Monday, April 19, 2010

War Machine

Real Name
James "Jim" Rupert Rhodes


instructor, adventurer, government agent; formerly: Sentinel Squad O*N*E combat instructor, soldier, pilot


Place of Birth
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Known Relatives
David Rhodes (father), Roberta Rhodes (mother), Jeanette Rhodes (sister, deceased), Josh (uncle, last name unrevealed), unnamed alleged son

Group Affiliation
Initiative; formerly: Sentinel Squad O*N*E, Office of National Emergency (O*N*E), Crew, Secret Defenders, Worldwatch, Stark Enterprises, Force Works, West Coast Avengers, U.S. Marine Corps

High school graduate, learned aviation engineering in the U.S. Marines


210 lbs.


Brown (gray streaks)


Rhodes is an exceptional pilot, and was trained by the Marines in aviation engineering and armed and unarmed combat.

Other Info
James Rhodes grew up in South Philadelphia. Bullied as a child, he was determined to get out and make something of himself; therefore, he eventually joined the U.S. Marine Corp where he became a pilot. During one mission, Rhodes' helicopter was shot down and crashed into the jungle. He was found by Iron Man (who had only recently escaped from Wong-Chu and needed transportation out of the combat area). Iron Man helped repair Rhodes' helicopter and the two men made it to safety together. Afterwards, Rhodes was approached by Tony Stark, Iron Man's "employer" (Rhodes didn't know Tony was actually Iron Man). Stark offered Rhodes a job as his pilot, and Rhodes agreed to take him up on his offer when his service was over. (To learn about Iron Man, click on his name above.)

Rhodes was true to his word, serving for some time at Stark International as Stark's personal pilot and becoming Tony's close friend. Rhodes was forced to watch as Stark gave in to alcoholism, and finally, during a battle with the villain Magma, Stark went into battle as Iron Man while intoxicated. After a humiliating defeat, Iron Man went to Rhodes to help recharge his armor, and accidently revealed his true identify to Rhodes. Too drunk to continue his fight with Magma, Stark passed out, and Rhodes put the Iron Man armor on himself in order to save Stark International from Magma's rampage. Rhodes succeeded in his first mission, and Tony asked Rhodes to stay on as Iron Man so that he could continue to pursue his life of alcoholism. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the company and villain. Also, Rhodes as "Iron Man" is shown in the third picture posted.)

Rhodes' military combat experience served him well for his new life as Iron Man. Rhodes turned to twin inventors Morley and Clytemnestra Erwin to help him maintain the armor and began taking mercenary jobs to fund the armor's upkeep. Stark, meanwhile, continued drinking and eventually lost Stark International. Rhodes made a name for himself facing threats such as Thunderball, Radioactive Man, and Mandarin. He also banded with many of Earth's heroes on Battleworld during the Beyonder's so-called "Secret Wars." Most of these heroes continued to believe that he was the original Iron Man. (To learn more about the above characters and place, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the skin-tight outfit on the bio page of the Beyonder.)

When Rhodes returned from Battleworld, he found that Stark was now trying to make a recovery, and he hesitantly allowed Tony back into his life. Rhodes, Stark, and the Erwin twins prepared to set up their own company, Circuits Maximus. However, Rhodes found himself often conflicting with Tony, jealous of the armor to the point where he would refuse to let Tony repair it. Later, he realized that his emotional problems were related to the armor's cybernetic interface, which had not been adjusted for Rhodes' brainwaves. Rhodes also joined the Avengers when Hawkeye opened the West Coast branch; however, Hawkeye was shocked when he finally learned that he wasn't working with the original Iron Man. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the place, characters, and/or team.)

Rhodes' run as Iron Man came to an end when Obadiah Stane (the man who bought out Stark International) blew up Circuits Maximus, killing Morley Erwin and injuring Rhodes. Rhodes offered Stark the Iron Man armor back so that he could bring down Stane, but Tony built a new suit instead and faced Obadiah in a battle that ended with Stane's suicide. Tony returned to activity as Iron Man, and Rhodes resumed his role as pilot and confidant, occasionally suiting up to aid Stark against such threats as the Living Laser, Kearson DeWitt, and Fin Fang Foom. (Click on the characters' names above, to learn more about them.)

During his clashes with Kearson DeWitt, Stark began to suffer from nervous system troubles and eventually suffered a total nervous systems collapse. On his apparent deathbed, he transferred control of Stark Enterprises to Rhodes, and left him a new suit of Iron Man armor--nicknamed the "War Machine" armor. Rhodes reluctantly honored his best friend's dying wish and became Iron Man again. (To learn about Stark Enterprises, just click on it's name above.)

During his time as CEO of Stark Enterprises, Rhodes became romantically involved with Rae LaCoste (a former girlfriend of Stark's). Rhodes was insulted when he finally learned that Stark had faked his death so that his scientists could find a cure for his condition. Stark let Rhodes keep the War Machine armor as a peace offering; but, Rhodes wanted nothing else to do with him. Some time later, Rhodes was forced to return to Stark for repairs on his armor, and the two men finally came to terms. Rhodes continued to date Rae LaCoste, despite his parents' attempt to split them up by claiming that Rhodes had fathered a child out of wedlock with another woman. However, Rhodes doubts that their story was true. (To learn more about Rhodes romantic interest, click on her name above.)

During a time travel mission to World War II stop Grinz (a Nazi officer who was receiving advanced technology from the future), Rhodes learned that Grinz was supplied by his own son, Raeder. Rhodes killed Grinz to prevent Raedar from being born; however, the resulting paradox threw Rhodes back to his own time, but the War Machine armor was destroyed in transit. (Click on the names above, to learn more about the characters.)

Later, Rhodes encountered a woman named Skye. Skye helped lead Rhodes to a suit of Eidolon Warwear armor (bio-technology of a long-dead extraterrestrial race), and the Warwear armor bonded itself to Rhodes. The armor actually would react to Rhodes' emotional state, transforming itself to provide him with whatever weapons he might desire. However, after some time, Rhodes learned about a company that was offering him a position in their company in order to learn the secrets of the armor. In order to stop them, Rhodes sacrificed his Warwear armor to purge their computers of all data on the armor. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn more about Skye. Also, Rhodes in the Eidolon Warwear armor is shown as the forth picture posted.)

Although Rhodes is no longer active as War Machine, he possesses a prototype copy of the War Machine armor, and once donned one of its gauntlets to grant himself superhuman strength.

To learn more about War Machine, click on the following link,,_James.

It looks like, in the movie, they messed with the time frame of how Iron Man and Rhodes met. But, I think they did a good job with both characters in the movie.


  1. That doesn't follow the movie much at all... oh well.

    I think it's interesting that Rhodes wore the actual Iron Man suit first... and it's interesting that he and Tony had such a tumultuous relationship.

    I also think Don Cheadle will be great in the sequel - I really like Don Cheadle.

  2. Despite the changes from the comic I like the relationship Tony and Rhodes has in the movie. The story flows better and faster.
    The alien armor is kinda weird but the War Machine armor is awesome. Is there a list of weapons he has or are they interchangeable according to the mission? (Like a Swiss Army knife)
    Iron Man and War machine are one of my favorite heroes because they are not so "super." They can actually get hurt and potential die if they are not careful. If I had a suit like theirs I could be just as powerful they are, with practice of course. i like heroes who are close to being "normal."

  3. Here's a list of the items equipped on the War Machine armor (found on jet boots, a laser sword, repulsor rays, energy cannons, a uni-beam, a rocket launcher, targeting computer and scanning devices, and it could be modified in the field for additional weapons.