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Arnim Zola

Real Name
Arnim Zola


Criminal; scientist


Place of Birth

Weisshorn Mountain, Switzerland

Known Relatives



Former agent of the Nazi Party and the Red Skull; leader of the Corpse Corp, Primus, Doughboy, personal physician to Adolf Hitler


Advanced degree in 1930’s sciences




200 lbs




All of Arnim Zola's powers are derived from his equipment. Zola houses his consciousness in an android body, complete with a television-like image of this face on his chest.

Advanced scientific abilities in the fields of genetics, chemistry, biology

Other Info

The frail, dwarfish Arnim Zola was born in 1930’s Switzerland where he became the world’s leading biochemist. In his ancestral castle, Zola found some mysterious papers that were brought by his ancestors in the Crusades. (These documents originated from Deviants and contained secrets of genetic engineering that far surpassed even today’s level of technology.) Zola used the secrets to become one of the world’s first public genetic engineer. (To learn more about the Deviants, just click on their name above.)

Needing funds to continue his research, Zola presented his first invention--a device that would transfer someone’s essence to a cloned body--to Adolf Hitler, who agreed to become his patron. (This device, and partnership, allowed Hitler to actually survive World War II as the Hate-Monger). Arnim Zola also ended up using his invention on himself, not only allowing him to survive into modern times but to also replace his normally frail body with a stronger, android one. Arnim Zola's anroid body uses a ESP box in place of where the head would be which allows him to control his creations, emit powerful psionic blasts, animate inorganic material, or transfer Zola's consciousness to an available android body. Due to this, Zola is virtually immortal. In addition to Hitler and himself, Zola also found a patron in the Red Skull. Besides them, Zola has kept his existence a secret--performing experiments in a hidden fortress in the jungles of Central America. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names above.)

Later, Zola created some intelligent creations, including Man-Fish, Primus, and Doughboy. And at one point, Zola used Doughboy and Primus to capture Captain America and the woman Donna Maria Puentes, who he wished to use for genetic experimentation. However, he was overthrown, by Primus who had fallen in love with Donna Maria. Captain America used this distraction and battled Arnim Zola. The fight ended with Zola's castle being destroyed and all those in it having to flee. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the different characters.)

Later on, Zola was able to create a cloned body of Captain America for the Red Skull. The Red Skull was able to use this cloned body to rejuvenate himself after his body died of old age.

At some point, however, Zola severed ties with the Red Skull to embark on his own agenda of experimentation and villainy. Although he prefers to work alone and in secret, Zola has been known to take on others as assistants. Also, when working on his own, it is usually for the pure fascination of genetic research, no matter how cruel or unusual his means. At one time, one of his assistants, who was named Edward Whelan, objected to Zola’s use of human test subjects and ended up becoming one of Zola's victims himself--becoming Vermin). (To learn about Vermin, just click on his name above.)

One time, Zola assembled several wolf-related heroes and villains, including John Jameson (aka Man-Wolf). When Captain America was trying to track Jameson, he was briefly captured by Zola and transformed into a wolfman himself. However, Cap ended up escaping and managed to destroy Zola’s schemes and rescue Jameson and the other victims. (To learn about Man-Wolf, click on the highlighted name above.)

As part of another experiment, Arnim Zola used the DNA of various people to create a group of "Proto-Husk" (clone) versions of the deceased to use as servants to help fund his genetic experiments (this group was known as the Corpse Corp). Some of the these Proto-Husks included Basilisk, Ben Parker, Bird-Man, Bucky, Cheetah, Cyclone, Egghead, Mirage, Porcupine, Red Raven, Thornn, and Vamp. However, when Vamp (Proto-Husk) stole the contents of a safe that Deadpool had intended on stealing himself, Deadpool followed her back to Arnim Zola’s base to get the contents back to use for barter to help his friend. This lead to a confrontation between the Corpse Corp and Deadpool, which ended with Deadpool killing the entire group. (To learn about the different Corpse Corp, the different Proto-Husks, and/or Deadpool, just click on their names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Vamp (Proto-Husk) on her bio page.)

Later, Zola re-created Doughboy to be used as his vehicle of transportation. He used it when he tried to capture the then-ruler of Madripoor, the Viper. However, this plan brought Arnim Zola into conflict with Wolverine and Cable. The two heroes battled Primus and others of Zola's creation, but Zola an many of his creations were able to escape. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters.)

More recently, Arnim Zola was killed by a mentally unstable Grand Director. However, it is believed that his mind was teleported to another android body somewhere. (To learn about the Grand Director, click on his name above.)

To learn more about Arnim Zola, just click on the following link,,_Arnim.

Arnim Zola appears in both Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the first film, Zola is in complete human form. However, in the second film, Zola appears more like the comic version with a computer face.

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  1. It's probably good that they just made him a normal looking person in the Captain America movie... if they had tried to make him that weird robot with his face in the middle thing, it would have looked hokey ;-)