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Real Name
Victor Borkowski



Place of Birth
Unrevealed location in U.S.A.

Known Relatives
Unidentified parents

Group Affiliation
Young X-Men; formerly New X-Men, Xavier Institute Student Body / Alpha Squadron

Currently in high school level classes


121 lbs.



Spiked carapace on head, sticky prehensile tongue, able to cling to solid surfaces, able to camouflage his skin to match almost any surface.

Anole is a talented actor.

Other Info

Raised in small-town America, young Victor Borkowski lived a normal life despite his reptilian features. His hometown community accepted him for who he was until the growing world of anti-mutant sentiment finally reached their town. For Victor's safety, his parents sent him to the Xavier Institute where he excelled academically. (To learn about the Xavier Institute, click on the highlighted name above.)

When the students were organized into squads, Victor was given the code name "Anole" and was placed on
Northstar's Alpha Squadron and soon became squad leader. When Northstar was killed by a mind-controlled Wolverine, Anole initially had trouble dealing with his loss, but soon learned to cope with help from his new advisor, Karma. (To learn about the above characters, just click on their names.)

When most mutants lost their powers after the effects of
M-Day, Anole was one of only 27 students at the Institute who didn't lose their powers. The squad system was dissolved, and the remaining students were merged into one group. Soon afterwards, Emma Frost set up an all-out brawl amongst the remaining students to determine who would become the team of X-Men trainees. Anole was not selected, but he still stayed and trained at the Institute. (To learn about the events and/or character above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits on the M-Day and Emma Frost's bio pages--especially Emma Frost's bio page.)

Later, a resurrected and brainwashed Northstar returned with his sister Aurora and attacked the Xavier Institute. Anole found his old mentor and was able to temporarily snap Northstar out of the mind control. However, it didn't last long and Northstar returned to his mind-controlled status and knocked Anole out. (To learn about Northstar's sister, click on her name above. Note: Beware of the form-fitting/revealing outfits on Aurora's bio page.)

After a time, Anole and his classmates were sucked down into the dimension of Limbo by the demon Belasco. They were attacked by a large group of demons, and Anole decided to take charge, rallying the students around the defenseless Blindfold; however, in doing this, his his right arm was severed at the shoulder by a demon. But, a larger and more powerful reptilian arm grew back replacing the one he lost, a previously unknown aspect of his mutation. (The arm itself is spikey, resembling his scalp, with razor sharp claws.) Soon after, he was able help defeat Belasco. Afterwards, Anole and Pixie were made members of the New X-Men squad on recommendation of Rockslide, who threatened to quit if they are not appointed to the team. (To learn about the different characters and/or dimension, just click on their names above Note: Anole with his newer and stronger right arm is shown in the first, fifth, and sixth pictures posted. Note: Beware of Rockslide's bio page--Emma Frost's revealing outfit is shown in the background.)

Much later, Anole accepted Dani Moonstar's offer to join the Young X-Men and move to San Francisco. While in San Fransico, Anole was an instrumental member of the X-Men in combating the Skrull invasion of Earth by using his ability to camouflage. During the initial invasion, he and the Stepford Cuckoos helped evacuate the San Francisco General Hospital and later helped take intel photos of the Skrull ships. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the charaters and/or alien race. Note: Anole displaying his camouflage ability is shown in the third picture posted.)

After sometime, the X-Men leave their San Francisco base and establish the island "Utopia" for mutants on the remains of Asteroid M. Anole was later selected by Cannonball to help convince Pixie that she needed to help rescue Illyan Rasputin (aka Magik). He was able to convince Pixie to go back to Limbo. Upon arriving in Limbo, the group is attacked by demons and become separated and Anole is left alone to fight off swarms of demons. During these fights, he is nearly killed by being pushed off a cliff; but, he was saved by Cannonball. Once together, they were confronted by the possessed Gambit, Dazzler, and Northstar. Pixie and Magik later rejoin with Anole and Cannonball and together they fight off their possessed teammates and return to Utopia. (To learn about the above highlighted characters, thing, and/or places, click on their names above. Note: Beware of Dazzler's revealing and skin-tight outfit on her bio page.)

To learn a tiny bit more about Anole, click on the following link,

The anole is the name of a lizard that is commonly known as the American Chameleon; however, the anole (in nature) is actually not a true chameleon.

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  1. It always amazes me how much back story and history is devoted to each character, not matter how minor. I've never even heard of this guy! But he sounds super interesting =)