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Real Name


Queen of Asgard, goddess of marriage


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Odin (husband, deceased); Balder, Hermod, Tyr (sons); Thor (adoptive son); Loki (foster son)

Group Affiliation
Gods of Asgard



370 lbs.



Frigga possesses the conventional superhuman attributes of an Asgardian goddess. Though relatively old, she can lift about 20 tons, has superhuman speed, endurance, and is capable of performing at peak condition for at least 24 hours before tiring. She also has superhuman reflexes and a durability to impact and extreme temperatures. These abilities are accompanied with a regenerative healing factor at a rate of slashes and punctures healing in a few hours and broken bones setting and healing within a day. This power is limited, however, being incapable to regenerate missing limbs or organs without a magical aide. Frigga is also capable of changing her appearance, transforming matter and a numerous amount of different energies. She also possesses certain abilities to wield magic which have not yet been defined, including the spells to shield Balder largely from harm, and the ability to transport herself between dimensions, such as Earth and Asgard.


Other Info
Frigga is the daughter of ancient Vanir gods who joined with the Aesir to become Asgardians. (To learn about the Vanir, click on their highlighted name above.)

Frigga first met Odin at a feast, where she competed with other women for his attention for a night. Soon afterward, the two were married. Then later, Frigga was asked to raise her husband’s son Thor, even though he was not her natural son. In addition, Frigga bore three children with Odin: Balder, Hermod, and Tyr. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters.)

Later, Frigga learned of an ancient Asgardian prophecy that foretold the death of her son Balder. The prophecy said that his death would initiate an apocalyptic event called Ragnarok which would herald the death of all Asgardians. Therefore, to prevent his premature murder, Frigga cast spells to protect Balder making him invulnerable to injury while in Asgard from anything except mistletoe. However, Odin feared that if Balder were known to be his son it would make him a target and hasten Ragnarok; therefore, Balder was brought up unaware of his royal lineage. (To learn about the event of Ragnarok and/or Asgard, click on the highlighted name above.)

Around 1000 AD, the multi-pantheon Council of the Godheads saw a threat to humanity from the cosmic Celestials (who would one day decide if the human race was worthy of existence). While the male gods planned to wage war against the Celestials, the Earth goddess Gaea gathered Frigga and goddesses of other pantheons to locate humans across a span of a thousand years and release the latent genetic potential within them. These superhumans (called the Young Gods) were intended to show the Celestials the greatness humanity could achieve. The Young Gods were kept in suspended animation, watched over by Frigga and others. Then when the Celestials finally returned to judge humanity, Frigga relinquished the Young Gods to Gaea and returned to Asgard. In turn, Gaea offered the Young Gods to the Celestials, satisfying them of Earth’s value. (To learn about the above highlighted groups and/or character, just click on their name. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one on the Young Gods' bio page.)

Later, during a war against the fire demon Surtur, Frigga fled from Asgard with the Asgardian children under her protection. She later returned to Asgard after Surtur’s defeat to find that Odin had fallen in battle. However, Frigga and Odin were later reunited when Thor rescued Odin from the Ennead death god Seth. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about Surtur and/or Seth.)

At one point, Odin attempted to thwart the events of Ragnarok by casting the Asgardians into mortal forms with no memories of their true lives. While Odin became the drunken derelict Wad, Frigga was cast as his wife Freda Barker. However, later, all of these “Lost Gods” were eventually restored to godhood with their memories. (To learn about the Lost Gods, click on the highlighted name above.)

Sometime later, when Loki slew Balder with a mistletoe arrow, the prophecies of Ragnarok were fulfilled, leading to Asgard's ultimate destruction and Frigga being killed in the process. However, Thor survived the attack and later enabled those Asgardians who fell during Ragnarok to return to life.

Currently, whether Frigga’s life has been restored or not is still unknown.

To learn a little bit more about Frigga, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Frigga.


  1. She looks kind of like a kid with white hair in that last picture. Just sayin.

    And I think she's alive- it's not like Thor would bring everyone EXCEPT his mother back to life. **eye roll**

  2. Yeah, the only cartoon that Frigga has been in that I could find was on Super Hero Squad. And on that show, all of the characters kind of look like kids.

    And I agree with you, I'm thinking that Thor wouldn't forget about his mother when it comes to bringing everyone back to life. ;-)