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Real Name
Arthur "Artie" Maddicks


Student; former adventurer


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Dr. Carl Maddicks (father, deceased)

Group Affiliation

Formerly Daydreamers, New Mutants, Generation X






Ability to telepathically project images, telepathic mindlink. Now depowered.

Artie projects holograms of his thoughts. Usually he uses his power to communicate, because he is mute. However, he can make large-scale holograms as a means of defense. Artie has pink skin, and can also tap into and project the thoughts of other people, at times on the scale of a city's population. He can also use this limited form of telepathy to mind-lock people and prevent them from acting.

Other Info
Arthur "Artie" Maddicks was the son of a dedicated scientist, Dr. Carl Maddicks. Dr. Maddicks was working to cure mutations, including his disfigured (pink skin, bulbous head that is larger then average human head) and mute son. Believing he found success, Dr. Maddicks kidnapped the mutant known as Beast in order to test the process. The tests ended up transforming Beast back to his original non-furry state. (To learn about the above mentioned characters, click on their highlighted names.)

Unfortunately, Dr. Maddicks died when he used himself as a diversion to allow Artie and Beast to escape the Secret Empire (who were his backers). Now, lost and alone, Artie was brought to live in the Morlock tunnels underneath Manhattan. Here, he found Annalee. She became a mother figure for Artie. Also, in the Morlock tunnels, Artie met another young mutant, who would become his friend, named Leech. (Click on the highlighted names to learn about the characters and/or group.)

Later, Annalee was killed by the mutant-murdering Marauders during the "Mutant Massacre," but Artie and Leech were saved by Beast and his superhero team, X-Factor. During this time with X-Factor, Artie and Leech met and shared several adventures with other young mutants, who at one point called themselves the X-Terminators. (To learn about the above groups and/or event, click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing/skin-tight outfit worn by one character on the Marauders bio page.)

When the original X-Factor disbanded, Artie and Leech went to a private boarding school. There, they met another young mutant named Taki (aka Wiz Kid). The three shared several adventures together. (To learn about Wiz Kid, click on his name above.)

Later on, Artie and Leech were brought to the X-Men, and then to the Massachusetts Academy, which is where other mutants, known as Generation X, were learning schoolwork and how to control their powers. (To learn about the team and/or group above, click on their highlighted names.)

At the Massachussetts Academy, Artie and Leech met Franklin Richards. He, Leech, and Franklin became the trio known as "The Daydreamers." The trio went on some dimension-hopping adventures with Howard the Duck and Man-Thing to save the multiverse. At the school, Artie and Leech were also given image inducers to hide their appearances. Artie and Leech remained at the Massachusetts Academy for several months until the school was destroyed by Adrienne Frost. (Click on the highlighted names to learn about the different characters and/or team.)

Later, due to effects of M-Day, Artie was depowered. However, recently, Artie and Leech were invited to Franklin Richards' birthday party. At the party, Franklin and his father, Reed Richards, gave both Artie and Leech their own keys to their own rooms at the Baxter Building, if they ever decided to move in with the Richards family. At the party, Artie was also given a special helmet made by Franklin's sister, Valerie Richards, which allows him to communicate again by creating images in the air; he still remains mute due to the deformity caused by his mutations. (To learn about the characters, place, and/event, click on their highlighted names above. Artie with his helmet is shown in the last picture posted.)

To learn more about Artie, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Maddicks,_Artie.

Artie appears in X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. Artie appears as a mutant boy with a blue, forked tongue. Like Artie in the comics, the boy doesn't speak; however, he differs from Artie in the comics with his blue tongue.

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  1. It's so weird when they make random changes like the tongue to characters; especially the minor ones. How is anyone supposed to know that the snake tongued kid is Artie? They should have just made his skin pink...