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Happy Sam

Real Name
Samuel Sawyer
Officer in the United States Army


Place of Birth

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation
Commanding officer of Howling Commandos, the Deadly Dozen, the Maulers


Military Academy


6' 2"


230 lbs.








Sam Sawyer was an excellent military leader and hand-to-hand combatant. He also a great marksman. 

Other Info 
Samuel "Happy Sam" Sawyer was trained in parachuting in Britain in 1940 by Finley's Flying circus. The circus comprised of daredevil parachutist Nick Fury and pilot Red Hargroves who ironically nicknamed Sawyer "Happy Sam" due to his deadly serious and consistently stony demeanor. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Nick Fury. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit worn by one in the background of Fury's bio page.)

Later, Happy Sam became a Captain in the United States Army. However, at one point, he was wounded in North Africa and was deemed "unfit" for combat missions. Therefore, after this, Sawyer went out and organized and commanded the his own groups: Howling Commandos, Bull McGiveney's Maulers, Jim Morita's Nisei Squad, Sgt Bob Jenkins' Missouri Marauders, and the Deadly Dozen. (Click on names above to learn about the highlighted team and/or character.)

Over time, and through multiple wars (Korean, Vietnam, etc.), Captain Sawyer rose in ranks to become Colonel and then General.

Later, when Loki led an army of his minions from Asgard into Washington D.C., in an attempt to conquer Earth, General Sawyer was placed in charge of defending Washington. Fortunately, Thor came to Sawyer's aid, and the two led their armies against Loki. However, they were outmatched, and Happy Sam feared that they would have to resort to atomic weapons. Luckily, Thor was able to triumph over Loki in combat; thus, ending the invasion. (To learn about the race and/or characters, just click on their highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Loki in his woman-form.)

Soon after, General Sawyer was on his way to the Howling Commandos' reunion when he was kidnapped by HYDRA agents led by an LMD (Life Model Decoy) of Baron Strucker. The Strucker LMD then used an LMD of Sawyer to steal a B-52 bomber with nuclear missiles, and transported the bomber and the real Sawyer to Hydra Island where the Strucker LMD planned to force Sawyer into giving them the navigation override codes. However, Sawyer knew that he wouldn't be able to stand up to HYDRA's brainwashing techniques so he tried to destroy the plane as they flew. Unfortunately, the Strucker LMD stopped him. However, the Howling Commandos and and Captain America were hot on their trail to save Sawyer. In fact, it was Captain America who saved the real Sawyer from HYDRA. While escaping, Captain America had to hide Happy Sam in an air shaft (at Sawyer's insistence) to return and stop the Strucker LMD. While there, General Sawyer got up and tried to stop HYDRA himself by dressing in a HYDRA uniform and sneaking into the bomber. Once there, Happy Sam set the bomber to self-destruct, then exited, knocking down the Strucker LMD. In retaliation, the Strukcer LMD set itself to self-destruct, and it was Happy Sam who flung himself over the LMD to shield the Howlers from the blast. In his final breathes, Sawyer told Fury that "You and your Howling Ya-Hoos may have been...the biggest pain in the neck this nursemaid had...but you were the best! I'm proud to have been your commander...and friend!" (To learn about the highlighted team, device, characters, and/or place, just click on their names.)

Afterward, General Sawyer's remains were buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In honor his honor, a S.H.I.E.L.D. assault Helicarrier was named after Happy Sam. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the team and/or vehicle.)

There is nothing there, but her is the bio link for Happy Sam,,_Samuel.

Happy Sam appears on the TV series Marvel's Agent Carter as one of the Howling Commandos that assisted Peggy Carter in Russia.

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