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Real Name


Asgardian Warrior


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Hildegund (wife), Alaric, Rolfe (sons), Flosi, Gudrun, Gunnhild (daughters), Kevin, Mick (adopted sons), Meft (Son-in-Law)

Group Affiliation
Warriors Three
, formerly the Lost Gods


6' 8"

1425 lbs.



As an Asgardian, Volstagg possesses superhuman strength and enhanced durability and endurance. While he is still stronger than most Asgardian males, he is no longer in his physical prime. Aside from his strength, some of Volstagg's other physical capabilities have decreased, mostly due to his obesity. Volstagg's speed, stamina, and agility are now inferior to that of the majority of his race.

Volstagg is an excellent overall battlefield warrior and is highly proficient in all Asgardian weapons; an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, swordsman, horseman, and archer, and a master of the quarterstaff. Volstagg's battle prowess is somewhat limited by his advanced age and tremendous girth. However, Volstagg is still capable of using his sheer bulk to his advantage in combat situations. He can consume vast quantities of food and drink.

Other Info
Volstagg's origins have not yet been revealed. But, he is fairly advanced in age for an Asgardian, and it has been alluded to that he was a highly respected and feared warrior in his prime. Volstagg is the large and boisterous member of the Warriors Three (including Hogun and Fandral). These three adventurers fought many battles to protect their beloved Asgard. Volstagg is the heart of the group, earning him the title, Volstagg the Valiant. He is considered a trusted and worthy comrade by his closest friends, including Thor. (To learn about the above highlighted characters, team, and/or place, just click on their names.)

Volstagg has a large family with his wife, Hildegund. His children included sons Alaric and Rolfe, and daughters Flosi, Gudrun, and Gunnhild ("Hildy").

As an Asgardian warrior, and as a member of the Warriors Three, Volstagg has encountered many foes. He has helped defend Asgard multiple times against foes such as Loki, Seth, Surtur, and Ymir. Volstagg has also battled against Grey Gargoyle, Fafnir, the Destroyer, the massive entity known as the Soul Eater, Ego-Prime, and many Giants of Jotunheim, among others. Volstagg even squared-off against the Hulk momentarily. Volstagg also helped the Avengers battle against Blastaar. (To learn about the different characters, race, and/or team above, just click on their highlighted name. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Loki in his "woman-form" on his bio page.)

One time, the temptations of Earth compelled Volstagg to stay on Earth; however, Hogun stopped Volstagg by shooting him in the backside with approximately a dozen Migdardian tranquilizer darts. This was enough to stun and confuse the warrior.

At one point, Thor's actions indirectly deprived two mortal children (Kevin and Mick) of their parents. Realizing this, Thor takes the boys to Asgard to Volstagg, where he knows they will be loved and protected by the largest and kindest of all Odin's warriors. When the boys first meet Volstagg, they mistake him for Santa Claus. Thor assures them that while Volstagg was not Santa Claus, Volstagg is "yet a friend to children everywhere." Volstagg then adopts the two boys. (To learn about Odin, click on his highlighted name above.)

Later, Volstagg and his family encounter the New Mutants. During the team's first trip to Asgard, Volstagg makes friends with Roberto DaCosta (aka Sunspot) challenging him to feats of strength, including arm-wrestling and the lifting of Volstagg himself. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about Sunspot and/or the New Mutants.)

Volstagg and his band, were presumed dead, after the events of Ragnarok. However, in reality, his soul (like all the others who perished in the Ragnarok) somehow got trapped within a human being. When Thor returned from the dead and started to bring the other Asgardians back, Volstagg was among the first found and freed (along with his two friends Hogun and Fandral). (To learn about the event above, just click on the highlighted name.)

More recently, Volstagg resides in new Asgard, which Thor reconstructed near the old Route 66 in Oklahoma.

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In the film Thor, Volstagg is played by actor Ray Stevenson who actually played Frank Castle (the Punisher) in the Punisher: War Zone. So, once again, Marvel has doubled up on actors playing more than one Marvel character.

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  1. I like that he adopted those two boys- and that he's a friend to children everywhere. It's nice.