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Real Name
Maxwell Jordan




Place of Birth

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation
Formerly Xavier Institute Student Body, The Corsairs squad.

High School student


124 lbs.



Able to produce and project spiked quills from his body

Rudimentary thieving skills

Other Info
Maxwell Jordan was among the first students to attend the rebuilt Xavier Institute of Higher Learning (aka the X-Mansion). There, he was placed on the Corsairs (a squad mentored by co-headmaster Cyclops). (To learn about Cyclops or the Xavier Institute, click on their names above. Note: Beware of a picture of Emma Frost on Cyclops' bio page; she's in a revealing/tight-fitting outfit.)

At the institute, Jordan was voted "class clown" by his peers and was always an up-beat and optimistic student. He joined up with two other students in stealing a copy of a computer science test in order to get his grades up. Unfortunately, for them, they were caught in the act by Kitty Pryde. As a consequence, the students involved were forced to spend a day with former professional thief Gambit in the hopes that they would learn from his seeming reformation. However, Gambit actually used the students to reclaim a surveillance video. And in order to accomplish this, Gambit taught them many thieving techniques. This experience inspired Jordan to become a professional thief. (To learn more about Kitty or Gambit, click on their names above.)

Quill was one of the few students who kept their powers after M-Day. He continued to stay and learn at the Institute, but the squad system had been disbanded. In fact, he even tried to fight in a battle royale in an attempt to join a seven-member training squad, but he wasn't selected by Emma Frost and instead remained inactive with the remaining students. (To learn about M-Day or Emma Frost, click on their names: Note: Beware of both bio pages! Both have Emma Frost in revealing/tight-fitting outfits.)

During the attack on the X-Mansion by Reverend William Stryker, Quill was killed while he and the other students were trying to evacuate the premises. (To learn about Stryker, click on his name above.)

Quill appears in the third X-Men movie, X-Men: The Last Stand. In the credits of the movie, he is listed as Kid Omega; however, the movie makers confirmed that the character is supposed to be Quill, and they just got the wrong name. Also, the movie has Quill fighting against the X-Men, where in the comics, he fights with the X-Men. Big difference. (To learn about Kid Omega, click on his name above.)

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  1. Ok, first off, the movie got him WAY wrong. That's annoying.
    Second, I can't believe Gambit taught students to steal. That's terrible, and totally taking advantage of a position of authority and influence. Shame on Gambit.
    Third, it looks like Quill is one of the few Marvel characters who died and DIDN'T come back to life. I wonder why not.
    And finally, fourth, the last picture of him in blue kind of looks like a girl to me, and I thought that was funny. Also, the pictures seem to vary between him looking like a humanized porcupine and a human with spikes. Interesting.