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Real Name
Pirate, mercenary, conqueror



Place of Birth

Planet of Luphom (destroyed)

Known Relatives
Thanos (alleged grandfather), Zorr (alleged father), Kraa (alleged uncle)
Group Affiliation
Graces; former leader of a band of mercenaries and pirates



6' 1"


185 lbs.



Bald (formerly Black)


Nebula posses superhuman strength. Her muscular tissues are stronger than human flesh; thus, resulting in more durability.

Nebula is highly skilled in military strategy, space warfare, leadership, astro-navigation, and the operation of various high-tech devices of alien origin. She is athletic and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Nebula often uses wrist blasters that fire concussive blasts of unknown energy, or heat blasts that can incinerate a human being. Also, she wears a device that enables her to disguise her appearance.

Other Info 
Nebula was known and feared across numerous star systems as a brutal and ruthless pirate. Little is known about her life before she set her sights on hijacking the Sanctuary II--a massive spaceship station previously under the command of Thanos. Nebula and her small band of mercenaries infiltrated the Sanctuary II and repaired its hyper-drive engines to allow them to teleport the station out of the solar system. It was during this time that the Avengers sent Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) to investigate the craft. Therefore, when Nebula's crew warped the satellite out of the solar system, Captain Marvel was teleported with them. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or team, just click on their names above. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfits worn by some on the Avengers' bio page.)

Soon after, Nebula discovered Captain Marvel on board, and asked her to join her band of mercenaries and help them in conquering the Skrull Empire. Not knowing how to return home, Captain Marvel pretended to go along with Nebula's scheme; however, she actually helped the Skrulls evacuate the outpost world that Nebula was planning on destroying. Trying to locate their missing member, the Avengers ended up allying themselves with the Skrulls to oppose Nebula. But, before the Avengers were able to stop Nebula, she annihilated both the Skrull outpost and the planet Xandar. In the ensuing battle, the Avengers’ Starfox--brother of Thanos--learned that Nebula claimed to be Thanos' granddaughter--thus his great-niece. However, before Starfox could learn more, Nebula was teleported away by the Beyonder, who had misunderstood the they wanted Nebula cast out of the Andromeda Galaxy. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the race, characters, and/or planet. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfits on Starfox and the Beyonder's bio pages.)

Later, a newly resurrected Thanos used the Infinity Gems to create the Infinity Gauntlet which gave him omnipotent power. Thanos scoffed at Nebula's claims to be his granddaughter and, as a gift to Death, he burned and transformed Nebula into a grotesque disfigured virtual corpse that was unable to die, but was not truly alive. However, when Thanos defeated Eternity and took his place, he expanded his consciousness into the universe, leaving his body comatose. Noticing her opportunity for freedom, Nebula stole the Infinity Gauntlet for herself and used its powers to restore herself to health and banish Thanos. Soon after, Thanos agreed to help a loose band of heroes defeat Nebula. (The group consisted of Doctor Strange, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Thor (Eric Masterson), Hulk, Firelord, Doctor Doom, and Drax the Destroyer— the only heroes that Strange was able to locate in the limited time he had available.) The group confronted Nebula and she was tricked by Thanos to use the Infinity Gauntlet to transform the universe back to the way it was twenty four hours ago. Therefore, all of Thanos' death and destruction was undone. Now, she had to face an entourage of cosmic beings that included Galactus, Master Order, and Lord Chaos. During the battle, Nebula was able to turn the cosmic beings into stone. However, she lost the gauntlet when Adam Warlock (the original owner of the Soul Gem) reached out from Soulworld and separated the Infinity Gauntlet from Nebula and gained it temporarily for himself. Afterward, Starfox took Nebula into custody of the Eternals on the moon Titan. (To learn about the highlighted objects, characters, race, and/or places, just click on their names above. Also, Nebula in her burned form is shown in the fourth picture posted above.)

At one point, Nebula's former second-in-command, Geatar, freed Nebula from her cell on Titan. Upon arriving though, he found her in a catatonic state. After their escape, he took her to someone he believed would help her: Doctor Mandibus. The doctor revived Nebula by rebuilding her brain and converting her into a cyborg with an artificial left eye, left arm, and left shoulder. In addition, the left upper quarter of her head and part of her right hip are sheathed in metal. (To learn about the highlighted characters above, just click on their names. Also, Nebula in her cyborg form is shown in the fifth picture posted above.)

After regaining consciousness, Nebula wanted to get her crew back. Therefore, she and Geatar traveled to the prison planet known as the "Anvil." They tricked the Chancellor of the prison into believing that Geatar was turning Nebula over as a prisoner. The Silver Surfer showed up to interfere with their plans, but backed down when they threaten to kill the Chancellor. They were then taken to Nebula's crew. Then, as they were about to board the largest ship and escape, they are surprised by the Jack of Hearts. Nebula and her crew were no match of the comibined might of the Silver Surfer and the Jack of Hearts. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the place and/or character.) 

Later on, Nebula and her crew went to the planet of the enigmatic alien Stranger and stole his Infinity Union (a combination of three devices that together could channel all forms of ambient energy into her). However, Nebula was defeated and captured by the Avengers and Spider-Man. But when an enraged Stranger burst in, searching for the Infinity Union, the Avengers feared that no one was worthy of wielding such a dangerous device; therefore, the Avengers decided to track down the Infinity Union themselves. It was Spider-Man who found the device first, who accidentally set it off. Thus, Nebula absorbed the power of the Infinity Union and became a supreme being. However, the Avengers and the Stranger managed to stop Nebula regardless, stripping her of the Infinity Union's power. Nebula did, however, manage to escape capture. (To learn about the characters and/or object above, just click on their highlighted names.)

More Recently, Nebula was seen on the world Godthab Omega as part of a team of female cosmic warriors known as the Graces, led by Gamora. When Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave attacked, Nebula was last seen fighting side-by-side with the other Graces against the Wave. It is unknown if Nebula survived the attacks or not. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the place, teams, and/or characters. Note: Beware of the very revealing outfits on the Graces and Gamora's bio pages--block images if possible.)

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  1. After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and then reading this bio, I can't help but wonder what part Nebula will play in future Marvel films, and how much trouble she will cause...