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Brotherhood of Mutants

Team Name
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Base of Operations

Current Members

Former Members
Angel Salvadore, Astra, Avalanche, Basilisk, Beak, Beast, Blob, Burner, Black Tom,Dark Beast, Destiny, Ernst, Esme, Ever, Exodus, Fatale, Havok, Martha Johansson, Juggernaut, Lifter, Lorelei, Magneto (Magnus), Magneto (Xorn), Mammomax, Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde), Mastermind (Martinique Jason), Mimic (Calvin Rankin), Mystique, Nocturne, Peepers, Phantazia, Post, Professor X, Pyro, Quicksilver, Random, Rogue, Sabretooth, Sauron, Scarlet Witch, Shocker (Randall Darby), Slither, Toad, Thornn (Lucia Callasantos), Unus, X-Man

Other Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.)

Other Info
The mutant known as Magneto took an aggressive and lethal stance against humanity. He believed that mutants (whom he calls Homo sapiens superior) would eventually be the dominant life form on the planet. Shortly after the public debut of the X-Men, Magneto banded together his own group he dubbed the "Brotherhood of Mutants," including Astra, Toad, Mastermind, and his two children Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (however, their relationship was unknown to all of them at the time). The media referred to the team as “evil," and Magneto decided to embrace the idea and renamed the team "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" instead. After a falling out with Astra that led to her quitting the team, Magneto had the Brotherhood initiate an attack upon humans that was eventually thwarted by the X-Men. (To learn about the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and/or the X-Men, just click on their names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by the Scarlet Witch on her bio page. Also, Magneto's Brotherhood is shown in the third picture posted.)

Soon after, Magneto and Mastermind tried to recruit others including Thor, Namor, Blob, and Unus; however, they all declined for their own reasons. In addition to not getting people to join his "Brotherhood," eventually Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch left the team and joined a revamped version of the Avengers led by Captain America. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters and/or team.)

After a time with the group known as the Factor Three, Blob, Mastermind, and Unus actually banded together and formed a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Following a failed attempt to settle a score with the X-Men, the trio was actually able to make the Beast believe he had killed Iron Man and even manipulated him into joining them. But, Beast soon realized the truth and single-handedly defeated them himself. (Click on the highlighted team and/or characters above to learn more about them.)

Later on, Magneto re-formed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This time the group consisted of the Blob, Mastermind, Unus, and the Savage Land Mutate known as Lorelei. This group assisted Magneto in the creation of a being with unlimited power that he dubbed "Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant." However, in an encounter with the Defenders, the rapidly evolving Alpha unleashed his powers, reducing the Brotherhood to a state of infancy.

Soon after, Magneto was restored to adulthood by Eric the Red of the alien Shi'ar race. Magneto then formed a new version of the Brotherhood with Lifter, Burner, Shocker, Slither, and Peepers. However, when they failed to capture the mutant with two bodies known as Mister One and Mister Two, Magneto abandoned this team. (To learn about the races, characters, and/or teams above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Sometime later, Mystique formed her own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, recruiting Blob, Pyro, Avalanche, Destiny, and her own foster daughter, Rogue. Mystique sent the Brotherhood against Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), which ultimately led to Rogue absorbing and retaining Danvers' powers and memories. Then Mystique intended on the Brotherhood to assassinate the anti-mutant Senator Kelly. However, when attempting to do so, they were met by the X-Men and were defeated and sent to prison. Soon after though, Rogue was able to free most of the members from prison. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters. Note: Beware of the revealing and/or form-fitting outfits on Mystique and Ms. Marvel's bio pages.)

Eventually, Rogue actually left the Brotherhood to seek help with controlling her powers and ended up joining with the X-Men. Soon after this, Mystique's Brotherhood gained the support of the United States government by apprehending Magneto and became the first government-sponsored mutant team known as the Freedom Force. The team's ranks grew in numbers with the additions of Crimson Commando, Super Sabre, Stonewall, Spiral, and the new Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter). The Freedom Force conducted various missions for the government. The group both fought and teamed up with several heroic groups, including the Avengers. The team ultimately lost both Destiny and Stonewall in battle against the cyborg Reavers on Muir Island. Soon after, Mystique, Spiral, and Spider-Woman left the team. The remaining members were eventually sent on a mission to Kuwait. However, the operation went awry after they encountered the Arab super team Desert Sword. During the battle, Super Sabre was killed and Crimson Commando was critically injured. Both Avalanche and Commando managed to escape, but Blob and Pyro were left behind and captured. (To learn about the above highlighted teams and/or characters, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting outfit on Spiral and Spider-Woman's bio page. Also, Mystique's team is shown in the first picture posted above.)

Later on, Toad sought to form his own version of the Brotherhood. He recruited Blob, Pyro, Sauron, and Phantazia. Toad's Brotherhood was concerned mostly with hatching revenge schemes against the different X-teams; however, they were repeatedly defeated by X-Force, X-Factor, Darkhawk, Spider-Man, and Sleepwalker. After this, Toad's Brotherhood disbanded. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters and/or teams. Also, the fourth picture posted above is of Toad's Brotherhood. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one in the background of Darkhawk's bio page.)

Soon after, Havok of the X-Men was captured and subjected to intensive brainwashing by the Dark Beast. Havok then formed his own Brotherhood of Mutants (abandoning the "evil mutants" tag) whose membership included himself, the Dark Beast, Fatale, Aurora, Random, Ever, and X-Man. Havok had created the impression that he left the X-Men by choice; however, it was ultimately revealed that Havok formed the team as part of a sting operation designed to find out the illegal experiments the Dark Beast was performing. After Havok's true motives were revealed and the Dark Beast was defeated, Havok disbanded the Brotherhood and returned to X-Factor. (To learn about the highlighted characters, team, and/or place, just click on their names above. Note: Beware of the form-fitting/revealing outfits on Aurora and Fatale's bio pages. )

The next incarnation of the team came when Professor Xavier was imprisoned by the government-sanctioned Operation: Zero Tolerance. Freed by a new Brotherhood of Mutants led by the Blob and consisting of Toad, Post, and Mimic, Professor X agreed to train them to better their chances of survival against the then-sentient computer Cerebro. The Brotherhood eventually was able to defeat Cerebro. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about program and/or characters. Also, the fifth picture posted is of Professor X's version of the Brotherhood.)

Later, the Brotherhood was reorganized by Mystique which included some of her old teammates along with Sabretooth, Toad, Post, and Mastermind (Martinique Jason). The team planned the another assassination attempt on then-presidential candidate Senator Kelly. As Mystique, Sabretooth, and Toad created a diversion by attacking the Muir Island Research Facility, Post, Blob, Avalanche, and Mastermind went after Senator Kelly. In response, the X-Men split into two groups to stop the Brotherhood; however, they were unable to prevent the destruction of Muir Island Research Facility. In fact, they would have been too late to save Senator Kelly as well if not for the arrival of former Brotherhood member Pyro, who was in the final stages of the deadly mutant-killing Legacy Virus and sought to redeem himself before he died. Pyro ended up sacrificing his life to incinerate Post, thus preventing Senator Kelly's death. (Click on the highlighted characters and/or virus above to learn more about them.)

Later on, Xorn (who thought he was Magneto) infiltrated the Xavier Institute. Xorn adopted the Institute's special class of students--Basilisk, Ernst, No-Gril, Beak, and Angel Salvadore--as his Brotherhood. Joined by Toad and Esme of the Stepford Cuckoos, Xorn attempted a hostile takeover of Manhattan. However, after Xorn accidentally killed Basilisk, most of the team rebelled against him. He was unable to control the resulting chaos from the fracture of the team and was eventually decapitated by Wolverine. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters.)

More recently, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was reorganized by Exodus, who recruited Black Tom, Avalanche, Sabretooth, Mammomax, and Nocturne for an all-out attack on the X-Men. The Brotherhood planned their attack based on inside knowledge provided by an apparent turncoat X-Man, the Juggernaut (Juggernaut and Nocturne were actually moles planted by the X-Men). After a pitched battle, Exodus' Brotherhood was defeated by the X-Men. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the race and/or characters. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits on Nocturne's bio page.)

To learn a little bit more about the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, click on the following link,

The X-Men movies have many different incarnations of the Brotherhood of Mutants as well. X-Men had Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Toad; X2 had Magneto and Mystique, with Pyro joining at the end of the movie; X-Men: The Last Stand had Magneto, Mysitque (until her powers were taken), Quill, Callisto, Arclight, Psylocke, Juggernaut, and Multiple Man among many others unnamed. Lastly, at the end of X-Men: First Class it shows Magneto with his Brotherhood consisting of himself, Mystique, Emma Frost, Riptide, Azazel, and Angel Salvadore.

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