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Place of Birth
Created in Asgard

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation


6’2” (normally), 2000’ (once when combined with all Asgardian life forces except Thor’s)

850 lbs. (normally)



The Destroyer has superhuman strength that may have no limits since it has never been measured, it can travel through the air by means of self-levitation, and can project bolts of varying energies including magnetic and an unknown energy so powerful that it can shatter any known substance including uru metal. The Destroyer can also produce flames that can reach intense levels of heat and it can also transmute, rearrange and alter matter and its densities in order to convert it to its different forms: solid, liquid and gas. Aside from its other abilities, the most powerful weapon in the Destroyer’s arsenal is its disintegrator beam. The disintegrator beam is fired when the Destroyer lowers its visor and the energy builds up and projects, outward, from the top of the visor. It has been said that this beam is able to annihilate anything.


Other Info

Long ago, the alien race of beings called the Celestials conducted genetic experiments on humanity of the planet Earth. The gods that looked after Earth knew that when the Celestials would return to Earth, they would judge humanity as to whether they were worthy or not of life and would destroy Earth with found unworthy. Therefore, by the command of Odin, the Destroyer was created, by the finest craftsmen of Asgard, as a weapon to use against the mighty Celestials. (The Destroyer armor is made from an unknown metal found on Asgard and was enchanted by Odin to make that metal harder than uru--the metal Mjolnir is made of--or adamantium and almost totally indestructible.) Once the Destroyer was finished, Odin, Zeus, and all other leading Earth gods transferred a portion of their power into the construct which gave it superhuman strength and energy manipulating powers. Odin then had the Destroyer sealed within a temple within a plateau until the purpose it was designed for could be implemented. (To learn about the above highlighted race, characters, place, object, and/or metal, just click on their names.)

For many years the Destroyer remained lifeless until Loki destroyed the plateau and revealed the temple inside. Loki then led a hunter to the Destroyer in order to use the hunter’s life essence to animate the weapon and send it against his hated half-brother Thor. (Since the Destroyer is not a living entity, it is not affected by Odin’s magic that anyone unworthy can’t use it as with Thor’s hammer, and it can absorb the life essence of anyone. In addition, the Destroyer is not a suit of armor that can be physically worn or disassembled. A life force must be projected into the armor in order to animate it which leaves the possessor’s body in a catatonic state. The Destroyer is linked to the body of the individual inside which is why the person does not die due to lack of life force, but if the person’s essence is put back inside its body by a powerful spell directed at the person, the Destroyer will become inanimate once again. By the same token, if the person’s body is killed, the life force will leave the Destroyer and revert it back to its lifeless state. Normally, a person has to be close to the Destroyer and a willing participant to have their life essence transferred into it, but a person’s essence can also be transferred if that person is not mentally guarded for such a transfer--however, Odin or Loki can make the transferals over great distances due to their proficiency with magic. Also, the Destroyer was given its own intelligence but has been programmed to destroy, so when a life essence is absorbed into the armor, the Destroyer normally takes over and the person inside has no choice but to go along with its programming unless the will of the person is the same as the will of the Destroyer.) In Loki's case, both the hunter and the Destroyer wanted to destroy Thor; therefore, the hunter's consciousness acted as one with the Destroyer’s. Thor and the Destroyer battled within the temple; however, Thor emerged victorious when he used the hunter's body as a shield and tricked the Destroyer into transferring the life force of the hunter back into his body. In addition, Thor rescued the hunter, and destroyed the temple in order to bury the Destroyer under it. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or object. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Loki in his "woman-form" on his bio page.)

Loki later transferred his own consciousness into the Destroyer. This has happened many times. In fact, on one occasion, Loki was able to use the life force of the goddess, Sif to animate the Destroyer. However, Loki was never able to be victorious in his evil schemes. (To learn about Sif, just click on her highlighted name. Note: Beware of the very revealing outfit on Sif's bio page.)

Later, Thor finally gave the Destroyer to Galactus to act as his herald, but Loki eventually stole it back to use against Thor in another sinister plot by first using Balder and then Thor to animate the armor. However, while Thor’s essence animated the Destroyer, he was able to gain control of the Destroyer through tremendous will power. Thus, Odin, Thor, and Loki are the only individuals that have been able to suppress the Destroyer’s consciousness. (Click on the character's highlighted names above to learn more about them.)

Eventually, the Celestials did return to Earth ready to pass judgment, and that is when Odin thought the time had come for the Celestials to do battle with the Destroyer. Odin transferred all of the Asgardians (except Thor’s) life essences into himself and then into the armor causing it to grow to a tremendous size. However, even wielding the Odinsword, the Destroyer could not do much damage to the Celestials, and the alien race returned the attack with firing bolts of energy that ended up melting the Destroyer into slag. Afterward, the Celestials were then presented, by Gaea, with twelve humans that possessed incredible powers as an offering to illustrate the potential of humanity. These "Young Gods" were taken by the Celestials to be trained in the use of their powers, and the Earth was spared. However, Thor and the other Earth gods, were eventually able to revive the Asgardians. (To learn more about the race, object, characters, and/or team above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by some on the Young Gods bio page.)

Later, Loki sent the Destroyer’s melted form to a place where the Frost Giants would find it and tricked one of them into stepping on it. On impact, the Destroyer was immediately reverted to its normal form and began to attack the giants until it noticed the remains of Thor. At this time, Thor had been badly beaten and left in a horrible state after a battle with Jormungand (the Midgard serpent). In addition, Thor could not die because of a curse placed on him by Hela. The Destroyer thought that since Thor’s body could not be killed, his life force would be the perfect essence to animate it because none could threaten the body of Thor. However, upon taking in the life force of Thor, Thor once again was able to suppress the consciousness of the Destroyer and took control of the armor, invaded the realm of Hela, and forced Hela to lift her curse off Thor. After this, Thor trapped the Destroyer armor in a crystal in Hela's realm where it could not be used for evil. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Hela on her bio page.)

Later, the Destroyer battled the Avengers. However, Thor showed up and banished the Destroyer to a remote place.

Later on, Thor sought out the Destroyer armor again in order to form a partnership that would set them, and others, against the Dark Gods. After Thor and his allies were victorious in their battle, Odin transferred the life essence inside the Destroyer back to its rightful owner leaving him with no memory of the incident. (To learn about the characters and/or teams above, just click on their highlighted names.)

In another instance, Loki brought the Destroyer back to Earth, animating it with the soul of Tarene (the cosmic being known as the Designate). In the end, however, the Destroyer was defeated and Tarene was restored. (To learn about Thor Girl, click on her highlighted name above.)

Much later, Dr. Doom attempted to create his own version of the Destroyer; however, the whereabouts of the original is currently unknown. (To learn about Dr. Doom, just click on his name above.)

To learn a tiny bit more about the Destroyer, just click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Destroyer_%28construct%29.


  1. So based on the movie, we only know Thor beat the armor. We're not sure he destroyed it, he must have banished it/disabled it. I bet we'll see the Destroyer again, possibly in the Avengers movie.

  2. After reading those descriptions, I wonder if the Destroyer really has a consciousness or if it's just a really powerful program that some people are able to overcome... kind of like TRON ;-)