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Brian Banner

Real Name
Dr. Brian Banner

Former atomic physicist


Place of Birth

Bruce Banner (father, presumed deceased), Unnamed mother (presumed deceased), Rebecca Banner (wife, deceased), Bruce Banner (son), Elaine Banner Walters (sister, deceased), Morris Walters (brother-in-law), Jennifer Walters (niece), Skaar and Hiro-Kala (grandsons), Lyra (granddaughter), Betty Ross-Banner (daughter-in-law)




Ph.D. in physics



240 lbs.






When Brian Banner was resurrected during the "Chaos War," Brian Banner gained the ability to turn into a hybrid replica of the Guilt Hulk and the Devil Hulk. In addition, Brian became as powerful as Bruce perceived him as being. While feared by his son, Brian was easily able to overpower the Hulk family and he shot green fire blasts. However, once he was not feared anymore by Bruce, he was quickly defeated.

Scientific genius

Other Info
As a child, Brian and his mother were physically and emotionally abused by his father. Regarding his father as a monster, and believing that he had inherited a "monster gene" from him, Brian promised himself that he would never have any children, for fear of bringing another Banner into the world.

In college, Brian met Rebecca, whom he fell in love with and later married. And after some time, Brian earned a PhD in physics and found a job in Los Alamos, New Mexico and worked for the U.S. government as a member of a project trying to develop a clean way to create nuclear energy.

Later, the stress of his job eventually led Brian to become an alcoholic and he began to develop anger problems. One day, while drunk on the job, Dr. Banner accidentally overloaded some machinery, causing an explosion that caused him to lose his job. Despite doctors saying that the explosion caused him no harm, Brian became convinced that the explosion in Los Alamos had affected him on the genetic level. Fearing it had altered his genetic structure, and due to his vow to never have children, Dr. Banner was horrified when he learned that Rebecca was pregnant with their son. Brian was convinced that his son, Bruce, would be some kind of a mutant. Instantly hating the baby Bruce (who he believed to be a monster created from both the radiation he was exposed to and the "monster gene"), Brian ignored him completely and attempted to keep Rebecca away from him as well. (To learn more about the Hulk, click on the highlighted name above.)

Early one Christmas morning, Brian woke up to Bruce having opened a present from his mother. The present was a complex model, which Bruce had easily put together despite his young age. This discovery convinced Brian that Bruce was definitely abnormal and different. So, he ended up beating up Bruce, and Rebecca when she came to her son's aid. Brian continued to be abusive for several years. Then one day, Rebecca attempted to escape with Bruce. When Brian found them packing up their belongings into their car, Brian again attacked Rebecca; however, this time, he accidentally killed her in his fit of rage while Bruce stood there and witnessed it all. Brian then threatened Bruce that if he testified against him in court that Bruce would be severely punished. Due to the Brian's threats, Bruce ended up lying in court and said that his father never abused him or his mother. Due to lack of evidence, Brian escaped conviction; however, he was later arrested when, after becoming drunk, boasted about how he beat the law by bullying his son. Brian was eventually convicted of manslaughter and put in a mental institution.

After fifteen years of confinement, the doctors believed that Brian was ready to rejoin society and he was released. Despite Bruce's reluctantly, Bruce eventually gave in and allowed his father to stay with him for a short amount of time. However, during this time, Brian began acting a bit strange. It was during this time that Brian also broke down and blurted out the fact that his father, Bruce's grandfather, had abused him too. Brian continued to act even stranger and stranger over time, and Bruce even mentioned that maybe he should check himself back in for more therapy.

One day, Brian and Bruce got into an argument. Bruce ended up calling him crazy and walked away. It being the anniversary of his mother's death, Bruce went to his mother's grave. Brian followed Bruce to Rebecca's grave and started harassing his son again and said how Bruce was an evil monster and how he was just trying to save mankind from a mutant and monster like Bruce. The two continued arguing until it led a physical confrontation. At one point in the scuffle, Bruce was on the ground and Brian was about to jump on him when Bruce pushed him back with his foot. This led to Brian stumbling backwards and cracking his neck on Rebecca's gravestone and dying.

After his death, Brian's ghost continued to haunt his son's alter-ego, the Hulk. Brian often appeared to taunt Bruce, stating that he was no better than him. Villains such as Mentallo, the Red Skull, the Devil Hulk, and the Guilt Hulk also used the image of Brian Banner against the Hulk, in an attempt to weaken him. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters.)

Later, when Bruce Banner and the Hulk were fused back together after being separated on Counter-Earth, Bruce found himself in Hell, where he met his father. Brian terrorized the Hulk there. However, Bruce eventually had taken enough and stood up to Brian. Brian ended up getting beat up by Bruce, and then his son left him and returned to the normal world. (To learn about the Counter-Earth, click on the highlighted name above.)

Later, during the Chaos War, the Chaos King resurrected Brian and Rebecca Banner. In addition, he also gave the Brian Banner the ability to transform into a hybrid of the Guilt Hulk and the Devil Hulk. Now as this new "Hulk-like" monster, Brian fought against his son, Bruce. At one point, Brian tried to kill Rebecca again. When the Hulk saw this, he ended up fighting Brain alongside his son, Skaar. However, Brian fed on the Hulk's anger towards him and actually become stronger. But, it was only when the Hulk's lost love, Jarella, told him to remember his love for her that the tides of the battle turned against Brain. The Hulk instead started focusing on the positive emotions inspired by the rest of his allies and ended up defeating his "Hulk-like" monster father, Brian Banner. (To learn about the different characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Also, Brian Banner as the "Hulk-like" monster is shown in the fifth and sixth picture posted above.)

To learn a tiny bit more about Brian Banner, just click on the following link,,_Brian.

In the movie, Hulk, Brian Banner is renamed David Banner (a reference to the television series). However, in the credits, he is named "The Father." In addition, the film version of the Hulk's father attempted to replicate the Hulk's powers and eventually received Absorbing Man-like powers.


  1. He was creepy in the movie =P

  2. He sounds creep out of the movie too! I didn't Bruce had such a rough upbringing. Perhaps that's why his superpowers manifest as incredible strength, strength he never had when he needed earlier in his life.

  3. Brian is such an evil psychopath. He is completely messed up. He is much more messed up in the comics than he was in the movie. Poor Bruce. It would be extremely hard to imagine having a father like that.