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Roxanne Simpson

Real Name
Roxanne Simpson Blaze



Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Crash Simpson (father, deceased), Mona Simpson (mother, deceased), Craig Blaze (son, presumed dead), Emma Blaze (daughter), Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider, husband of Roxanne Blaze); Noble Kale (husband of Black Rose)

Group Affiliation
As Black Rose, consort of Blackheart

Unrevealed, however, it is known that she has an attraction for magic and the mysteries of the supernatural.





Roxanne explored magic of a supernatural nature. As Black Rose her powers have not been fully uncovered, although she did have the ability to form deadly thorns.


Other Info
Roxanne Simpson was the daughter of Crash and Mona Simpson. During her childhood, Roxanne became friends with a boy named Johnny Blaze (aka future Ghost Rider). After some time, their friendship grew into love. In fact, one time Johnny almost lost his soul to Mephisto, but by Roxanne proclaiming her love for Johnny, and through the purity of her emotion of true love, the demon was driven away. (Now that's the power of love!) Much of Johnny's early adventures were centered around Mephisto attempting to get Roxanne to rescind her protection of Blaze. The two eventually got married and had two children together, Craig and Emma. (To learn about the characters above, click on their names above.)

At one time, Roxanne and Johnny's children were kidnapped by Regent. So, Johnny went out and rescued them; however, Roxanne had actually bargained the children away years earlier in hopes that Regent would remove the Kale curse that turns Johnny into the Ghost Rider. After some time, the couple were finally getting over this painful revelation and Roxanne was killed by Anton Hellgate. (To learn more about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names.)

Sometime later, she was raised from the dead by Blackheart and transformed into a red skinned demon named Black Rose. Black Rose had no memory of her past self, initially. However, later on, Noble Kale restored her memories during his time as Ruler of Hell. Apparently feeling that Johnny had moved on, Roxanne decided to let Johnny continue believing that she was dead. (To learn more about the above characters, just click on their names. Also, the fifth and sixth pictures posted are of Black Rose.)

At one time, Black Rose was battling Johnny Blaze (as Ghost Rider) and a couple of his allies. Black Rose was too weak to defend herself and was about to meet her death by the hands of Blaze and his hellfire shotgun, but Blackheart showed up and intervened; he revealed via cryptic message to Ghost Rider's group that Black Rose was Roxanne Simpson.

Black Rose later married a different Ghost Rider named Noble Kale.

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  1. Was the new Ghost Rider she later married the same one who gave her memories back?