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Claw, Flame, Shaft, Spear, Star, Stick, Stone, Trahn, Wing, Izo

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Master Izo was one of the founding members of the Hand several hundred years ago, and was a close follower of their leader, Kagenobu Yoshioka. (Yoshioka was a blind martial artist, who used a radar sense to fight and "see" the world). Izo blinded himself in order to see the world in the same way Yoshioka did and develop his radar sense. However, when Yoshioka died, Izo left the Hand because it was growing darker, more dangerous, and devolved into a ninja cult criminal organization, prone to serving a demon known as the Beast. (To learn about the Hand, click on their name above. Also, Master Izo is shown in the third picture posted.)

In order to counter the Hand, Mater Izo founded a rival martial arts group, known as the Chaste. This elite group of warriors base lies atop a mountain in an unknown location and can only be accessed by climbing "The Wall," a sheer cliff. The climb also serves as an entrance exam - those who fail the climb are not considered worthy. However, soon after the team's creation, Master Izo was voted out by his students for his excessive drinking and gambling, which they found disgusting. Therefore, the leadership of the Chaste was then given to Stick. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the team and/or character.)

Chaste members are required to rid themselves of emotions that are considered impure. The warriors have developed astounding mental and physical abilities, and their names are associated with powers or weapons they have mastered. For example, Stick - leader of the Chaste, is known for his use of the bō staff. Stone - Stick's second-in-command, who can withstand any physical attack, as long as he is aware of it in advance. Shaft - uses a bow and arrow. Claw - uses handheld metal blades in combat. Star - uses shuriken (ninja stars). Wing - power of levitation. Flame - Power of pyrokinesis. (To learn about the different Chaste members above, just click on their highlighted names.)

At one point, when Daredevil (Matthew Murdock) had temporarily lost his radar sense, he sought his old master, Stick, to help him recover his abilities. At the same time, the Hand ascertained Stick's whereabouts and launched an attack on him. The blind sensei was able to defend off the four attackers; however, he knew he needed help in the event of another attempt on his life. So, Stick summoned the other six members of the Chaste. Only Stone, Shaft, and Claw arrived (Star, Flame and Wing were presumed to have been killed en route). For this battle, the Hand’s deadliest warrior, Kirigi, had been resurrected. But, Kirigi was defeated by the surviving Chaste warriors. However, soon thereafter, a gang of the Hand's ninjas stormed Matt Murdock's apartment, attacking the Chaste, Daredevil, and Black Widow. Claw was killed in the ensuing battle, and Stick soon realized they were fighting a losing battle. Therefore, Stick joined hands with Shaft, and together they drew the life energy from the attacking ninjas. The Hand's ninjas were all destroyed. Unfortunately, all the energy that was transferred to Stick and Shaft was too much to contain and both warriors were killed. (To learn more about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfits on Black Widow's bio page.)

After this, Stone would take on the leadership position for the Chaste. He later learned the Hand had kidnapped Elektra's body and was planning to attempt to resurrect her to become the Hand's next greatest warrior. At a church, the Hand was in the final stages of Elektra's resurrection when Stone, Daredevil, and Black Widow arrived to stop the ritual. Once they were there, Daredevil heard Elektra's heart beat, and he attempted to revive her with a variation of an energy transfer once performed by Stick, but Daredevil thought he had failed. However, as the Hand fled form the allies, Stone saw that Daredevil had somehow cleansed Elektra's soul. So afterward, Stone secretly took Elektra's body back to the Chaste's mountain base and completed her resurrection there. (To learn about Elektra, just click on her highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting/revealing outfits worn by Elektra on her bio page.)

Later on, During a future mission, Elektra's dark essence that had been cleansed from her resurrection returned. Thus, the Chaste could not allow Elektra to return to their group because there was no guarantee she could control the impurity that the dark essence carried.

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  1. Very interesting... I think it's too bad they didn't put more about this group in the Elektra or Dare Devil movies...

  2. Just checking if I read the ninja spotlights right. The Hand is LOTS of ninjas with a few super powered leaders and the Chaste is a small collection of super powered ninjas. It just seems like the Hand is huge and everywhere. The Chaste are small but so powerful they are worth a dozen Hand Ninjas.

  3. The Hand definitely outnumbers the Chaste! But I definitely agree...the Chaste are smaller but are worth a dozen Hand ninjas.