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Real Name

Leader of the Chaste, Sensei, Pool Hustler


Place of Birth

Known Relatives

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5' 9"

135 lbs.



Stick possessed a "proximity sense" that enabled him to perceive the shapes and locations of objects in his vicinity despite his blindness. The limits of his "proximity sense" are unknown, but it was more acute even than Daredevil's "radar sense." This sense may have possibly been psionic in nature. Stick's enhanced hearing enabled him to hear faint echoes that sounds created as they "bounced" off the objects around him. Stick's senses of taste, touch, and smell were also more acute than those of ordinary human beings. Stick claimed that he developed his senses to their heightened levels through training and practice. He also possessed the ability able to channel and use his Chi for various effects.In addition, he could communicate with others through telepathy. Stick also could mentally drain life energy from another person into his own body, thereby killing that person, causing the victim's body to dissolve. It is not known what other mental powers Stick possessed.

Stick was a master of various Oriental martial arts. Despite his blindness, he was extraordinary in hand-to-hand combatant and would play in combat against both Daredevil and Elektra, as they could not gain an advantage on him. He can move in silence (even Daredevil's radar and enhanced hearing could not detect him). Currently it seems Stick can appear in spirit or ghost like form as he aids his students.

Other Info

Very little has been revealed about the past of the man known as "Stick." He was born blind, but developed the acuteness of his other senses to levels far beyond those experienced by most human beings. These heightened senses, including his so-called "proximity sense," compensated for his inability to see.

Stick became the master of an elite order of warriors known as Chaste (who made their base atop a mountain in an unidentified location). Apparently, Stick earned his name from the Bo staff (as well as a pool cue) that he utilized in combat. The Chaste's members also developed mental abilities of either a psionic or mystical nature, such as the power to communicate telepathically. It was required of the Chaste that they rid themselves of destructive emotions, such as hatred. For years, Stick's warriors battled against the Hand (a Japanese-based criminal organization of ninjas who acted as mercenaries and assassins and who served the demonic entity known as the Beast.) For centuries The Chaste and The Hand have battled one another in a legendary secret war that stretches back to feudal Japan. (To learn about the two groups above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Later on in New York City, a kid named Matthew Murdock was accidentally bombarded by radiation from a canister of radioactive waste materials. This unknown radiation blinded him, but also mutagenically heightened his other senses. Sometime after young Murdock was released from the hospital, Stick found him. Stick taught Matt how to control his newly heightened senses and guided him in mastering his so-called "radar sense," which resembled Stick's own "proximity sense." Stick also trained Murdock in methods of hand-to-hand combat. (To learn about Daredevil, click on the highlighted name above.)

Sometime later, after her father's death, Elektra Natchios went to Japan, to continue her study of martial arts. After achieving great prowess in the marital arts, the sensei told her about Stick's order in the hope that Stick could teach her how to achieve peace of mind and spirit because she was filled with hatred towards the world for the death of her father. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Elektra. Note: Beware of the revealing and form-fitting outfit on Elektra's bio page.)

Stick accepted Elektra as a pupil, and she was trained by him for a year. During this time, she improved her combat skills even further and also began learning to develop and use the same mental powers possessed by the members of The Chaste. However, Stick eventually expelled her, since she was unable to rid herself of the destructive emotions that had filled her since the murder of her father. Almost prophetically, Stick feared that his decision to turn Elektra away may lead her to seek training with darker forces such as the Hand. Stick's fears proved to be true, because it was this expulsion that drove Elektra to join the the Hand, and afterward to become an independent assassin.

Sometime later, the concussive force of an exploding bomb caused Daredevil to lose his radar sense temporarily. Daredevil found Stick, who was operating as a pool hustler in New York City. Under Stick's guidance, Daredevil developed his radar sense once again.

Later on, the Hand had finally began to try to eliminate the Chaste once and for all. (At this time the Chaste consisted of seven members, including Stick himself). After successfully stopping an attempt by four members of the Hand to assassinate him, Stick summoned the other members of his order to meet with him in New York City. However, only three members met with Stick: Claw, Shaft, and Stone. (It is presumed that the Hand slew the other three members.) Together, Stick and his three followers battled and defeated Kirigi, who was perhaps the Hand's deadliest warrior. (To learn about the highlighted warriors above, just click on their names.)

Soon after, over forty ninja warriors belonging to the Hand attacked Stick, Claw, Shaft, Stone, and their allies Daredevil and Black Widow. Claw was killed in the course of the battle. During the battle, Stick realized that he and his allies could not possibly survive against such great odds using conventional means of combat. Therefore, to defeat the Hand's warrior's and to save the lives of Daredevil and the Black Widow, Stick resorted to a strategy that he knew meant sacrificing his own life. Stick and Shaft linked hands and presumably through mystical or psionic power, began draining the life forces of their enemies into their own two bodies. Once deprived of their life forces, the bodies of the Hand members dissolved away. Stone asked to join his master in performing this ritual, but Stick instead told Stone to take Daredevil and Black Widow to safety. Finally, Stick and Shaft's bodies filled with more human life forces than they could contain, and their bodies seemingly exploded. Thus Stick and Shaft each met a heroic demise. (To learn about Black Widow, click on her highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfits on her bio page.)

Recently, Stick's spirit briefly aided Elektra in her attempts to calm Wolverine in his more feral form. (To learn about Wolverine, click on his name above.)

It is said that there is a new-born child that bears Stick's reincarnated soul.

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