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King of the Frost Giants



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Frost Giants








Frost Giants possess superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury. (The flesh and bone of the Giants of Jotunheim are about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to their superhuman strength and weight.) Also most Frost Giants can freeze someone just by touching them but they can't freeze one of their own. However, like all Frost Giants, Laufey possesses a weakness to heat. Frost Giants are extremely long-lived, but their life spans are not as long as those of the Asgardian gods, who have been able to extend their lives through consumption of the enchanted apples of Idunn.

Unlike most Frost Giants, Laufey was a skilled fighter. Also, his sheer size and strength only made him a formidable opponents even for the Asgardian gods.

Other Info

Laufey's origin is surrounded in mystery. Being a
Frost Giant he is a descanted of Ymir, the first Frost Giant. (To learn about the Frost Giants and/or Ymir, click on their highlighted names above.)
As King of the Frost Giants, Laufey was seen wielding many weapons, including a giant war club, a sword, and a large axe.

At one point
Odin, King of Asgard, marched his forces into Jotunheim to battle Laufey and the Frost Giants. When Odin faced down Laufey, he destroyed the Frost Giant's war club. Laufey was able to brandish a sword, and he tried to use his knowledge of the land to stop Odin with a concealed fire pit; however, he was unsuccessful. Soon after, a sprawling battle between the Odin and Laufey ensued. The battle ended with Odin using Mjolnir to crush Laufey's skull. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the character, places, and/or weapon.)

After the battle, Odin discovered a small Asgardian god-sized baby amongst the wreckage. The baby was Laufey's son,
Loki. (Laufey had actually kept the baby hidden, due to his shame over his son's diminutive size.) Odin remembered his father Bor’s dying words to adopt the son of a father killed by his hands; therefore, Odin adopted Loki into his own family. (To learn about Loki and/or Bor, click on the highlighted names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Loki in his "woman-form.")

However, Neither Laufey or Odin knew that the battle was actually part of a plan.
After the fateful battle and Odin 's claiming of Loki as his son, Laufey was left wounded, but alive. By plan, a version of Loki from the future actually traveled back in time and killed his injured father as revenge for all the beatings Laufey had given him.

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Interesting Note: Jack Kirby's original design for Laufey shows him a large giant, bigger than Odin with Green and Brown body armor. (This is shown in the third picture posted above.) And Laufey remained that way for many years, until Olivier Coipel redesigned him to resemble a new design of Frost Giants, now with Blue Skin and wearing less armor.

Random Note: In Norse mythology, Laufey is actually the mother of Loki--not his father.


  1. The movie Laufey looks just like the last two pictures!!! They did a good job on him.

    Also, I hate the whole "time travel" crap... it just confuses me.

  2. Yeah. The last two pictures are pictures based off the movie, I think. (There weren't a lot of pictures of Laufey on the internet.)

    And I agree...the time travel stuff confuses me too!