Thursday, February 23, 2012


Real Name
Tudo Sokuto

Yakuza drug runner (previously)


Place of Birth
Hiroshima, Japan (assumed)

Known Relative
Hiro Sokuto (aka Base, brother); Unnamed father

Group Affiliation
Tektos; Yakuza






Tattoo is covered with tattoos, which he can transform into three dimensional, solid forms, and then animate them. He often creates snakes and bladed weapons, but he also has skulls, birds, insects, and other forms from which to choose as spies or allies in a fight.


Other Info

Tudo and his brother Hiro were sold as children to the Japanese Yakuza when their mutant abilities first surfaced. The Yakuza used the boys as drug runners. However, they were eventually captured by the Mutagenic Search Squad. This Squad was run by Dr. Oonagh Mullarky. Both Tudo and Hiro were eventually experimented on by's Dr. Mullarky. Tattoo's animation powers were enhanced to new levels. In addition, he was engineered with two extra arms. (Base was able to control one of the four elements--water, earth, air, and fire--at a time.) (To learn about the above highlighted group and/or character, just click on their names above.)

Eventually, the two boys were separated. Tudo (now "Tattoo") became a villain and became a member of a group of other enhanced mutants known as Tektos. And Hiro (now "Base") had joined the team Genetix. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the Genetix team.)

Later on, Tektos and Genetix actually went head-to-head in battle. During the battle, Tattoo ended up being buried alive by an avalanche created by his brother Base.

Currently, it is unknown whether or not Tattoo managed to survive the avalanche.

There is nothing there, but here is link to the bio of Tattoo on,

Tattoo was portrayed in the Elektra movie. In the movie, Tattoo had the same powers as he had in the comics; however, he did not have any extra arms. In the comics, Tattoo has no connection to Elektra or the Hand; therefore, his inclusion in the film was just a creative decision from those involved with the film. (To learn about the Hand, click on the highlighted name above.)


  1. This would be a sweet power if it didn't require tattoos. Do you happen to know if he can animate ANY picture to life or does it have to be a tattoo? I understand the tattoos come with you and can't be removed easily making them a weapon ready to go. Also is there a limit to what he can animate (IE can he animate a dragon or T-rex?)

  2. Yeah, he's creepy.

    You know what might be kind of cool? If you added tags to each post that say what movie the character is from; that way, we could click on a tag and go to all of the characters from one given movie... just sayin =)

  3. Steve-

    As far as I know, he can only animate the tattoos on his body. And most of them are "snakes and bladed weapons, but he also has skulls, birds, insects, and other forms from which to choose." So, I would assume that if he had a tattoo of a T-Rex or a dragon, he could animate it; however, I don't know if the tattoos have to have a special enchantment or something before hand. Unfortunately, there isn't too much information about him.

  4. Karissa-

    Great Idea! I'll probably do that this summer when I have some time to go through all of them. Thanks for the suggestion.