significantly improved when operated by a trained psi-sensitive mutant, it is also user-friendly to non-mutants with proper training. Those unskilled in its use place themselves at risk of suffering serious mental trauma, even death, due to the strain the device can place on the mind. Extended use of Cerebro can result in a low-grade REM sleep disruption. In his android form, Cerebro is able to change his shape and create other mobile beings based on his technology and programming. All this with the use of his acquired nanotechnology and his nanite composition.

Other Info
After meeting the Shadow King, Charles Xavier decided to devote his life to protecting humanity from evil mutants and safeguarding innocent mutants from human oppression, believing that both could peacefully coexist. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Eventually, Xavier built a makeshift device he called "Cyberno" to locate the young runaway mutant named Scott Summers. Pinpointing Summers’ location, Cyberno also detected a second mutant, the criminal Living Diamond. After rescuing Summers from the Living Diamond, Professor X recruited Summers to be the first member of a team he would call the X-Men--calling Summers, "Cyclops." Xavier realized that an enhanced version of Cyberno would allow him to locate even more mutants; therefore, he refined his design of Cyberno--now calling it Cerebro (from the Latin “cerebrum,” meaning “the brain”). Shortly after the upgrade, Professor X was able to locate Jean Grey who also joined the X-Men as "Marvel Girl." (To learn about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing/form-fitting outfits worn by some on Jean Grey and Cyclops' bio pages. Also, the third picture posted is of Cerebro in its earliest version.)

The original Cerebro was simply a control panel built into Xavier’s desk, to which Xavier later connected a radar-image beam that projected images of the mutants it detected as well as a multi-frequency booster enabling Cerebro to pinpoint mutant locations. This was was connected using plastisthene tubing, an ultra-magnetic splicer, and super-tensile cables. More additions followed, including a tape recorder, visi-screen, a memory-erasing helmet, and an emergency circuit that would automatically activate Cerebro upon detecting a mutant signal. As Cerebro grew, it eventually required a dedicated chamber within the X-Mansion. Realizing the danger inherent in a subversive force gaining control of the device, Xavier installed numerous security protocols to help safeguard Cerebro. In addition, Xavier continued to upgrade the machine, even creating small portable versions that could pinpoint an individual mutant’s location via telemetric communication with the parent unit. (To learn about the X-Mansion, click on the highlighted name above.)

Later on, the X-Mansion was destroyed by the alien Sidri. After the destruction, the mansion was rebuilt, including its technological systems. Professor X asked Forge (a mutant with an unusual talent for inventing mechanical devices) to upgrade Cerebro's operating systems and to include Shi'ar technology. This new Cerebro consisted of a powerful computer core, specialized wave-sensing components, and an interface helmet that could amplify its user’s telepathic abilities. A second unit was also installed at the Muir Island Research Center, run by Xavier’s trusted friend Moira MacTaggert. Around this time, Jean Grey had grown powerful enough to use Cerebro and the Professor also had Cerebro's software installed into many handheld units, his hoverchair, and the Blackbird jets for non-telepathic use. (Click on the names to learn about the characters, race, and/or place highlighted above.)

Sometime later, the techno-organic alien Phalanx infiltrated the X-Mansion. Phalanx was seeking to access Cerebro’s files. However, the X-Man Banshee was forced to initiate Cerebro’s self-destruct sequence to prevent this from happening. Months later, Xavier finished rebuilding Cerebro. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Later on, Bastion was able to initiate the anti-mutantat taskforce, Operation: Zero Tolerance, and attempted to gain access to Professor Xavier's files on all his known mutants. Bastion was able to confiscate the mansion’s entire contents, including Cerebro. Bastion tried to obtain control of the super computer, but the machine's secruity protocols activated, releasing a virus that erased all the files. However, with the ccombination of Bastion’s nanotechnology, Cerebro gained consciousness. (To learn about the above highlighted program and/or characters, just click on their names. Note: The first, forth, and fifth picture posted is of Cerebro in its sentient form.)

Now being conscious, Cerebro created a nanotech body for itself and escaped from Bastion's headquarters. After this, Cerebro followed Professor X's original programming and attempted to find, catalog, and register mutants. First, it had to overcome Bastion's nanotech programming, so it took on the shape of Professor X and called itself the "the Founder." Secondly, it generated its own nanotech X-Men (Cerebro) based on amalgams of its records. Cerebro's X-Men included the Grey King (a power-dampening telepathic and telekinetic mutant based on Cyclops and Jean Grey), Rapture (Sister Joy) (a blue-skinned winged mutant combination of Archangel and Mystique), Chaos (Daniel Dash) (an autistic mutant who could generate cosmic energy similar to Havok), Landslide (Lee Broder) (a massive, super-strong, and agile mutant that resembled the Blob and the Beast), Crux (a teenage French mutant with the ability to manipulate temperature extremes like Iceman and Sunfire), and Mercury (who possessed a liquid metal body with razor-sharp claws in resemblance of Colossus and Wolverine). (To learn about Cerebro's X-Men and/or other characters, just click on their highlighted names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits on Mystique's bio page.)

After creating the team, Cerebro's X-Men kidnapped Shadowcat--Cerebro knew of her exceptional computer skills and believed she possessed the ability to erase the virus on its system. Thinking that the Founder was the real Professor X, Kitty agreed to help. Cerebro and its X-Men then attempted to use a mutant-tracking satellite to catalog all the mutants on the planet; however, they were stopped by the true X-Men. The rocket and the satellite were both destroyed, and the Founder removed its Xavier-like shape. In addition, Cerebro reabsorbed the faux X-Men. (To learn about Kitty Pryde, click on the highlighted name above.)

After this, Cerebro tried to locate Professor Xavier, but found two similar brainwave patterns at the same time. In order to track down the Professor, Cerebro created two Cerebrite extensions of itself. One traveled to San Francisco and one to Siberia. In San Franciso, one Cerebro met up with a powerless Xavier alongside the Blob’s Brotherhood of Mutants, while the other one found the Mannite Nina--who had imprinted Xavier’s psi-pattern--and her guardian Renee Majcomb. After this, the X-Men tracked Cerebro to its base in Florida where they were defeated. Finally, Professor Xavier joined forces with Nina and together they managed to access Cerebro's nanotechnology mind and expanded its "consciousness" all over the world. At the same time, the nanites that Cerebro was planning to use to control all humans were destroyed. And in the end, Cerebro overloaded and "died" in his creator's arms. (Click on the names above to learn about the highlighted team, face, and/or characters.)

Convinced that Cerebro was still a necessity, Xavier decided to build a new version of Cerebro. It was later significantly upgraded to consist of a large spherical chamber with a suspended walkway leading to the control console, command chair, and interface helmet in the center.

More Recently, Beast adapted Xavier’s original designs and built a more powerful version, which he dubbed “Cerebra.” (To learn about Cerebra, click on the highlighted name above.)

To learn a little more about Cerebro, click on the following link,

Obviously, Cerebro never gained consiousness in any of the X-Men films. However, that would sure make a cool movie idea, I think!


  1. That would make a cool movie idea! Super interesting story line... I like how he kept trying to find Xavier

  2. I like it as well and also agree with Karissa!!! when I was reading this I was like we or someone should make a movie to collaborate this for the next movie.

  3. I agree with Karissa and it should make a excellent sequel movie just like the others....

  4. In the 4th and 5th picture it looks like Cerebro has powers! (its breaking through a brick wall in #4) Is that just a cool picture or showing actual powers?

  5. The 4th and 5th picture make me believe Cerebro gained powers as well as consciousness. Are those just cool pictures or depicting actual powers?

  6. Steve: I did some research a bit and it seems like Cerebro "in his android able to change his shape and create other mobile beings based on his technology and programming. All this with the use of his acquired nanotechnology and his nanite composition."

    In addition, Cerebro can "manifest offensive and defensive measures against all mutant powers" So, I would assume that he could create some cool armor that would have weapons of some sort (kind of like Iron Man).

  7. Karissa, Russ, and Nicole: I totally agree! They should do this if the make a sequel to X-Men: First Class!