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Omega Red

Real Name
Arkady Gregorivich
Crimelord; former mercenary, KGB agent
Russia (legally deceased)
Place of Birth
Unrevealed location in Russia
Known Relatives
Group Affiliation
Red Mafia (kingpin); former employee of Sabretooth, The General, Ivan Pushkin, and Matsu’o Tsurayaba; formerly KGB, Upstarts 



425 lbs.



Omega Red is a mutant with the ability to secrete bodily pheromones deadly to anyone in his immediate vicinity. This power greatly drains his energy, requiring him to absorb the life force of others. Omega Red was also granted superhuman strength from the KGB enhancement. Omega Red's arms were implanted with long Carbonadium coils that he can extend and retract through openings in the undersides of his wrists. The coils serve as both conduit and stabilizing factor for his mutant pheromones.

Omega Red is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant with extensive KGB training, and is fluent in Russian and English. 

Other Info 
Before he became a serial killer, little is known of the past of Arkady Gregorivich.  Eventually, when Arkady was captured, he was turned over to the KGB. The KGB then went about transforming him into the super-soldier code-named "Omega Red." However, the procedure was interrupted by Team X (an elite covert operations unit consisting of mutant operatives Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick, and Wraith). Team X stole the Carbonadium Synthesizer (a device that was used to control Omega Red’s mutant power) and as a result the KGB placed Omega Red in suspended animation.  (To learn about the above highlighted team and/or their members, just click on their names.)

Decades later, Omega Red was mystically revived by the ninja clan, the Hand. After being revived, Omega Red allied himself with their leader, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, in exchange for the whereabouts of Wolverine and the C-Synthesizer. Soon after, Omega Red clashed with both Maverick and Wolverine; however, he was defeated by Wolverine’s teammates, the X-Men. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the teams and/or character.)

Later on, Omega Red fell under the psionic control of the mutant Soul Skinner who forced him to battle against Wolverine and the X-Men until the telepath’s death. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the Soul Skinner.)

Over time, Omega Red has clashed with many known superheroes. Omega Red sought to kill the cyborg M.O.D.A.M., whom he believed was a former KGB operative that had betrayed him, but was opposed by Iron Man. Subsequently, Omega Red clashed with the team of mutant trainees Generation X as well as the costumed crime-fighter Daredevil and the Russian super-spy the Black Widow. (Click on the highlighted characters and/or team above to learn more about them. Note: Beware of the very skin-tight outfits on Black Widow's bio page.)

After some time, Omega Red was hired by the Russian crimelord, Ivan Pushkin, to help incite war between the terrorist groups HYDRA and A.I.M., an effort opposed by Maverick. He was subsequently employed as an enforcer for the drug lord The General, only to be recruited by Sabretooth alongside the cyborg Lady Deathstrike to attack the friends of their common enemy Wolverine. However, Omega Red was ultimately betrayed by Sabretooth. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more abou the different teams and/or characters. Note: Beware of the VERY revealing outfit on Lady Deathstrike's bio page.)

Growing tired of being a lackey, Omega Red became kingpin of New York’s Red Mafia. In this capacity, he provided Maverick (now called Agent Zero) with information on Sabretooth’s whereabouts, thus exacting a measure of revenge on his betrayer.  (To learn about the Red Mafia, click on the highlighted name above.)

To learn a tiny bit more about Cecilia Reyes, just click on the following link,

In the film X2, "Omega Red" appears as a folder on William Stryker's computer files. (His name is listed on the very top of the second picture posted above.) 

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  1. Wow... he kind of has had a pretty unfair life. Lots of betrayal and disrupted plans. BUT I guess that's what you should expect when you spend your time with criminals.