Monday, January 12, 2009


Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker

Freelance photographer; former assistant high school coach, science teacher, scientific researcher


Place of Birth
Forest Hills, New York

Known Relatives
Richard Parker (father, deceased), Mary Parker (mother, deceased), Benjamin Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt), Will Fitzpatrick (grandfather), Benjamin Reilly (Scarlet Spider, clone, deceased), Kaine (clone), other clones (deceased)

Group Affiliation
Avengers, formerly the Secret Defenders, "New Fantastic Four", the Outlaws

College graduate (biophysics major), doctorate studies in biochemistry (incomplete)


165 lbs.



Peter can cling to most surfaces, has superhuman strength (able to lift 10 tons optimally) and is roughly 15 times more agile than a regular human. The combination of his acrobatic leaps and web-slinging enables him to travel rapidly from place to place. His spider-sense provides an early warning detection system linked with his superhuman kinesthetics, enabling him the ability to evade most any injury, provided he doesn't cognitively override the autonomic reflexes.

Note: his power enhancements through his transformation by the Queen and after battling Morlun - including his organic web glands and stingers - have been undone after Spider-Man's deal with Mephisto.

Peter is an accomplished scientist, inventor and photographer.

Other Info
I read an article about Heath Ledger the other day, and it said that he was offered the role to play Spider-Man, but he turned it down. So, the question is...who would be the better Spider-Man? Heath Ledger or Tobey McGuire?

After reading Spider-Man's bio on, ( I learned that the movies do a pretty good job at staying inline with the comic books. There are certain elements that are different, but I thought that they kept with the original story of Spider-Man pretty well. (If you want to check out the bio on Spider-Man, just click on the link above, just know that the bio is kind of long, but very interesting.)

So, I don't know if anyone has heard, but Marvel has announced that they are making a Spider-Man 4 and possibly a Spider-Man 5. They might even shoot them at the same time. Spider-Man 4 has been announced to come out May 2011. Tobey Maguire has already signed on, and I'm pretty sure that Kirsten Dunst has signed on as well. So, no worries, it'll be the same Spider-man! Now, this brings up the question...who is the villain going to be? There seems to be many thoughts about who it will be and the top 2 contenders that I have observed from my research are Lizard and Carnage. I will give you a very brief introduction to each villain, but I also have linked the names to the bios if you want to check them out in greater detail. It's very likely they will do Lizard because Dr. Connors is the man that turns into Lizard. Dr. Connors is in all three Spider-Man movies for a brief minute or two, which is a perfect set-up to finally have him become a villain in the fourth movie (Dr. Connors is Peter's professor at college that only has one arm). Carnage is another possibility and he is pretty much a more crazy version of Venom. In the third movie, Dr. Connors still has the sample of Venom that Peter brought to him, which leaves it open for Carnage to possibly become the next villain. Morbius, a vampire-like villain, used to be a contender in my list, but I saw a quote from the director and he shot down that possibility, so I don't think he has a chance to be a villain in Spider-Man 4.

They might even introduce Black Cat, who is a romantic interest of Spider-man and she's kind of a villain too, but you can read her bio to see more into that if you want (Note: the cartoon pictures on the bio page for Black Cat are a little bit risque with her tight-fitting costume and all, so if there is a way you can block pictures when you look at the bio page, I would do so. I hate it how many of the comic book drawings of women are so risque!)

"Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark," is a a Broadway musical version of Spider-Man that will be coming out on February 18, 2010. Also, Bono and The Edge from the band U2 are creating new music and lyrics for the show. Spider-Man...a musical...this could be kind of intersting! (If you want to learn more about "Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark," click on the following link,


  1. I like the picture where he's waving. :) Lance and me like the Spiderman song from the old days. And I think Spiderman is probably my favorite super hero.

  2. Yeah, that picture is from the old school cartoon that was on T.V. back in the day, and I agree with you Wendi and Lance, that is a good song! :-) "Spiderman, Spiderman..." (imagine me singing) ;-)

  3. I think it would be really cool to have Carnage as the new villain, and maybe even Toxin as well for a little bit... but that might be too much for one movie.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed. This is Rachel, just so you know. Very informative... I'm sure I'm going to need all of this info when I'm at Comic-Con 2009! No seriously, I registered today... Nerds of the world unite!