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Real Name
Christopher "Chris" Bradley


Mercenary; former adventurer, student


Place of Birth
Duchess County, New York City, New York

Known Relatives
Robert Bradley (Frank Johnson, father), Marion Bradley (Rose Johnson, mother), Catherine Bradley (Jennifer Johnson, sister)

Group Affiliation
(As Maverick) Formerly Gene Nation, Cable's Underground; (as Bolt) formerly New Warriors

High school (incomplete)


244 lbs.



Chris Bradley could absorb ambient static electricity from the atmosphere. Typically, Chris’ body harmlessly expended this energy; however, he was able to store and release it for a variety of effects, such as obscuring his features, channeling it through conductive material, forming protective shields, or generating electric arcs. Chris was also able to absorb electricity from electricity-generating sources to empower himself.

Chris was extensively trained by Cable in armed and unarmed combat, and was a skilled albeit brutal interrogator.

Other Info
Chris Bradley lived the life of a normal teenager until the day his mutation manifested itself. This drew the attention the X-Men; two members, Gambit and Jean Grey, were sent to monitor Chris. At school, Chris found himself unable to control his electricity-based powers and was overwhelmed, falling unconscious in the school’s bathroom. He was found by Gambit and Jean who took him home. With his parents permission, Chris went to live with the X-Men at their mansion home. (To learn more about the above team or characters, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the skin-tight outfit on Jean Grey's bio page.)

At the X-Mansion, Christ began to form close friendships with several of the X-Men, particularly Iceman. Eventually, Chris was trained enough to control his powers; however, the night before he was to return home, Beast discovered that Chris had contracted the mutant-killing Legacy Virus. A saddened Chris still tried to return to a normal life. Chris soon found acceptance in his classmate Donna Funaro, who did her best to understand his situation, and they soon fell in love. After public anti-mutant sentiments grew to a near-fever pitch, Chris’ parents were forced to take him out of school. (To learn about the above characters or virus, just click on their names.)

On a visit to the only clinic willing to help those infected with the Legacy Virus, Chris stumbled upon members of the anti-mutant Friends of Humanity. The Friends of Humanity were intending to bomb the clinic, but they were all saved by the mutant mercenary Maverick (Christoph Nord). Maverick, was also infected with the Legacy Virus. With the Friends of Humanity defeated, Chris used his powers to help defuse the bomb. Maverick then provided Chris with contact details should he ever need Maverick’s help in the future. (Click on the highlighted names to learn more about the group and character above.)

Later, Chris’ home was burned down by mutant-haters, and he angrily sought revenge on the Friends of Humanity (he believed they were the perpetrators). Iceman tried to stop him, but Chris rejected his offer of help. Instead, Chris sought out Maverick, unwittingly leading the Friends of Humanity to confront them. Aided by Iceman and Wolverine, they defeated the Friends of Humanity, after which Maverick arranged for Chris and his family to be given new identities as the "Johnsons," and they relocated to Altamonte Springs, Florida. (To learn about Wolverine, just click on his name above.)

Later on, Maverick had Chris take a code-name for his protection. The name that he chose was “Bolt.”

Later, Chris aided several other teen heroes in battling the alien warrior Blastaar, after which the heroes banded together as a new incarnation of the New Warriors. Initially, Chris kept his Legacy Virus infection a secret from his teammates. At one time, the New Warriors were involved in the “contest of champions” held by the alien Coterie, during which they bested fellow teen heroes the Slingers in a game of basketball only to be later defeated in combat by the Black Panther (T'Challa). (Click on the character, team, and race above to learn more about them.)

Later on during a fight, the Warriors were transported to the extra-dimensional realm of Olympus by Hercules, who wanted to test them in battle. Chris took the opportunity to ask Zeus for help in curing the Legacy Virus; however, Zeus refused to involve himself in mortal affairs. Chris ultimately told his teammates the truth about his condition, and they pledged their resources to finding a cure. (To learn more about Hercules or Zeus, click click on their names above.)

Eventually, Beast created a cure for the Legacy Virus which was released into Earth’s atmosphere by the sacrifice of the X-Man Colossus. Chris was cured. (Click on Colossus' name to learn more about him.)

Upon learning of Maverick’s apparent death at the hands of Sabretooth (then an agent of Weapon X program), Chris swore revenge. Seeking out the mutant soldier Cable, Chris recruited his help as a combat instructor to better allow Chris to take up Maverick’s name and uphold his legacy. Chris immersed himself in the Maverick persona, doing his best to look, sound, and act like Maverick. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the characters and program. Also, the fifth picture posted is of Chris as "Maverick.")

Soon after, Chris joined Cable's Underground resistance group in opposing Weapon X and its Director, Malcolm Colcord. Alongside Domino, Chris helped capture Weapon X operatives Reaper and Wildside, whom he proceeded to brutally torture in an effort to learn of Weapon X’s plans. The Underground then formed an alliance with rogue Weapon X operative Brent Jackson and a cadre of agents loyal to him in an assault on Weapon X’s headquarters; however, they were ultimately betrayed by Jackson and captured. Chris escaped and battled Weapon X’s Agent Zero, unaware that he was secretly the former Maverick. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the different characters and team.)

After the Underground was co-opted by former Weapon X agent Marrow and restructured as Gene Nation, Chris tracked her down and confronted her. Marrow surprisingly invited Chris to join them, and he accepted, secretly intending to dismantle the organization from within. In Gene Nation, Chris's first mission was to aid in a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station. Seeking to actually stop the bomber, Chris was confronted by Agent Zero (who mistakenly believed Christ to be the perpetrator). In the ensuing confusion, Zero fatally shot Chris. As he lay dying, Chris was unmasked by Zero, who was shocked to discover he had actually killed his former friend. (To learn about the team and character above, just click on their names.)

Recently, Chris was revived with an alien techno organic virus.

To learn more about Bolt/Maverick, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Maverick_%28Chris_Bradley%29.


  1. 1. He's tall - 6'4" is tall.

    2. Another one brought back to life. Methinks the Marvel comic writers have issues with letting people go. They should probably get some grief counseling and learn to move on. ;-)

  2. Is that the same guy from the Wolverine movie? According to Marvel he absorbs electricity, in the movie he controls machines (like when he lands the plane with his mind). That movie seemed to have its own people and powers.

  3. Yeah, it's the same guy from the Wolverine movie. It seems like they messed with a lot of different powers and story lines in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. However, with Bolt, I think they were shooting for having him control the electricity and power in the jet and elevator in the movie. I'll let you know if I hear anything different on the special features of the DVD. :-)