Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Poll Results

The winner is, Iron Man! (I was kind of expecting that.) And by no surprise, no one voted Elektra or Ghost Rider as their top 4 favorite Marvel Movies. But, it was interesting to see who came in 2nd...X2: X-Men United. And there is a tie for 3rd with The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man 2. It sure looks like the the second movie in a series, for Marvel movies, do better most of the time. The exception, which I was a little surprised with, was the Fantastic Four movies. I was expecting that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer would have done better than the Fantastic Four. And for how much bad talk the third X-Men movie gets, X-Men: The Last Stand, I was surprised that it got 4 votes as some people's top 4 Marvel movies.

I would love to hear some of the reasons why you guys voted a certain way, what movies you were surprised to see receive such high or low votes, and maybe some of your theories of why people liked certain movies and why they didn't like others. So, please leave your comments concerning this discussion in the "Comments" section below.


  1. The first Fantastic Four was definitely way better than the second one. As cool as the Silver Surfer is, the rest of the movie didn't measure up to the first. Neither was as good as the other movies (obviously - look at the poll!) =)

    X3 wasn't as good as X2 because everybody died, and Nightcrawler wasn't in it... but X3 was still awesome. Of course Iron Man was just great, as was the new Hulk movie.

    Personally, I preferred Spiderman 1 the most, but 1 and 2 were much better than 3... I think the poll got the movies mostly right. =)

  2. I really have no clue. But I think the movies that tend to be the most popular are the ones with the most universal appeal. Good character development and a good plot, instead of just the sci-fi element. Those are the ones I like the best anyway. :)

    Thanks for leaving so many comments on my blogs, Cor. What a nice brother you are. :)

  3. Iron Man makes sense, it was so cool. I agree Cory, the 2nd in the series movies is usually better for me, but then by the third people that you like die, and that is never a favorite. I still don't know why people didn't like the first Hulk, I thought it was great, but with so many others to choose from, understandable. Thanks for this "Marvel Madness", I like learning about superheros every week:)