Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Agent Jackson

Real Name
Brent Montgomery Jackson

Director of Weapon X, former deputy director and recruiter for Weapon X, and SHIELD agent


Place of Birth

Known Relative

Group Affiliation

Weapon X, formerly SHIELD

SHIELD agent training


185 lbs.




Jackson is a trained SHIELD special agent. He is a proficient marksman and is familiar with cutting-edge technology, including Weapon X's extensive array, including teleportation devices, jetpacks, anti-mutant weaponry, motorcycles and computer networks.

Other Info
Agent Brent Montgomery Jackson was a brash agent of SHIELD.
However, Jackson soon gained the notice of the Director (Malcolm Colcord) of the Weapon X program. The Director recruited Agent Jackson to act as a mole within SHIELD. (To learn about the team, character, and/or program, just click on the highlighted names above.)

Later, when Wolverine
was framed for the murder of Senator Drexel Walsh, Nick Fury was supposed to bring him in. However, due to a conflict of interest, Fury could not go after Wolverine himself. So, Fury decided to dispatch Agent Jackson instead to organize the capture. However, Agent Jackson also received directions from the Director of Weapon X to retrieve Wolverine and imprison him in The Cage (a high-powered prison). After the capture, Logan would then be handed over to Sabretooth--who was also working for Weapon X. Nick Fury, however, suspected that Agent Jackson would have Logan killed, so he hired a bounty hunter named Shiver Man to capture Wolverine before SHIELD did. Ultimately, Shiver Man failed in his attempt, and Agent Jackson managed to trap Logan with the help of a Life Model Decoy (LMD) of Nick Fury. (Click on the highlighted characters and/or item above to learn more about them.)

After some time, the Director began to distrust Jackson. It was during an argument over Sabretooth's loyalties and criminal behavior, that the Colcord slapped Jackson. When Jackson tried to retaliate, he learned that he had a chip implanted in him to prevent him from doing so. After this attempt to attack the Director, Jackson was suspended from duty and imprisoned.

Later on, Colcord decided to return Agent Jackson to duty, but under close observation. However, Jackson cleverly worked to gain the trust of some misfit agents, such as Wild Child, Sauron, and Washout. When the Director became wrapped up in a newfound relationship with Aurora, Jackson used this moment to stage a coup with his small faction of agents and with a truce with the Underground. Upon their success, Jackson turned on the Underground and declared himself the new Director of Weapon X. (To learn about the characters and/or group above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing/form-fitting outfits on Aurora's bio page.)

More recently, due to the War of the Programs, Jackson and his troops
have gone into hiding.

Director Jackson's whereabouts are unknown.

To learn a tiny bit more about Agent Jackson, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Jackson,_Brent.

In the film Thor, a SHIELD agent makes a very small appearance that is credited as "Agent Jackson." I don't know for sure if the director for the movie, or if Marvel, was trying to use names of characters from the comics, but the character in the movie is a SHIELD agent and is named Agent Jackson; therefore, I decided to highlight Brent Jackson. In the film, Agent Jackson makes an appearance with another SHIELD agent named Agent Garrett. They have only a quick conversation...

: [about Thor's Asgard buddies] Is there a Renaissance Fair in town?
JACKSON: Call it in.
GARRETT: Yeah. Uh, base, we've got, uh, Xena, Jackie Chan, and Robin Hood.


  1. The marvel Universe is a massive tangled Web. Since the agents are named I'm sure we will be seeing them more (Like agent Coulson)

  2. There are SO many minor Marvel characters- I'm surprised they don't credit more in the movies