Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Karen Page

Real Name
Karen Page

Radio talk show host, former legal secretary for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, actress, prostitute, crisis/legal councilor, activist


Place of Birth
Fagan Corners, Vermont

Known Relatives
Dr. Paxton Page (Death's Head, father, deceased)

Group Affiliation

College degree


125 lbs




Reasonably skilled legal assistant, actress and radio show host

Other Info
Karen Page was a secretary for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. Matt and Foggy immediately began competing for Karen's attention which caused tension between the two friends until she revealed to them that she was in love with the superhero, Daredevil. (To learn about Daredevil or Foggy Nelson, click on their highlighted names above.)

Later, Karen's father, Doctor Paxton Page, faked his own kidnapping and death so that he can assume the guise as the villain "Death's-Head." Karen then returns to her parents' home to investigate her father’s disappearance (with Daredevil following behind her). Once there, a battle breaks out between Death's Head and Daredevil. In the battle, Death’s Head spills a vat of molten cobalt over Daredevil, but realizes that Karen is endangered. This brings Dr. Page back to his senses, and he pushes Daredevil and Karen to safety. Death's Head appears to die in this act of self-sacrifice, when he is coated in the molten cobalt. (To learn about Death's Head, click on his highlighted name above.)

After the battle with Death’s Head, Daredevil reveals his true identity to Karen. From then on, Karen is constantly in fear for Matt’s safety. Eventually, Karen leaves Matt and moves to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Once in LA, she finds work as an actress in a daytime soap opera.

Unfortunately, Karen then becomes addicted to heroin and starts making pornographic movies. Later, in need of a fix, Karen sells Daredevil's secret identity to a drug dealer, who in turn sells it to the Kingpin. Afterward, Karen returns to New York to Matt. He then helps Karen beat her addiction and helps her straighten up her life. She even became an anti-pornography activist. The two eventually resume their relationship. (To learn more about the Kingpin, click on his name above.)

Later, Karen even assists Daredevil and Black Widow each in fighting crime on separate occasions. (To learn about Black Widow, click on her name above. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfits on Black Widow's bio page.)

Soon afterward, Karen becomes a radio show host under the name “Paige Angel.”

Later, during a battle between Bullseye and Daredevil, Bullseye ends up throwing Daredevil's club at him. However, Karen took the hit trying to protect Matt. Before she died she whispered to Matt, "I'll miss you."

To learn a tiny bit more about Karen Page, click on the following link,,_Karen.

In the movie Daredevil, Karen Page has a short scene where she is on the phone in Matt and Foggy's Law office.

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  1. Thank you for not posting pictures of her in her "heroin addicted/ porn actress" phase. I appreciate your tact =)