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Maya Hansen

Real Name
Maya Hansen 

Biologist, biotechnology specialist, inventor
Place of Birth
Known Relative

Group Affiliation



138 lbs.




A brilliant biologist, Maya can process vast amounts of information at genius speeds.

Other Info
Dr. Maya Hansen was one of the most respected and well known bio-technologists in her field. She developed her notoriety through her work at reprogramming the repair center at the center of the brain. It was during a conference that she first befriended a young Tony Stark. (To learn about Iron Man, click on the highlighted name above.)

Year later, Maya began working for the FuturePharm Corporation in Austin, Texas alongside Dr. Aldrich Killian. Their breakthrough research afforded her the ability to work on the development of the next Super-Soldier formula (which a generation ago had created Captain America). Their approach was to exploit the genetic potential of man through nano-technology. This eventually resulted in the development of Extremis (a techno organic virus that completely rewrites the body’s genetic code. It replaces entire organs making them more efficient. The virus also gives the body a sort of healing factor and even super powers). (To learn about the characters and/or virus above, just click on their highlighted names.)

At one point, Dr. Hansen learned that she was going to lose funding; therefore, Maya came up with the idea that if she could get a test subject to fight and conquer Iron Man, she would be able to prove its potential. So, she stole Extremis and put it into the hands of domestic terrorists named Mallen who injected the serum into himself. This lead to Mallen going on a killing spree of FBI agents. Next, Maya contacted Tony Stark to confront Mallen. During their initial fight, Iron Man is severely beaten. After this, Iron Man convinced Maya to inject him with Extremis so he could stop Mallen be becoming Extremis-enhanced himself. In the next battle, Iron Man was victorious. However, Iron Man realized that Maya was actually the one behind the release of Extermis to Mallen. For this, Maya was sent to prison. (To learn about Mallen, click on his highlighted name above.)

Once in prison, Maya was met by a relative of one of Mallen's victims and slices her left cheek leaving a nasty scar. Soon, Maya is broken out of prison by Iron Man due to his brain being controlled to assassinate specific targets. Through her loyal work, Tony Stark used his position as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. to commute Maya's sentence and have her placed under his custody. While working for Tony, Dr. Hansen was prohibited from pursuing any further research into Extremis, due to Tony's belief that is was far too dangerous. Soon after, Maya and Tony quickly became romantically involved. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn more about S.H.I.E.L.D. Also, you can see the scar given to Maya in the fifth and sixth pictures posted above.)

Later on, an incident occurred where Maya and Tony's close friend Sal Kennedy was killed by a biological threat that could have been stopped had Maya been allowed to continue her research on Extremis. After this, because she wasn't allowed to perform her research as a ward of S.H.I.E.L.D., Maya faked her own death and accepted an offer to work for a secret government organization called "Prometheus Genetech." (To learn about Sal Kennedy, click on the highlighted name above.)

Unknown to Maya, the Prometheus project was actually backed and run by the Mandarin in disguise. His plan was to wipe out the majority of the human race using an airborne version of Extremis which Maya was working on. However, before this could happen, Iron Man stopped the Mandarin and the Extermis virus from spreading, in addition to rescuing Maya. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the Mandarin.)

More recently, Maya was kidnapped by A.I.M. who forced her to recreate the Extremis virus in order to create their own super humans. Soon after, when Maya tried to escape, she was killed by one of A.I.M.'s now super-powered agents. However, Maya had created a fail-safe if something like this were to happen. A prerecorded message she made was sent to Tony Stark to warn him that the Extremis virus was on the loose again. (To learn about A.I.M., click on the highlighted name above.)

To learn more a tiny bit more about Maya Hansen, click on the following link,,_Maya.

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  1. Whoa... if they follow that line, this will be very interesting! Cool how it connects to the Mandarin and Tony. Though I doubt he'll get "romantically involved" with Maya in the movie- that would make the fans revolt because we all love Pepper in the movies =)