Monday, February 23, 2009

Human Torch

Real Name
Jonathan Lowell Spencer "Johnny" Storm


Adventurer, firefighter, Chief Financial Officer - Fantastic Four, Inc.; former actor, mechanic, race car driver, circus performer

U.S.A. Place of Birth
Glenville, Long Island, New York

Known Relatives
Mary Storm (mother, deceased), Franklin Storm (father, deceased), Susan Storm Richards (Invisible Woman, sister), Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic, brother-in-law), Franklin Richards (nephew), Valeria Richards (niece), Marygay Jewel Dinkins (aunt), "Bones" (cousin), Lyja (estranged wife)

Group Affiliation
Fantastic Four; formerly Secret Avengers

Glenville High graduate; former student at Empire State University and Metro University


170 lbs.



Johnny can cover his body in fire, fly at supersonic speeds, project fireballs or other fire objects, manipulate existing flame, and absorb heat with some mental strain. He can generate a nova-level burst of flame, one million degrees Fahrenheit, although this usually exhausts his powers for some time. Under normal usage, he is able to maintain his flame form for up to 17 hours.

Johnny briefly gained the powers of the Invisible Woman, which included the ability to turn himself and others invisible, and generate powerful force fields. Cosmically enhanced by Galactus, these powers were greatly amplified, and he could traverse space as well as analyze and manipulate all forms of matter.

An expert mechanic since his teens, Johnny was able to totally overhaul a car's transmission by the age of 15. Johnny also has experience as a professional race car driver.

Other Info
Johnny Storm was nearly chosen as the human host of the demonic Zarathos, the Ghost Rider. He could have been the Ghost Rider! Crazy huh?!

Johnny called himself Human Torch in tribute to the World War II era hero of the same name. (Little do people know, but this WWII Human Torch was actually the one that killed Adolf Hitler, at least that's how Hitler died in the Marvel Universe. The WWII Human Torch was not human, he was an android that was created by another man.) For more information about the WWII Human Torch click on the following link,

Spider-man and the Human Torch have been good friends every since they were both teenagers. (I wouldn't mind seeing a Spider-man/Fantastic Four movie spin-off with just the Human Torch and Spider-Man! I think that would be pretty sweet!)

At one point, Galactus claimed Johnny as his new herald. (Remember Galactus from the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie? He was the planet-eating thing in outerspace that the Silver Surfer was being the herald for.) Unwilling to lead Galactus to populated worlds, Johnny used his new powers (he temporarily had his powers switched with his sister, Invisible Woman, at the time) to analyze Galactus and, with the help of the Fantastic Four and Quasar, managed to transform Galactus back into humanoid form. With the help of his brother-in-law, Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mister Fantastic) he was able to switch his powers back with the Invisible Woman.

Johnny Storm has gone through a many relationships and pretty much every single one turns out bad. He even ends up marrying one at one point, but then finds out that it was someone else impersonating the person he married. To learn about all of his relationships and about all the other interesting stories concerning the life of the Human Torch, click on his bio at the following link,


  1. So he's the CFO of Fantastic Four Inc.? The movie doesn't make him look like someone who would be good with money. =)
    I agree with Cory - a Human Torch/Spiderman movie would be AWESOME! =)

  2. Human Torch man is radical!!!!!! I never really knew he existed before I read the blog, I think Human Torch man and Iron Man would make a delightful show. Nice post Cory!