Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Foggy Nelson

Real Name
Franklin P. Nelson


Lawyer, former District Attorney



Place of Birth
New York City, NY

Known Relatives
Edward Nelson (father), Rosalind Sharpe (mother), Anna Nelson (stepmother), Candace Nelson (half-sister), Deborah Harris Nelson (ex-wife)

Group Affiliation


Columbia University (undergraduate), Harvard Law School




220 lbs








Foggy Nelson is a highly skilled attorney with an encyclopedic knowledge of the law.

Other Info
Franklin "Foggy" Nelson is the son of Rosalind "Razor" Sharpe, a ruthless attorney who deserted her husband not long after their son was born. Foggy rarely saw his mother during his youth; therefore, he was raised by his father and stepmother. However, his mother's career motivated him to study pre-Law at Columbia University, where he quickly befriended his roommate,
Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). Murdock, despite his blindness, occasionally used his physical skills to protect Nelson from campus bullies (Foggy was not aware of Matt's superhumanly enhanced senses). (To learn about Daredevil, click on the highlighted name above.)

During their time at college, Matt began dating Elektra Natchios. Foggy disapproved, because he thought she was dangerous (which turned out to be extremely true). After Elektra left the university, Foggy and Matt transferred to Harvard Law School. After graduating, Foggy and Matt opened up a private law practice. They hired a secretary, Karen Page, which both Foggy and Matt fell in love with. Unfortunately for Foggy, only Matt's love was reciprocated. Therefore, Foggy stepped aside so his friend could pursue happiness with Karen. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn more about Elektra and/or Karen Page. Note: Beware of the revealing and/or form-fitting outfits on Elektra and Karen Page's home pages. Also, the third picture posted is of Foggy in front him and Matt's office.)

Later, Foggy met up with an ex-flame by the name of Debbie Harris and ended up marrying her. Around that time Elektra was hired by the Kingpin to assassinate Foggy. However, upon confronting Foggy, he recognized Elektra as "Matt's girl." Unable to kill Foggy after this, Elektra abandoned her assignment (this led to her "death" at the hands of Bullseye). (To learn about the Kingpin and/or Bullseye, click on their names above.)

Foggy was unaware of his Matt's double-life for many years, despite his suspicions regarding Matt's frequent exits and physical injuries. Although their friendship has endured numerous trials, such as Foggy's appointment as District Attorney, Matt's descent into paranoia due to the actions of the Kingpin, and, of course, Matt's dedication to his alternate persona. However, the two remained friends and confidantes, even after Foggy's relationship with Debbie fell apart which resulted in a divorce.

At one point, Matt's secret identity as Daredevil was revealed by the media and he was eventually arrested. When this happened, Foggy went to visit Matt in prison with private investigator Dakota North. At the prison, Foggy was stabbed and seriously injured by several inmates. Matt heard his friend's heartbeat slowly cease, and Foggy was declared dead sometime after the ambulance took him away. However, sometime later, it was revealed that Foggy had not actually died, but was put into the Witness Protection Program. During this time, he went by a new name. A little later, Foggy and Matt were finally reunited. Afterward, with the help of fellow lawyer, Becky Blake, they managed to clear Matt of all charges. Then Nelson and Murdock reopened their firm, this time with Blake as an equal partner. (To learn about Dakota North, click on her name above.)

Recently, Foggy and Matt's friendship has once again become strained due to Matt's alter-ego and his irrational behavior (such as ignoring his responsibilities to the firm). But, it is only after Matt makes a deal with the Kingpin that Foggy's patience reaches its end. Emotionally hurt and morally perplexed that Matt would make a deal with the man who had caused them both such pain in the past, Nelson ends up firing Murdock from the firm. Later, Foggy expresses remorse at this decision because he worries that Matt's new role as Leader of the Hand has resulted in him taking on a new murderous attitude. (To learn about the Hand, click on their name above.)To learn more about Foggy Nelson, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Nelson,_Foggy.

Some of you may have already notice this, but the actor (Jon Favreau) who plays Foggy Nelson in film Daredevil is the same actor that plays Happy Hogan in Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (he is the director of the Iron Man movies too). This version of Foggy Nelson is shown as the top photo in the second picture posted above. Now that Marvel Studios has reclaimed the rights to Daredevil characters, Foggy Nelson now appears in the Netflix TV series named Marvel's Daredevil (shown as the bottom photo of the second picture posted above.)


  1. I like the actor who plays Foggy and Happy.

    And I'm finally happy to see a "normal" person who has managed to cope fairly well despite living near super heroes. It's about time someone didn't have their life destroyed ;-)

  2. I agree with Karissa. He does get stabbed but he gets to go back to normal life without dieing or going crazy.